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Stinton Jones was a British engineer working with Westinghouse. In 1905 he was sent to Russia and was still in Petrograd during the First World War and witnessed the February Revolution: " In a short time the whole of the city was aglow with the glare from the burning buildings which, in addition to the heavy firing, made the situation appear far worse than it actually was, and had the effect of clearing the streets of the more serious-minded and nervous citizens. The mobs presented a strange, almost grotesque appearance. Soldiers, workmen, students, hooligans and freed criminals wandered aimlessly about in detached companies, all armed, but with a strange variety of weapons. A student with two rifles and a belt of machine-gun bullets round his waist was walking with another with a bayonet tied to the end of a stick. A drunken soldier had only the barrel of a rifle remaining, the stock having been broken off in forcing an entry into some shop. A steady, quiet-looking business man grasped a large rifle and a formidable belt of cartridges. The crowds commenced to commandeer every automobile in the city, no matter to whom it might belong. These automobiles they filled with armed men, with at least two soldiers lying on the mudguards with loaded rifles and fixed bayonets. These formidable units then rushed all over the city shooting wildly, but with the chief object of hunting down the police, especially those in the outlying districts who had not yet become aware of the true state of affairs in the city." On his return to Britain he published Russia in Revolution (1917).

In a short time the whole of the city was aglow with the glare from the burning buildings which, in addition to the heavy firing, made the situation appear far worse than it actually was, and had the effect of clearing the streets of the more serious-minded and nervous citizens. A steady, quiet-looking business man grasped a large rifle and a formidable belt of cartridges.

The crowds commenced to commandeer every automobile in the city, no matter to whom it might belong. These formidable units then rushed all over the city shooting wildly, but with the chief object of hunting down the police, especially those in the outlying districts who had not yet become aware of the true state of affairs in the city.

One little boy of about twelve years of age had secured an automatic pistol and, together with a large number of soldiers, was warming himself at one of these fires. Suddenly he pulled the trigger and one of the soldiers fell dead. This so alarmed the boy, who had no idea of the mechanism of the deadly weapon he held, that he kept the trigger pulled back and the automatic pistol proceeded to empty itself. It contained seven bullets, and it was not until they were all discharged that they boy released his hold of the trigger. The result was that three soldiers were killed and four seriously injured. This wholesale destruction was probably an isolated case, but hundreds of people were injured by the careless use of weapons in unaccustomed hands. Quite a number of children shot themselves whilst playing with firearms.

Clinton v. Jones

Brief Fact Summary. The Respondent, Paula Jones Corbin (Respondent), filed a complaint containing four counts against the Petitioner, President Clinton (Petitioner), alleging the Petitioner made unwanted sexual advances towards her when he was the Governor of Arkansas.

Synopsis of Rule of Law. The United States Constitution (Constitution) does not automatically grant the President of the United States immunity from civil lawsuits based upon his private conduct unrelated to his official duties as President.

Issue. Whether the President can be involved in a lawsuit during his presidency for actions that occurred before the tenure of his presidency and that were not related to official duties of the presidency?

Held. Affirmed.
The President of the United States can be involved in a lawsuit during his tenure for actions not related to his official duties as President.
It was an abuse of discretion of the District Court to order a stay of this lawsuit until after the President’s tenure. The District Court’s decision to order a stay was premature and a lengthy and categorical stay takes no account whatsoever of the Respondent’s interest in bringing the suit to trial.

Concurrence. It is important to recognize that civil lawsuits could significantly interfere with the public duties of an official. The concurring judge believed that ordinary case-management principles were likely to prove insufficient to deal with private civil lawsuits, unless supplemented with a constitutionally based requirement that district courts schedule proceedings so as to avoid significant interference with the President’s ongoing discharge of his official responsibilities.

It encompasses not only the direct revelation of grand jury transcripts but also the disclosure of information which would reveal the identities of witnesses or jurors, the substance of testimony, the strategy or direction of the investigation, the deliberations or questions of the jurors, and the like.


Chronic cholecystitis mostly occurs in the setting of cholelithiasis. The proposed etiology is recurrent episodes of acute cholecystitis or chronic irritation from gallstones invoking an inflammatory response in the gallbladder wall. Sometimes the term is used to describe abdominal pain resulting from dysfunction in the emptying of the gallbladder. This overlaps with Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction and is best referred to as biliary or gallbladder dyskinesia.  

Risk factors for cholelithiasis include:

Stinton Jones - History

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    1788 July. ANTHONY, JOHN, Ursula (wife) Jonathan, Elijah, John, William, Joseph, Elizabeth (children) Nancy Stone, Sarah Boney and Jane Carder (daughters).

    1777 June. BARNETT, ROBERT, Sarah (wife) Robert and Andrew.
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    1777 June. BUMPASS, ROBERT, Sarah (wife) John, (son) Lucy Van Hook, Elizabeth Davey, and Sugreston.
    1781 April. BLACK, ROBERT, Elizabeth (wife) George, Henry, John, Thomas, Elizabeth Fulkerson (daughter).
    1784 March. BOWLES, SARAH, John and Mary.
    1786 October. BURTON, CHARLES, Jean (wife) George, Edward, Robert, Charles, Theodorick and Dolly.
    1787 April. BRADLEY, JAMES, Thomas, John, James, Edward and Mary.
    1787 January. BROWING, NICHOLAS, Sarah (wife) Jean, Sarah and Enos.
    1788 October. BARKER, GEORGE, John, Israel, James, George, David, William, Isabel and Susanna.
    1789 January. BLACK, HENRY, Mary (wife) eight children (not named).
    1790 April. BAXTER, THOMAS, Rachel (wife) Frances, Thomas and Philip.
    1790 April. BROOKS, RICHARD, Ann (wife) William, Betsy, Frances and John (children) Ann S. Graves (daughter).
    1791 July. BOMAN, ROYAL, Elizabeth (wife).

