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From San Francisco to Australia - History

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(6/9/28) On June 9th, (Australians) Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm completed a 7,316 mile flight from the United States to Australia. The flight was made via Hawaii and Fiji. The pilots were accompanied by (Americans) James Warner, as radio operator, and Harry Lyon, as navigator. They left San Francisco on May 31st. The team flew 27 hours to Honolulu, and then continued on June 3rd, bound for Fiji. After 34 hours, they arrived in Suva, Fiji. The final flight, to Australia, took 21 hours. The journey took place in a Fokker F.VIIb-3m.

San Francisco

Perched atop hills and filled-in marshland at the entrance to one of the Pacific’s largest natural harbors, San Francisco has had an outsized influence on the history of California and the United States. Originally a Spanish (later Mexican) mission and pueblo, it was conquered by the United States in 1846 and by an invading army of prospectors following the 1848 discovery of gold in its hinterland. The Gold Rush made San Francisco a cosmopolitan metropolis with a frontier edge. The great 1906 earthquake and fire destroyed much of the city but barely slowed its momentum San Francisco barreled through the 20th century as a center of wealth, military power, progressive culture and high technology.

Around the World: Notable Resources

Smith's Master Index

Smith's Master Index to Maritime Museum Web Sites is helpful for researchers seeking information from all ports. His list includes Virtual Maritime Museums.

Lloyds of London

For more than 300 years, Lloyds of London have been insuring ships. In the 17th century, London's importance as a trade centre led to an increasing demand for ship and cargo insurance.

Edward Lloyd's coffee house became recognised as the place for obtaining marine insurance and this is where the Lloyd&rsquos that we know today began. Their site includes Shipping Claims and Catastrophes.

A Few History and Immigration Sites

National Archives at New York City

New York Passenger Arrival Records, 1820-1957. The Archives have microfilm of passenger lists of vessels arriving at the Port of New York, 1820 to July 3, 1957, and indexes for the years 1820-1846 and 1897-1948. The passenger list records were created by the U. S. Customs Service (Record Group 36), and the Immigration and Naturalization Service [INS] (Record Group 85).

Best of History Websites

Created in 2001 by Tom Daccord, a history teacher for 15 years and co-director of EdTechTeacher, Inc. Tom is an educational technology specialist and author of Best Ideas for Teaching with Technology: A Practical Guide for Teachers by Teachers and The Best of History Web Sites.

Best of History Web Sites has been recommended by: The National Council for the Social Studies, Princeton University, The British Library Net, The Detroit Free Press, History on the Net, The Denver Post, The Washington Library Media Association, ABC News Radio, Teaching History Magazine, UNESCO, Academic Info, the United States government, Landmark for Schools, Merlot, MIT Libraries, Pacific Bell's Great Links to U.S. History, City University of New York,, WWW Virtual Library, Babson College Horn Library,, Philadelphia University, Teaching History Online, California State University at Northridge, University of Queensland (Australia), University of Houston-Downtown, Herriot Watt University (Scotland), ISI Web of Knowledge, Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction, The Scout Report, Kingswood College Library, Teachnology, and others.

Passenger Ships to Western Australia 1829-1849

Ships into Western Australia between 1829 and 1849 which carried 10 or more passengers.

California Bound: 1848-1873

Ship Passenger Lists, Wagon Train Lists, Isthmus of Panama Passenger Information. California Boundlists were initially the work of John Ireland from 1999 to 2008. In 2008, he asked SFgenealogy to take them over.

These lists have been maintained since 2008. The passenger lists have been transcribed from microfilm of the New York Daily Times, the New York Herald, the New Orleans Picayune, the Panama Star, the Panama Herald, and the Boston Daily Evening Transcript. When possible, passengers were linked to the ship they later boarded on the Pacific side of the Isthmus for the final leg of the journey to San Francisco.

Maritime History Virtual Archives

A Guide to Maritime History on the Internet: The Maritime History Virtual Archives
A gentlemen named Lars Bruzelius has put up the most impressive site of: Bibliotheca Nautica, Bibliographies and Antiquarian Bookshops Etymology, including Dictionaries Biographies Societies Conferences & Lectures Maritime and Naval Museums Ship models Shipbuilding and Naval Architecture - Mainly wooden shipbuilding Masting and Rigging Seamanship Ships - Mainly sailing ships from the second half of the 19th century The Duties of Officers and Men Maritime History, including Shipwrecks and other Disasters at Sea Naval History images of ships and ship models Health of Seamen, with a couple of quotations on scurvy.