    1782 March. CARTIN, RICHARD, Mary (wife) John Carter (brother).
    1782 September. CORDER, WILLIAM, Phoebe (wife) children (not named).
    1784 July. CUMMINS, WILLIAM, Martha (wife) children (not named).
    1785 July. CATE, JOHN, Thomas (son) John Cate (grandson).
    1789 July. CARNAL, PATRICK, Mary (wife) Richard, Fanny, Patrick, Hubbard, Archibald and Fleming (children) Nancy Mitchell, Mary White and Mildred Oliver (daughters).
    1790 January. CURREE, JOHN, Wife (not named) James, Hugh, William, Mary, Elizabeth, Catherine, Martha and Margaret.
    1796 July. CROSSET, JOHN, Wife (not named) William, Charity, Margaret, James, Jean and Elizabeth.
    1799 CHARLES, NICHOLAS, Fanny (wife) Elizabeth, Nancy, William and Robert (children) Polly Dixon, Dolly Rice and Elizabeth Bowman (daughters).

    1777 December. DEWEESE. JONATHAN: Rachel (wife) Miriam, Ruth, Hezekiah, Samuel, Isaiah, Johnathan, Matthew and Cornelius.
    1778 December. DOBBIN, ALEX. Catherine (wife) John, Hugh, Agness and Elizabeth.
    1781 December. DOBBIN, HUGH John and James Dobbin (cousins) Mary Donaldson (friend).
    1781 September. DONALDSON, HUMPHREY Mary (wife), Janet, Margaret, Rebecca, William, Andrew, Robert, Ebenezer and Humphrey (children) Mary Richards (daughter).
    1782 September. DIXON, HENRY, JR. Martha (wife) Roger, Robert, Henry, Elizabeth and Wynne.
    1782 September. DUTY, MATTHEW Wife (not named) William, Solomon, Richard, Mary, Ann, Sarah and Littleton.
    1790 January. DONALDSON, HANNAH Robert and Mary (children) Rachel Dickson, Elizabeth Noell, Hannah Breese, Catherine Archdeacon and Sarah Wilkerson (daughters).
    1791 October. DYER, SAMUEL Elizabeth (wife), Thomas, Samuel, Anthony, Catherine and Mary.
    1795 October. DIXON, HENRY, Elizabeth (wife), Charles and Tilman.
    1798 January. DOBBIN, RACKEL John (son) Margaret Comer and Rachel Van Hook (daughters) John Burch (grandson) Rachel Dobbin (grand-daughter).
    1799 July. DAVIS, HENRY, Mary (wife).

    1782 September. ELLIS, WALTER Mother (not named), brothers and sisters (not named).
    1792 June. ENOCHS, BENJAMIN Mary (wife) Benjamin, John, Samuel, Rice, Sarah, David and Mary Warren.

    1783 March. FARMER, SAMUEL Cassandra (wife) Daniel, William, Stephen, Nathan, Pachel, Rachel and Susanna (children) Mary Wilson and Eleanor McMahon (daughters).
    1784 March. FLYNN, PATRICK Wife (not named), John, Mary, Patrick and Sussanna.
    1786 January. FLETCHER, JAMES Ursula (wife) William, James, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Wesley and Grace.
    1788 January. FERRELL, CHARLES Mary Ann (wife), Elizabeth, Catherine, Charles Mary William Charles.
    1788 October. FARLEY, NATHANIEL Sally (wife), Robert, Laban, George, Elizabeth, Polly and Nancy.
    1790 July. FULLAR, HENRY, Peter, Elizabeth, Mary, George, Rankin, Abraham, Stephen, Isaac, John, Anne, Jacob and Isaiah (children) Sarah Majors and Keziah Reynolds (daughters).
    1799 January. FARLEY, GEORGE, Catherine (wife), Partenia and Milly.
    1799 October FARLEY, STEWART Mary (wife), Hezekiah and Daniel.

    1777 June. GALASBY (GILLESPIE) ALEXANDER Ann (wife) Alexander and James.
    1778 March. GOLD, EPHRAIM Rachel (wife), William Gold (nephew).
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    1781 June. GATEWOOD, AMBROSE Martha (wife), Dudley Gatewood (nephew).
    1782 September. GREYHAM, (GRAHAM) JAMES Wife (not named), William, James, George, Thomas, Margaret and William.
    1789 July. GREEN, SHADRACH Thomas H. and Margaret Sarah Crawford and Lucretia Albertson (daughters) Zachariah Swallow (grandson).
    1790 January. GRAVES, JAMES Ann Yancy (sister) Thomas Graves (brother).
    1796 January. GILLEsPIE, ANN James (son).

    1777 December. HOPPER, THOMAS Ann (wife) Benjamin McIntosh (grandson).
    1779. April. HARRELSON, EZEKIEL Jane (wife), John, William and Hepzibah.
    1781 June. HARRELSON, ELKANAH Jesse, Reuben, Elkanah and Bradley.
    1781 June. HARRELSON, NATHANIEL Dorcas (wife), Thomas, Nathan, Jeremiah and Forbes Mary Smith (daughter).
    1781 June. HUsToN, ROBERT Jane (wife), James, William and George Mary Cooper (daughter).
    1782 September. HARRIS, JOHN Ann (wife).
    1785 January. HOWARD, FRANCIS Sarah (wife), Henry, Groves, William, Francis, Larkin, Johnston, Rebecca, Patty, Bettie and Ann.
    1786 April. HALL, DAVID Dorcas (wife) Franacis, Sarah, William, Dorcas, Ede, Samuel and John.
    1786 January. HENLEY, DARBY Edmund, James and Darby.
    1787 January. HARRIS, TYREE Tyree, Robert, Ede, Simpson, Christopher and Lydia Nancy Abercrombie and Francis Dabney (daughters).
    1789 January. HARRISON, SAMUEL Wife (not named), Exbel (daughter).
    1790 July. HARRISON, THOMAS Arsay Fuqua and Magdalen McDougal (daughters).
    1793 April. HOGG, GIDEON Judith (wife) John, William, Elizabeth, Thomas, Agnes, Gideon (children) Ann Denton, Mourning Denton, Judith Gibson, Rebecca Shelton and Mary Yates (daughters).
    1793 July. HIGHTOWER, CHARLES, Frances.
    1793 October. HENSLEE, WILLIAM John and David (brothers).
    1794 October. HAMBLETT, RICHARD, Katie (wife) Robert, William, Sarah, Richard, Hannah, Elizabeth and Byrd.
    1797 January. HIPWERTH, JOHN, Mary (wife).
    1799 January. HARRISON, THOMAS, William, Andrew, Thomas, Charles, John, Robert, Elizabeth, Jean and Patsy.
    1799 January. HORNBUCKLE, THOMAS, Nancy (wife) Richard, William and George (sons) Milly Windsor, Elizabeth Harden, Sally Simpson and Frances Rogers (daughters).
    1799 January. HUGHES, JOHN, Mary (wife) John, Andrew, Obedience and Gibson.

    1791 October. INGRAM, JAMES, Mary (wife) Walter, Priscilla, Vachel, Clay, Benjamin and John.

    1779 June. JOUETT, MATTHEW, Sarah (wife) John, Susanna, Polly, Nancy, Matthew, Thomas, Betsey and Washington.
    1780 September. JONES, JESSE, Frances (wife) Drury, Goodridge, William and Sally.
    1781 June. JoHNSON, JOHN, Mary (wife) James, Daniel and Rachel Isabella Walker and Jane Christie (daughters).
    1781 September. JESSE, HENRY, Wife (not named).
    1783 September. JOHNSON, ROBERT, Frances (wife) William, John, Robert, George, Benjamin and Philip Elizabeth Stewart and Judah Weake (daughters).
    1797 July. JOHNSTON, JOHN, Hannah (wife) Thomas, John, James, Samuel, Jean and Elizabeth.

    1777 December. KIMBROW, THOMAS, Eleanor (wife) John, William, Robert, Thomas, Lucky and Nowell.
    1780 October. KERSEY, JOHN, Ursula (wife) Drury, John and Elizabeth.

    1780 December. LOGUE, EPHRAIM, Mary (wife) Eleanor.
    1781 September. LEA JOHN, Elliott, Edmund, Carter, Owen, Phoebe, Betty and Milly.
    1784 July. LYON, JOHN, James, William, Peter and Henry Elizabeth Farrar, Frances Bailey and Jane Anderson (daughters) Richard Tankersley (grandson).
    1785 April. LEA, MARY, Children (not named) except Sarah Runnals.
    1786 July. LONG, BENJAMIN, Sarah, Benjamin, Leah, Martha and Reuben Mary Bennett (daughter).
    1790 July. LEWIS, JOHN, Catherine (wife) John (son) Apphia Allen and Sarah Taylor (daughters).
    1791 April. LONG, AMBROSE, Elizabeth (wife) Elizabeth, Frances, Reuben, James, John and Jesse Ann Clift (daughter).
    1792 January. LEA, ZACHARIAH, Ann (wife) Vincent, Henry, George, Rachel and Sarah Mary Bangston (daughter).
    1792 January. LEITH, FREEMAN, Susanna (wife)
    1792 March. LEA, JAMES, Anne (wife) William, John and Major.
    1796 July. LONG, JAMES, Priscilla (wife) Robert (son) Mary Dollarhide, Agnes Maxfield, Jane Upton and Rebecca Branham (daughters).

    1777 June. MOORE, JOHN, Joseph and John (sons) Sarah McGehee and Elizabeth Shoemaker (daughters).
    1779 March. MCDONNELL, DUCAN, Elizabeth (wife) Katherine Hemphill (daughter) David Hemphill (grandson).
    1780 December. MCFARLAND, ROBERT, Margaret (wife) John, James, William, Walter, Joseph, Ellen, Robert Martha Barrett (daughter).
    1781 December. MCNEILL, THOMAS, Ann (wife) Thomas, John, Benjamin, Patsy and Lois.
    1781 December. MOORE, JOHN, Wife (not named).
    1782 June. MAINS, MATTHEW, Sarah (wife) Joseph and Mary.
    1782 June. MUIRHEAD, CLAUD, Elizabeth (wife) Nicy and Elizabeth Park (friends).
    1784 July. MCKEEN, HUGH, Agnes (wife) Alexander and five other sons (not named).
    1785 April. MILES, ALEX, Lucy (wife) Thomas, Jacob, John and Elizabeth.
    1785 January. MOORE, JOHN, Wife (not named) John, Patrick, William, Lucy and Mary Elizabeth Lightfoot (daughter).
    1785 October. MITCHELL, JOHN, Mary (wife).
    1789 October. MINCEY, RICHARD, Judy (wife).
    1791 October. MONTGOMERY, MARY, Michael and James Jane Maxwell (daughter).
    1795 January. MITCHELL, WILLIAM, Sarah, Mary, Susanna, John, Cicely, William, James and Nancy Elizabeth Cary (daughter).

    1783 March, NEELY, WILLIAM, Eleanor (wife) Samuel, Jacob and Joseph (sons) Mary Pryor (daughter).

    1783 December. PAINE, JAMES, William, Robert, James and John.
    1786 October. PHELPS, JAMES, Mary (wife) Obadiah, Thomas, Larkin, Lucy, Betty, Polly, William and Ambrose.
    1788 April. POGUE, JOSEPH, Sarah (wife) John and Joseph.
    1788 July. POTEETE (Poteat) JOHN, Ann (wife) Elizabeth, Win: n, Miles, James, Thomas, John and Richard Mary Vann (daughter).
    1788 October. PARR, WILLIAM, Mary (wife) John and William (sons) Elizabeth Brown and Rachel Walker (daughters).
    1791 July. PALMAR, THOMAS, Susanna (wife) Joseph, John, Thomas and Philip (sons) Sarah Van Hook, Susanna Pellers, Beersheba Hall and Mary Woode (daughters).
    1791 July. PERKINS, JOHN, Rachel (wife) Martin and Jesse (sons) Ann Foster and Susanna Baker (daughters).
    1793 October. PERKINS, ABRAM, Cicely (wife) Abram, Philemon, Polly, Milly and Grimes (children) Fanny Ware and Elizabeth Middlebrooks (daughters).
    1794 April. PORTER, DAVID, Alexander (son) Mary Kelly and Rebecca Johnston (daughters).
    1794 April. POSTON, JEREMIAH, Elizabeth (wife) William, Katie, Betsy, Henry, Polly, Anna, Richard and Francis Priscilla Dickens (daughters).
    1794 April. POW,, MICAJAH, George.
    1794 October. PARKER, PLEASANT, Sally Perkins and Dicey Coleman (sisters).
    1803 July. PATTERSON, GIDEON, Gideon.