A site for lovers of all tall ships. Schoonerman has details and photographs of schooners, brigs, brigantines, barks and fully rigged tall ships. If you love the history of the sea or the feel of the wind, don't miss this site.

Virtual Museum of San Francisco

The Museum's Web site features stories of San Francisco through the years. Well organized, excellent collection of facts and photographs chronicling the growth of one of the world's greatest cities.


The wreck site is the world largest online wreck database with 162,160 wrecks and 156,160 positions, 45,430 images, 1,796 maritime charts by country, 28,250 ship owners and builders, country flags and company flags, diving, fishing, and more. Absolutely fascinating!

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild (ISTG)

The Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild includes links for researching emigration, immigration and naturalization, 100+ passenger list sites, ethnic research, libraries and archives, passenger ship types, descriptions and images, and additional worldwide maritime information available both on-line and off-line.

The Project

Maritime Nations, Ships, Sea Captains, Merchants, Merchandise, Ship Passengers and VIPs sailing into San Francisco during the 1800s.

Best Road Trips from San Francisco

Half Moon Bay

Distance: 30 miles | Duration: 45 minutes

Poplar Beach

Located very close to San Francisco is the beautiful coastal city of Half Moon Bay. It is known for its sandy beaches including the quaint Half Moon Bay State Beach and the Poplar Beach.

The Poplar Beach brings visitors for picnics, day hikes and nature walks. The beach has a parking area, and it allows entry for horses and leashed dogs.

Other than picnic and sun-bathing at the beach, you can also embark on the Coastal Trail hike. This trail links the Poplar Beach to Half Moon Bay State Beach, offering scenic views of the Pacific Ocean and the Mavericks surfing location. Mavericks is a surfing destination and is quite popular in the winters.

Another reason for visiting the Poplar beach as a day trip from San Francisco is that there is no entry fee to the beach. For parking there is a $2/hour fee. However, there are no washrooms on-site.

The beach is only open until sunset and is meant for day use only.

The city center of Half Moon Bay is very charming and beautiful. You can stroll the center, hang out and relish ice creams and pastries, or sip warm coffee in the evening.

Muir Woods

Distance: 20 miles | Duration: 45 minutes

Muir Woods

By Shobha from Just Go Places Blog

Muir Woods is only 16 miles from San Francisco but it feels a world away. A national monument, Muir Woods, is a forest that was saved from logging in the early 20th century. You can see coastal redwood trees some of which are hundreds of years old. It was named after John Muir, the father of conservatism in the United States.

The oldest redwood in the 560 acres of Muir Woods is over 1000 years old! We found the display showing the growth pattern of an old Redwood tree fascinating.

Believe it or not, Redwoods can live to 2000+ years old. These redwoods are related to the Giant Sequoias you find in other parts of California, such as the Sequoia National Park in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

If you can’t get to that national park, definitely visit Muir Woods. The forest is simply breathtaking and makes you realise how amazing nature can be.

There are several hikes you can undertake in Muir Woods from simple ones that you can undertake with children to more advanced trails. The main trails are on a boardwalk and flat so that you can bring a stroller for younger children. One of the more advanced trails can take 5+ hours depending on how fast you cruise along.

If you visit Muir Woods with kids, think about taking a park ranger-guided stroll during which you will get much more information about the forest. That’s where we learned that Coastal Redwoods drink about 500 gallons of water per tree!

There are various ways to get to Muir Woods from San Francisco such as by taking a tour or by driving yourself. You could even bike if you are feeling particularly fit.

We drove and it took only about 45 minutes. Along the way, you can stop by the pretty seaside town of Sausalito which is only on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. The park is open every day of the year.

Sonoma Valley

Distance: 45 miles | Duration: 1 hour

Sonoma Valley

By Sierra from Free to Travel Mama

Sonoma Valley is a short and sweet one hour drive from San Francisco. If you would like to stop along the way, Muir Woods is a gorgeous redwood grove just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Baker Beach is also a photogenic spot to stop with views of the bridge.

Sonoma is best known for its wineries and they certainly don’t disappoint. Tasting rooms can be found by the hundreds and along almost every rural road. Popular spots in the valley are in the town of Kenwood, as well as in the Dry Creek Valley, just north in Healdsburg.

If you’d like an educational tram ride through the lovely vineyards, Benziger Family Winery is your best bet. Stop by Ferrari Carano Vineyards and Winery for award winning Fumé Blanc and floral gardens or Truett Hurst Winery is a perfect spot if you wish to bring a picnic along.

Outdoor adventures are plenty and most are available year round. Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Preserve is a gorgeous spot for a hike and a picnic.