    1792 March. QUINE, WILLIAM, Sarah (wife) Sarah Elizabeth Stafford, (daughter).

    1780 September. ROBINSON, JACOB, Alexander, James, Samuel, Jemima, William, Jacob, John and Thomas.
    1781 September. RAINEY, GEORGE, Mary (wife) William, George, John and Martha.
    1782 January. RAINEY, JOHN, Wife (not named) William, James, Thomas, Elizabeth and Jenny.
    1783 June. ROBINSON, T. THOMAS, Penina (wife) named) Esther, Mark, Alex, Jemima and Thomas.
    1783 June. ROBINSON, THOMAS, Penina (wife) Gideon, Nelly, Paty, Keziah and Rebecca.
    1784 March. ROSEBROUGH, GEORGE, Jean (wife) Robert, William and Margaret (children) George Southard and Allen Fowler (grandsons).
    1786 July. RAY, ROBERT, Anice (wife) Sarah, James and Wilson.
    1787 January. RICHMOND, JOHN, Rachel (wife) Joshua, Joseph, Elizabeth, Eleanor, William, Margaret, Mary, John and Martha Jane.
    1794 October. REID, JOHN, Susanna (wife).
    1797 January. RICE, JOHN, Lettisha (Letitia) (wife) Ann, William, Mary and Nathaniel.
    1797 October. RANDOLPH, JAMES, Mary (wife) John, Nimrod and Rebecca.

    1777 December. SMITH, GEORGE, Jane (wife) Rebecca, Catherine, George, Robert and Ruth.
    1778 December. STANSBERRY, SAMUEL, Mary (wife) Solomon, Luke, Benjamin, Sarah and Aquilla.
    1779 September. SMITH, JOHN, Elizabeth (wife) Mary (daughter) Betsey Jewell (daughter).
    1781 December. SCOTT, JOHN, Robert, Rebecca and John (children) Catherine McAden and Mary McFarland (daughters).
    1781 June. SARGENT, JOSEPH, Ruth (wife) Daniel and Elizabeth.
    1781 September. SPENCER, THOMAS, Elizabeth (wife) John, Frances, Betty, Robert, Mary, Susanna and Benjamin.
    1782 June. STOKES, MATTHEW, Sarrah (wife) Joseph and Mary.
    1782 March. STINSON, ALEX, Sarah (wife) Nancy.
    1783 June. STEWART, JAMES, Wife (not named) William, Rachel, James,. Agnes and Elizabeth.
    1785 October. SHACKELFORD, FRANCIS, Eunice (wife) Rebecca, Armistead, Nancy, Henry, Abner, Absalom, Betsy and John.
    1786 January. SIMPSON, RICHARD, Mary (wife) Richard, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Lydia, Ede and Nancy Susanna Barton (daughter).
    1790 October. SAWYER, WILLIAM, William, Stephen and Absalom.
    1792 January. SMITH, ANNE, Mason (son) Margaret Williams and Elizabeth Williams (daughters).
    1792 March. STAFFORD, ADAM, John and Samuel and other children (not named).
    1793 October. STEPHENS, CHARLES, Thomas, William and Benjamin (sons) Abbemar Williams and Elizabeth Lea, (daughters).
    1794 October. SIMMONS, THOMAS, Priscilla (wife) Alexander and Thomas.
    1797 October. SMITH, PETER, Elizabeth, Martha, Jesse, Moses, Aaron, Presley, William, George, John B., Elias and Elijah.
    1798 April. SCOTT, JOHN, Mary (wife) James (son) Jane Bell and Polly Strnder (daughters).
    1798 April. SLADE, THOMAS, Hannah (wife) Thomas and William Hannah Lee (daughter).
    1798 October. SIDDALL, JOHN, Esther (wife) Job, Ira, Martin, Amy and Nancy Betsy Angler (daughter).
    1798 October. SIMPSON, MARY, Richard (son) Margaret ‘Williamson, Keziah Reid, Elizabeth Oldham and Lydia Tait (daughters).
    1799 June. STRINGER, EDWARD, Judah (wife) Edmond, Limeledge, Mary Ann, James and William (children) Agnes Whitlock, Fanny Sutherland, Lucy Browning, Tabitha Peed, Sarah Campbell and Frances Vier (daughters).
    1799 October. SHELTON, BRYON, Rebecca (wife) Leonard and Clever.

    1781 June. TAPLEY, HOSEA, Sarah (wife).
    1789 July. TATE, WADDY, Anne (wife) William and other children (not named).
    1790 April. TUNKS, THOMAS, Rachel (wife) Frances, Thomas and Phillip.
    1799 July. THOMAS, WILLIAM, Philip and Asa (brothers).
    1799 October. TERRY, JAMES, Rebecca (wife) Sarah and Olive.

    1785 January. VAN HOOK, DAVID, Lucy (wife) Jacob, Kendall, David, Robert and Sarah.

    1777 October. WATERS, JOSEPH, Rebecca (wife) Chloe, Priscilla, Harbin, James, Isaiah, Benjamin, Keziah, Josiah, Reason, Anna ‘and Lloyd Susanna Hobbs and Lydia Brodie daughters).
    1780 December. WILLIAMS, JAMES, Mary (wife) Daniel, Joseph, John, Elizabeth, James and Washington.
    1782 March. WILKINSON, SAMUEL, Wife (not named) Mary, Francis, Ann, John, William, Thomas, Catherine and Elizabeth.
    1786 January. WILLIAMS, HENRY, Daniel, Joseph, Henry, Arthur, and Elizabeth Nancy Reid (daughter).
    1786 July. WILLIAMS, WILLIAM, Tobirs, Mary, Agnes and Obedience.
    1787 July. WILLIAMS, JAMES, Elizabeth (wife) Benjamin, Neal, Mary, Lucy and Martha Elizabeth Moore (daughter).
    1790 January. WALKER, JOHN, Rachel (wife) Thomas, Betsy, Benjamin, William, Polly and Barbara.
    1798 July. WALKER, SAMUEL, Eleanor (wife) James (son) Jane Long and Elizabeth Long (daughters).

    1798 June. YATES, JOHN, Allen, Alfred, Betty, Milly, Dolly, Sally and Ann.
    1799 June. YATES, JOHN, Sarah (wife) William, Thomas, John, James, Milly, Joyce, Keziah and Elizabeth.

    Stinton Jones - History

    Extracted from the British Parliamentary Papers of 1833 XXVI 279

    Emigrants from Great Britain & Ireland to Australia: 1825-1832

    Return of the Number of Families who have Emigrated to New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land since the formation of the Board of Emigration up to the present time, having received Loans from Government to enable them to Emigrate specifying, First, the Colony to which such Emigration took place Second, the Number of Persons in each Family Third, the Amount of Assistance granted.

    Colony Total Number
    of Families
    Total Number of Persons
    in these Families
    Total Amount of
    Money expended
    New South Wales 397 1,538 £7,831
    Van Diemen’s Land 422 1,571 £8,406

    New South Wales

    (Names have been changed to list last name first but the order is maintained. Amount granted is given in pounds.)

    The Hobart Town Courier, Friday 25 October 1833, p. 3

    On the same day [23rd inst.], the bark Lady East, 648 tons, Capt. Alexander Strachan, from Liverpool 15th June, with a general cargo, consisting of salt &c. Passengers:- Mr. and Mrs. Harnett [Harnell ?] and 2 children, Mr. & Mrs. Higgins, Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay, Miss Murray, Miss M. and Miss C. Murray, Mr. Murray . Mr. Paterson, Mr. McGelchie, Dr. Harnett, Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell and 209 others

    The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, Saturday 16 November 1833, p. 2

    From Liverpool and Hobart Town, the same day [yesterday], the ship Lady East (668 tons), Captain Strachan, with merchandise. Passengers- Mr. Lawrence Harnell, farmer, Mr. Harnell [Harnett Mrs. ?], and 5 children Mr. John McGechie, merchant Mr. J. Higgins, merchant Mr. Joseph Mitchell, merchant, and Mrs. Ann Mitchell Mr. W. Lindsey, and Mrs. Lindsey [Lindsay] and P. Harnatt, Esq., surgeon and 236 steerage passengers.

    Van Diemen’s Land

    Name Trade Number of Persons
    in each Family
    Amount granted
    to each
    Wilson, James Baker 3 20
    Flock, William Bricklayer 5 20
    Bibb, John Engineer 2 20
    Marain, Michael Blacksmith 2 5
    Bradshaw, Joseph Gardener 2 16
    Russell, Robert Blacksmith 11 20
    Bird, David Shoemaker 2 20
    Marshall, William Shoemaker 2 20
    Botterill, William Tailor 2 20
    Smith, Edward Wheelwright 4 20
    Wilkinson, Thomas Shoemaker 6 20
    Baker, J.D. Hatter 2 20
    Collins, Thomas Glazier 3 20
    M’Kenzie, John Baker 3 20
    Hughes, James Sawyer 2 20
    Smales, Joseph H. Sailmaker 6 20
    Wright, Martin Hairdresser 2 20
    Fuller, William Edward Wheelwright 2 20
    Hayes, John Bricklayer 3 20
    Taine, George Bricklayer 3 20
    Belfour, Richard Dyer 6 20
    Bolland, James ----- 4 20
    Downey, Thomas Carpenter 4 20
    Kelly, Patrick Shoemaker 2 20
    Burgess, Thomas S. Joiner 2 20
    Daly, Thomas Plumber 7 20
    Bradshaw, Thomas Weaver 5 20
    Haynes, James Mason 6 20
    Cleghorne, John Mason 2 20
    Watson, Thomas Printer 4 20
    Carte, William Carpenter 6 20
    Puzey, Vernon Blacksmith 4 20
    Curtis, James Tanner 3 20
    Watson, William Carpenter 5 20
    Pott, George Carpenter 2 20
    Bennell, John Bricklayer 3 20
    Martin, Thomas Cooper 2 20
    Tyrrell, Robert Baker 5 20
    Newall, Robert ----- - 15
    Rundell, Daniel Blacksmith 4 20
    Woon, James Shoemaker 6 20
    Kirk, John Mason 2 16
    Chapman, Stephen Mason 2 20
    Lyons, William Machinist 2 20
    Kay, Robert Plasterer 5 20
    Masters, Joseph Cooper 4 20
    Stole, John Carpenter 2 20
    Stiles, Henry Shepherd 9 20
    Wiseman, John Harness-maker 2 20
    Wilson, William Printer 2 20
    Wood, George Saddler 3 20
    Sanderson, John Blacksmith 2 20
    Goldie, David Cartwright 2 20
    Swan, Thomas Joiner 2 14
    Stewart, Alexander Glazier 2 20
    Argo, Francis Farrier 2 20
    Allan, James Coach-builder 3 20
    Robinson, Henry Millwright 4 20
    Vazacherly, Michael Smith 4 20
    Young, John T. Fish-curer 4 20
    Thompson, William Joiner 2 20
    Clarke, Alexander Millwright 2 20
    Greene, Henry Bricklayer 2 20
    Regan, John Currier 5 20
    Young, Randall Blacksmith 2 20
    Hayes, William Shoemaker 2 20
    Draper, Mathew Cooper 6 20
    Dowling, Thomas Blacksmith 2 20
    White, Thomas Carpenter 4 20
    Seabrook, Henry William Carpenter 3 20
    Rowsell, William Carpenter 3 20
    Roberts, Richard Carpenter 3 20
    Drake, John Glass-cutter 2 20
    Randall, Charles Butcher 6 20
    White, George Carpenter 4 20
    Evans, William Baker 3 20
    Strutt, Thomas Stone-cutter 3 20
    Strutt, William Mason 4 20
    Nettlefold, Thomas Smith 5 20
    Lankshear, John Brewer 2 20
    Lewis, Gideon Builder 5 20
    Shalless, John Carpenter 2 20
    Salter, William Iron-plate-worker 2 20
    Hutch, Robert Baker 4 20
    Clarke, Andrew Ploughwright 3 20
    Dodd, William Joiner 5 20
    Campbell, William Baker 3 20
    Reid, James Joiner 6 20
    Clark, David Cartwright 4 20
    Short, William Joiner 3 20
    Forsyth, James Joiner 4 20
    Jessop, George Painter 9 20
    Caton, Joseph Gardener 9 20
    Hopkins, George Wheelwright 5 20
    Pearson, Robert Dyer 3 20
    Collins, Robert Bricklayer 8 20
    Newton, Thomas Candle-maker 8 20
    Sadler, James Tailor 8 20
    Crook, James Shoemaker 6 20
    Russell, William Cooper 3 20
    Everard, Patrick Baker 5 20
    Rafferty, Edward Shoemaker 2 20
    Roberts, ______ Coach-maker 2 20
    Fenwick, Henry Rope-maker 7 20
    Darling, Robert Mason 2 20
    Byrne, Cornelius Tailor 4 20
    Burns, John Tailor 6 20
    Flanagan, Daniel Mason 3 20
    Greene, Jeremiah Currier 2 20
    M’Donnell, Edward Blacksmith 4 20
    Burnett, Robert Joiner 3 20
    Kay, Joseph Gunsmith 5 20
    Ferguson, Peter Brick-maker 6 20
    Turley, Abraham Cordwainer 6 20
    Kidd, Thomas Mason 2 20
    Fimm, John Baker 2 20
    Edwards, James Cabinet-maker 2 20
    Edwards, John Gunsmith 5 20
    Hutton, David Millwright 3 20
    Mason, John Comb-maker 7 20
    Borkett, William Joiner 3 20
    Brown, Joseph Brick-maker 6 20
    Warrington, John Brick-maker 3 20
    Francis, Anthony Weaver 5 20
    Hampton, John Carpenter 2 20
    Watchurst, Samuel Glazier 3 20
    Burgess, James Baker 5 20
    Anderson, John Carpenter 5 20
    Barker, Jonah Sawyer 2 20
    Hollings, John Tailor 2 20
    Styles, George Clerk 4 20
    Walker, William Cabinet-maker 4 20
    Marsh, Henry Wharfinger 4 20
    Tyler, Thomas Mason 2 20
    Purcell, William Furnace-man 2 20
    Barnett, William Bricklayer 6 20
    Sims, Ebenezer Bricklayer 5 20
    Rankin, Alexander Malster
    (sailed on ship William from Liverpool 6th Nov. 1832 to Hobart Town 7th Mar. 1833)
    8 20
    The Hobart Town Courier, Friday 15 March 1833, p. 3