Zip lining with Sonoma Canopy Tours will allow you to see the giant redwoods from a new perspective as you fly through the forest. Kayaking, paddle boarding, and canoeing are easy and fun for all ages down the gentle Russian River.

Bodega is the closest coastal town and offers hiking trails along the bluffs, crashing waves, windy and beautiful picnic spots, and the best salt water taffy and clam chowder in the state.

Point Reyes National Seashore

Distance: 60 miles | Duration: 1.50 hours

Point Reyes

By Matt from Wheatless Wanderlust

If you want to experience quintessential coastal California, there is no better way to do it than by driving from San Francisco up the coast to Point Reyes National Seashore and Tomales Bay.

Located just an hour and a half north of San Francisco along the Pacific Coast, the drive up to Point Reyes is half the fun, especially if you take the longer coastal route.

For a perfect coastal California day trip from San Francisco, drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and hop onto Highway 1, stopping at Equator Coffees for some of the best locally-roasted coffee in the Bay Area.

Then take picturesque Highway 1 and wind along the coast past Stinson Beach. If you’re in the mood for a longer hike, make sure to stop on the way up and do the hike to Alamere Falls, the best hike in Marin County, which ends with a gorgeous waterfall that empties onto a sandy beach.

Explore Point Reyes National Seashore, where you can hike along the beach and take in the classic coastal views that make this part of California special.

Then, head into Point Reyes Station and head to Bovine Bakery, the best bakery in town with lines out the door every morning, and Cowgirl Creamery for some locally made cheese.

Grab some supplies for a picnic and head out to Hog Island Oyster Company on Tomales Bay to enjoy some locally caught oysters alongside your cheese and baked goods before making the journey back into the city.

Pinnacles National Park

Distance: 123 miles | Duration: 2 hours

Pinnacles National Park

Pinnacles National Park is located just over 2 hours outside San Francisco and is an incredible destination for a day or weekend trip out into the wilderness.

Here you’ll find a jaw-dropping trail along the peaks, a network of caves taking you deep into the mountainside, and the rare opportunity to spot the famous California Condor.

The High Peaks trail takes you across the peaks at the center of Pinnacles National Park, and is the location of the best views in the park.

The California countryside spreads beneath you in a 360 degree panorama that will leave you in awe. The rock formations along the High Peaks Trail are wonderfully unique, not existing in the state’s other National Parks like Yosemite and Joshua Tree.

After the High Peaks trail, head to Bear Gulch where you can explore the huge cave system inside the mountains of Pinnacles. Bring along a flashlight, and explore the high-ceiling caves at Bear Gulch.

As you emerge from the caves, keep your eyes peeled, as you are in California Condor territory. These majestic and enormous birds are few in numbers, but are incredible to see. They soar through the skies with their enormous wingspans over 10 feet wide.

All in all, Pinnacles National Park is an incredible experience. At just over 2 hours outside San Francisco, this is the perfect place for a road trip for the day or for a weekend. Explore the wilderness in the park, spot some wildlife, and enjoy the scenery!

Big Sur

Distance: 146 miles | Duration: 2.50 hours

San Francisco to Big Sur Coast line

The US has many epic road trip routes but one of the easiest and yet most beautiful journeys is that from San Francisco to Big Sur in California.

The route between the two is just over 150 miles long, which could hypothetically be covered in around 4 hours but can be enjoyed in much greater depth if you take two-three days to do it.

The journey from San Francisco to Big Sur travels out of the city on Highway 1 and routes down the coastal road past Pacifica State Beach and Mavericks Beach at Half Moon Bay around the edge of Butano and Big Basin Redwoods State Parks past Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay and onwards to Big Sur.

There are so many lovely destinations to stop off at along the way that it can be difficult to choose, so you’ll need to weigh up whether you want to visit beaches, national parks, lively beach towns, off-the-beaten-path destinations or a combination of all of the above.

Even if you only take two days to make the journey down to Big Sur, you can still enjoy a variety of sights including the Pigeon Point Lighthouse, the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, the giant redwoods, and the restaurants, bars and museums of Monterey.

The real highlight of this drive is the final stretch you see as you round the headland coming into Big Sur with the rocky cliff edges clashing with the luxurious turquoise waters and (hopefully) beautiful blue skies in the background!

Lake Tahoe

Distance: 188 miles | Duration: 3 hours

Lake Tahoe, about 3 hours away from San Francisco is the most picturesque lake you will see in California. It is a great place to visit any time of the year and the drive is equally amazing.