    Arrived on Saturday the ship William, 384 tons, Capt. David Boag, from Liverpool 6th November, with a general cargo. Passengers:- Mr. Foote, Mr. F. Foote, Mr. and Mrs. Kelsh, Mr. Bernard, Mr. Munt, Mr. Morgan, Miss Black, Mrs. and Miss Pallard, Mr. Todd, Mr. and Mrs. Higgrett and 2 children, Messrs. Wilkinson, Wright, Sutherland, Campbell, Oakley, Brumby, Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien, Helen Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Jeaffeath and 2 children, Mr. Clark and 31 for Sydney.

    The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, Tuesday 2 April 1833, p. 2

    From Liverpool and Hobart Town, yesterday, the ship William (324 tons), Captain Boag. Lading, merchandise. Passengers:- Mr. John Gordon, merchant, from Hobart Town Mr. James Odshend, surgeon, from Scotland Rev. George Todd and Miss Ann Black, from England, and 23 steerage passengers.

    Arrived same day [Monday], the bark Mary Anne, 278 tons, Capt. James Jacks, from Plymouth 31st March, with a general cargo of goods. Passengers:- Mrs. King, Miss Drake, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Parsons, Mr. Pearse, super-cargo, with 24 in the steerage. Also, for Sydney, Lieut. Morton, R.N., Mrs. Morton and 2 daughters, and 2 in the steerage.

    The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, Saturday 16 November 1833, p. 2

    From London and Launceston, same day [yesterday], the barque Mary Ann (275 tons), Captain Jacks, with wheat and merchandise. Passengers:- Lieutenant T. Morton, R. N., Mrs. Eliza Morton, Miss Ellen Morton, Mr. John Clyne, Mr. Robert Rewcastle Thomas Yall, rope maker Thomas May, baker Edward Barker, baker Samuel Thickness John Johnston farmer, and son Mary Johnston Mary Ann Darke Elisabeth Fulford John, William, Sidney, and Ellen Burt Silus Knight George Webster, and James Calludes.

    On the same day [23rd inst.], the bark Lady East, 648 tons, Capt. Alexander Strachan, from Liverpool 15th June, with a general cargo, consisting of salt &c. Passengers:- Mr. and Mrs. Harnett [Harnell ?] and 2 children, Mr. & Mrs. Higgins, Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay, Miss Murray, Miss M. and Miss C. Murray, Mr. Murray . Mr. Paterson, Mr. McGelchie, Dr. Harnett, Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell and 209 others.

    The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, Saturday 16 November 1833, p. 2

    From Liverpool and Hobart Town, the same day [yesterday], the ship Lady East (668 tons), Captain Strachan, with merchandise. Passengers- Mr. Lawrence Harnell, farmer, Mr. Harnell [Harnett Mrs. ?], and 5 children Mr. John McGechie, merchant Mr. J. Higgins, merchant Mr. Joseph Mitchell, merchant, and Mrs. Ann Mitchell Mr. W. Lindsey, and Mrs. Lindsey [Lindsay] and P. Harnatt, Esq., surgeon and 236 steerage passengers.

    Arrived on Sunday the 29th ult, the bark Ann, 366 tons, Capt. Free, T. H. James, esq. owner, from London 12th May, with a general cargo. Passengers:- Mr. James, Mr Garrard, Mr. Winter, Mr. Dyne, Mr. Welsh, Mr. Vennell. Mr. Bayley, Mr. Sloman, Dr. Dickson, Mr. and Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Stewart, Miss Barker, Mr. Ward, Mr. Benjamin, Mr. Mores, Mr and Mrs. Solomon, do. jun. [Mr. Solomon junior], Mr. Ray and child, Mr. Allen, Mr. and Miss Batten, Mr. and Mrs. Shillito, Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd, Mr. Carter, Mr. Tomlins, Master Russell, and 51 in the steerage.

    The Ann touched at Rio, where the vessel stopped 11 days.

    The Ann, Capt. Free, was only 37 days running from the Cape of Good Hope to this port.

    The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, Thurdsay 14 November 1833, p. 2

    From London and Hobart Town, yesterday, having left the former place the 1st of May, and the latter the 20th of October, the barque Ann, Captain Free. Lading, merchandise. Passengers- T. Horton James, Esq., Mrs. McClymont and 3 children, Mrs. Stewart, Mr. Alexander Russell, Miss Matilda Barker, Dr. Dickson, Mr. Richard Fennell, Mr. Thomas Sloman, Mr. Charles Bailey, Mr. Frederick Welch, Mr. Charles James Garrard, Mr. Robert Hyland, Mr. Thomas Coutts, from Hobart Town Mr. S. Solomon, Sarah Solomon, John Solomon, Sarah Solomon, George Ray, Samuel Bengam, Elias Moses, James Russell, Mrs. Merlin Ladd, Richard Ladd, Charles Underwood, Alfred Smith, — Smith, Henry Robson, Mrs. Sarah Robson and 3 children, William Chester, George Corydon, Alfred Blake, William Cooper, John Cochlaud, Jane Cochland and 2 children, James Kennedy, and James Rush.

    Arrived yesterday the bark Edward Colston 340 tons, Capt. Hammond, from Liverpool 15th June, with a general cargo. Passengers:- Mr. and Mrs. J. Broch and 2 children, Mr. and Mrs. McPherson, with 52 in the steerage, and 20 children — also, for Sydney, Mr. and Mrs. Pearson and 7 children, Mr. Fitzsimmons and brother, with 41 in the steerage and 22 children, in all 157 passengers.

    The following are the names of the 30 females who have arrived by the Edward Colston :- Sarah and Lydia Kemp, Jane Forbes, Elisa and Mary Plunkett, Dilhanly, Mary Ann, Eliza and Catharine Roach, Sarah Ward, Eliza McGrieth, Mary Ann and Rose Harford, Eliza Egan, Bridget Niel, Esther Ratlidge, Ellen O'Bryan, Margaret Mason, Mary Farrell, Mary Ann Brannan, Bridget Coffey, Mary Smith, Ann Scott, Ann Doyle, Jane Harrington, Jane Walsh, Mary A. Madden, Mary Broughall, Margaret McGinnes, Jane Gilchrist, Sarah and Charlotte Aust, Marga ret Barry, Eliza Rice also the following tradesmen, viz.-3 joiners, 1 mason, 2 plasterers, 1 gardener, 1 farmer, 1 waiter.

    The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, Thurdsay 21 November 1833, p. 2

    From Liverpool and Hobart Town, on Tuesday, the barque Edward Coulstone (340 tons), Captain Hammond. Lading, merchandise. Passengers:- Mr. John Pearson, Mrs. Sarah Pearson, Miss Harriet Pearson, Eliza Pearson, Ann Pearson, Robert Pearson, Edward Pearson, Stephen Pearson, Mary Emma Pearson, Charles Fitzsimons, Mathew Fitzsimons, Miss Isabella Waddle, Mr. Joseph McPherson, Mrs. Catherine McPherson, and 61 steerage passengers.

    Return of the Number of unmarried Females who have emigrated to New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land since the formation of the Board of Emigration up to the present time, having accepted Assistance by way of Bounty from Government specifying, First, the Colony to which such Emigration took place Secondly, the Amount of Assistance granted.

    Name of the Colony Number of Females Amount of Money Granted to Them
    New South Wales 761 £ 9,812
    Van Diemen’s Land 509 £ 7,114

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    The Gear of The Grateful Dead

    With over thirty years, 2,300 shows and twelve band members of history, tracking the gear of the Grateful Dead is like navigating a labyrinth. When the band first formed in 1965 and played their first shows at Ken Kesey's Acid Tests (fueled by their eventual sound engineer and LSD distributor Owsley Stanley), their stage setup was a far cry from their eventual stadium-filling Wall Of Sound. The original line-up of Jerry Garcia (guitar, vocals), Bob Weir (guitar, vocals), Phil Lesh (bass, vocals), Bill Kreutzmann (drums), and Ron McKernan (keys) was still finding its stride. With each decade and lineup change, however, the band's rig evolved. Here's a member-by-member look at the gear used from 1965 to 1995.

    Jerry Garcia was one of the first, if not the first, major players to tour and record with custom-built guitars. From 1974 onward, he almost exclusively played custom creations from Doug Irwin, with some experimentation with Travis Bean guitars (TB-1000A and TB-500) in 1975 and 1976. His Doug Irwin "Wolf" was a regular player until Irwin built him a guitar known as "Tiger," an exquisite 13.5 lbs. custom creation that became his main axe from 1979 to 1990. Another Irwin custom, "Rosebud" was Jerry's go-to during the final years before his death in 1995. Because of his constant experimentation with custom guitars (and their custom wiring), emulating Jerry's tone isn't as simple as going out and replicating the rig he used.

    Before settling on Irwin's creations, however, he played a Guild Starfire (1965-67), a couple P-90-equipped Les Pauls (1967-68), and a Bigsby-equipped Gibson SG (1969). The 1970s could be considered Jerry's Stratocaster-and-acoustic era, with regulars that included a Martin D-18, a '63 Fender Stratocaster and a natural finish '57 Fender Stratocaster (known as the "Alligator" in reference to a sticker it wore) he got from Graham Nash.