In summer, Lake Tahoe is perfect for water activities and in the winter, it is ideal for skiing and visiting the snow covered mountains. On your way to Lake Tahoe, the university town of Davis is a great place to grab a bite and visit the arboretum. Placerville is another quaint town with a history dating back to gold mining.

South Lake Tahoe is the closest place to stay if you drive from San Francisco. Other areas to stay include Squaw Valley, Tahoe City and Zephyr Cove.

Once you are in Lake Tahoe, drive around the lake with stops at South Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay, Tahoe City towards the north. If you plan to drive south, stop by Zephyr Cove, Cave Rock and end your drive with a perfect beach day at Sand Harbor beach.

For water activities, rent a kayak or jet ski. There are several boat rentals available as well.

If you prefer hiking, check out Cave Rock state park at Sunset or Eagle Falls trail at Emerald Bay for breathtaking views. Lake Tahoe can get busy and the drive could take a long time, so plan accordingly and be prepared.

Pebble Beach

Distance: 123 miles | Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Pebble Beach

By Neha from Travel Melodies

A scenic drive along the Pacific coast with enchanting views of the ocean, white sand beaches, rocky cliffs, mountains, and lush green golf course. For sure, you will fall in love with the drive.

The 17-mile long drive is a scenic route inside the affluent Pebble beach community with four primary entrances. There is an entrance fee of USD 10.50 per car that needs to be paid at the entrance and a map of the route along with all points of interest is provided.

There are many attractions along the route that are a must stop.

If you love wildlife then Fanshell Overlook is a place to spot thousands of seals basking on the beach and the rocks.

Walk on the white sands at Spanish Bay beach , or splurge at the restaurants to watch the waves crashing. And right behind the beach is the iconic golf course. The splash of colors and the ethereal beauty will charm everyone.

And if you are driving through in the evening, then don’t miss the dramatic sunset at the Cypress Point Lookout . It also is the point to view the Lone Cypress , a 250 year old Cypress tree standing alone on the cliff, one of the most photographed trees and the most popular destination on this drive.

Bird rock ,as the name suggests, is a hangout rock of many sea birds along with harbor seals and sea lions.

The picturesque loop easily takes 3-4 hours to drive around with halts at the scenic points. Pebble Beach is around 2 hours drive from San Francisco and is one of the best road trips in the USA.

Yosemite National Park

Distance: 210 miles | Duration: 4 hours

Yosemite National Park

San Francisco to Yosemite National Park makes for an amazing road trip itinerary. For this trip, we hired a car from SF airport and had a reservation at a lodge within the park. The total distance was approximately 200 miles, and would last 4 hours without stops.

It’s a fairly relaxed drive, with some scenery on route, but it really takes it up a notch as you start to approach Yosemite. The sights become very beautiful and being surrounded by mountains has something magical about it.

We stopped for lunch on-route at Livermore outlets, which are about an hour into your way to Yosemite. We would highly recommend stopping here on route and giving yourself a couple of hours to indulge in some retail therapy. The prices were great and there was an array of eateries to suit any appetite.

From here, it’s about 3 hours to the heart of the park. Remember to be careful as you approach the hills as the roads are narrow and very bendy. It was after sunset when we started to move uphill and we had to keep our speed low to remain calm and safe.

The last couple of hours of the journey are truly picturesque and the scenery is stunning. You will be left speechless and in awe of the beauty, you see on your road trip from San Francisco.

Kings Canyon National Park

Distance: 238 miles | Duration: 4 hours

Kings Canyon National Park

By Nicole from American SW Obsessed

Located outside of Fresno, California, Kings Canyon National Park was established in 1940 and also neighbors Sequoia National Park. The park consists of over 450,000 acres of wilderness, including that of large soaring Redwoods.

This makes Kings Canyon National Park a great road trip from San Francisco. Visiting Kings Canyon is a great way to get out of the city and experience the giant redwood trees.

One of the top things to do in Kings Canyon is the Rim Walk. This walk is a 4 mile loop to the top where you can have 360 degree views. The walk takes 2-3 hours and the hardest part is the beginning where you are heading uphill.

For an easier walk, consider King’s Creek. At less than 2 miles this walk follows a trail between canyons and ends at a beautiful lookout point.

As always, ensure you have plenty of water with you and we recommend heading out early to beat the heat. Make sure you apply sunscreen and of course enjoy the views.

Lost Coast

Distance: 230+ miles | Duration: 4.50 hours

Lost Coast Trail Road Trips

By Allison from She Dreams of Alpine

A road trip from San Francisco to the Lost Coast is perfect for any outdoor lover, as well as any wine lover since you’ll head straight through wine country on your way to this stunning beachside hiking adventure.