    As far as amps and effects go, Jerry kept it relatively simple, using a silverface Fender Twin for much of the 1970s and a Mesa Boogie Mark IIa later on. His mainstay effects included a Mu-Tron III (his original sold on Reverb in May 2015), a Mu-Tron Octave Divider, a Vox (sometimes Colorsound) wah, and an MXR Analog Delay.

    In many ways, Phil Lesh's experimentation with custom basses paralleled Jerry's pursuit of tailored hardware in the 1970s. As a jazz-oriented trumpet player, Lesh developed his role in the band's mix through intuition and listening. He had never played bass much before joining the Grateful Dead, though he was an extremely talented composer and musician. Lesh's lines took on the walking flow of a jazz bassist or the right-hand counterpoint of a classical pianist, often meandering in a "lead bass" fashion during extended improvisations. This exploratory, active-listening approach naturally led Lesh to pay the same attention to his instrument's tone.

    Phil briefly started out playing a Gibson EB-0, but eventually switched to a Fender Jazz Bass in 1968. From there, a modified Gibson EB-3 (1969) preceded what became his main bass for several years: an Alembic-modified Guild Starfire known as "The Godfather." With custom circuitry packed into the bass bout and foam packed into the treble bout to fight feedback, this hacked creation paved the way for Lesh's first four-string custom Alembic bass (1973). Both of them featured Alembic's quad pickup (one output per string) along with two humbuckers. Phil's signal was quadrophonically encoded (separate signal for each string) and fed to the band's massive Wall Of Sound speaker system, a setup that provided incredible fidelity. While Doug Irwin built for Phil as well, he mainly used Alembic and six-string Modulus basses for the rest of his years with the Grateful Dead.

    For amplification, Phil mainly relied on McIntosh amplifiers, using a tube-based 3500 model before switching to a solid state 2300 model. He also used a Fender Dual Showman. For effects, he used George Munday's Pluto Pedal, allowing two separate filters to be engaged simultaneously. His custom Alembic also used Munday's circuitry internally.

    Like the Grateful Dead's other instrumentalists, Bob Weir took a non-traditional approach to his role as rhythm guitarist, often providing counterpoint to Jerry's lines and playing in a register higher than what convention would dictate from a second guitar. Jerry's rig and Bob's rig evolved in tandem, highlighting a sort of sonic and aesthetic symbiosis. Both started out playing a Guild Starfire IV, both moved to custom-built guitars in 1974, and both moved to MIDI-equipped instruments in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

    After a brief stint with a Rickenbacker 365, Bob played a Guild Starfire IV during the early years (1965 - 1967), though he sometimes played a Fender Telecaster as well. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, however, his main axe was a cherry '65 Gibson ES-335. While he occasionally brought out a Gibson SG or black Les Paul, this ES-335 defined his sound in the early 1970s. In 1974, he worked with Ibanez to develop a custom 2681 model, a guitar that - like Jerry's Doug Irwin creations - became his signature guitar for the next decade. In the mid-1980s, Bob starting using a Modulus Blackknife, around the same time that bassist Phil Lesh switched over to Modulus instruments. Their lightweight graphite construction made long concerts and grueling road schedules more feasible. Bob continued to use the Modulus and a Casio PG-380 (MIDI-compatible) throughout the last years of the Grateful Dead's touring career. He also used an Alvarez Yairi WY-1 acoustic, a model which is still produced today as his signature model.

    With Jerry, Bob and Phil all approaching their instruments in unique ways, it's no surprise that the Grateful Dead's percussion section was also precedent-setting. The band was one of the first (James Brown's band is another) to have two drummers playing together on nearly every song. Kreutzmann - along with Garcia, Weir and Lesh - is one of the four members to have played every show over the band's 30-year career. Hart joined soon after the band formed and became an indispensable part of the band's sound for the rest of their time together (Garcia affectionately nicknamed them the Rhythm Devils). Their relationship remains one of the great collaborations in modern music, defining so much of what the Grateful Dead stood for - unity, music as shared power and brotherly love.

    When it comes to the gear these two have used over the years, it would take an encyclopedic article to detail all the various noisemakers, hand drums, traditional kits and digital modelers involved. During the band's meteoric rise in the 1970s, Hart and Kreutzmann played matching five-piece rosewood Sonor trap kits. They mostly used a variety of Zildjian cymbals, though kit additions from Slingerland, Gretsch, Yamaha and Ludwig weren't uncommon. Kreutzmann was more rooted in a traditional kit than Hart, who often played alternative percussion instruments or used mallets on more traditional drumheads.

    One alternative instrument that has to be mentioned is "The Beam," an 8 ft. aluminum beam strung with 13 piano bass strings all tuned to D. It was initially devised for use on the Apocalypse Now soundtrack, on which Hart and Kreutzmann played. Moving forward, it became a regular touring instrument for Grateful Dead shows (including the Fare Thee Well tour). This ethereal tone - along with various samples (sometimes of quasars from outer space) triggered by mallet hits and other unusual sounds from drumheads not usually associated with rock - gave the percussion section a primal, mystical and almost tribal feel. There's no one way to try and capture the Rhythm Devils' sound, but using a simple kit with plenty of folk percussion additions and samples will at least give you a similar palette to work with.

    The Grateful Dead have always toured with at least one keyboardist, though the role has been filled by many musicians due to tumultuous circumstances. The original keyboardist, Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, died in 1973 as a result of alcohol abuse (he was joined for a time from 1968 - 1970 by Tom Constanten). Keith Godchaux replaced him at keys until 1979, when drug use forced his departure. He died the next year in a car accident. Brent Mydland occupied the role for the next eleven years, until he died of a drug overdose. Vince Welnick carried the band behind the keyboard until Jerry's death in 1995. He later committed suicide in 2006. Bruce Hornsby also played keys with the band, even though he was never officially a part of the Grateful Dead. He toured with them from 1990 to 1992. He has, however, played with the Other Ones (a former member side project) and took his place at the keyboard during the 50th Anniversary Fare Thee Well tour.

    Watch the video: Kie Jones - Psalm of Lament Psalm 77 (May 2022).