It takes about 4.5 hours to drive the 230 miles from San Francisco to the southern trailhead of the Lost Coast Trail where you can then spend a few days backpacking along a gorgeous stretch of coastline.

On the way to the Lost Coast, you’ll pass through the notable wine country of Sonoma and Mendocino Counties.

In Santa Rosa, Paradise Ridge Winery features a sculpture garden to explore, as well as a lovely tasting room. A little farther north in Geyserville, you can visit the Francis Ford Coppola Winery to check out the wines and cool film memorabilia. And in Ukiah, Rivino Winery offers live music to accompany its wines.

After you’ve explored wine country, make your way to the Black Sands Beach trailhead to begin your Lost Coast Trail backpacking adventure. You’ll follow the trail along this unique, isolated beach north for 25 miles until you reach the northern trailhead at Mattole Beach.

Savor the full experience of the Lost Coast wilderness by spreading out your hike over a few days. This way can spend a couple of nights beachside camping – and maybe even bring along one of the bottles of wine you picked up to toast the jaw-dropping sunsets over the ocean.

Redwood National & State Parks

Distance: 312 miles | Duration: 6 hours

By Joss from Little Green Globetrotter

Less than 6 hours north of San Francisco along the ‘Avenue of the Giants’ highway, the sprawling serenity of the Redwood National and State Parks are a hiker’s paradise.

Trinidad (294 miles from San Francisco), a quaint beachside town, is an ideal base to access all the forest has to offer. En route, be sure to stop at one of three ‘drive through trees’ (located in Klamath, Myers Flat and Leggett).

These are a little gimmicky but a fun and inexpensive stop-off, especially if you’re travelling with kids, and it really puts into perspective just how huge the Redwood giants are. You could opt to drive straight to your accommodation and head out to explore the forest from there, or you could stop at trails along the way.

There’s something for all ages, abilities and time frames your only challenge will be narrowing down which hikes you want to do (the James Irvine trail to Fern Canyon was a favourite for our family)!

Less frequented than many other National and State Parks, it’s easy to walk for miles without seeing another soul.

The towering canopy, the hum of tumbling creeks, the echo of birdsong and the earthy smell of life in ancient forests all breathe wonder, awe, and amazement into the young and young-at-heart alike, and hiking with children is sure to be an adventure filled with stories of magical forest creatures hidden around every corner.

It’s hard to come away from the Redwoods without a renewed commitment to protecting our incredible planet. This is worth saving.

San Diego

Distance: 501 miles | Duration: 8 to 10 hours with stops along the Pacific Coast Highway

San Diego

A road trip from San Francisco to San Diego is the perfect getaway for a long weekend. It takes a total of eight hours to drive directly between the two cities, but there’s a much more scenic option if you have the time: the Pacific Coast Highway.

The Pacific Coast Highway, which runs right along the coast in California, will take you an extra 100 miles and add an extra two or three hours to your total journey time. Its incredible views, laid-back towns and sunny shores make it well worth it though.

There are lots of unique places to stop along the Pacific Coast Highway between San Francisco and San Diego. Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is one of the most beautiful spots in California and home to a number of iconic bridges and waterfalls.

If you can, spend a night near here so you can watch the sunset over this strip of the coast. Morro Bay and Pismo Beach are equally scenic spots to visit and spend the night.

If you want to make the most of this road trip, allow yourself around seven days. You’ll be able to stop at four different spots along the coasts – two on the way south and two on the way back – as well as spending a couple of days in San Diego.

We hope you enjoyed our list of awesome road trips from San Francisco. Do you have a favorite?

From San Francisco to Australia - History

Please note: Merchant ship arrivals are included to give an idea of the volume and type of goods into early San Francisco. If you had the money, you could have anything your heart desired. Listings are by no means complete names of passengers on these vessels are often unavailable.

  • January 1: British brig Alert, Main, master, 60 days from Guayaquil with cargo to Mr. Game, supercargo.
  • January 3: Sailed, Hawaiian brig Julian, Moran master, to Honolulu and Canton.
  • January 6: American brig Cayuga, Sevige, master, 24 days from San Blas, with Mexican goods and specie to Mr. Probst irons flasks for quicksilver to the New Almadin Mining Company.
  • January 6: Peruvian brigantine Calderon, 49 days from Payta, with an assorted cargo to Finley, Johnson & Co.
  • January 6: Chilean bark Dolores, 54 days from Valparaiso, with asorted cargo to Cross, Hobson & Co.
  • January 9: New Goods, Landing from Brigantine Calderon, and for sale by new subscribers: Champagne, Cognac, Wine, assorted in cases, wine in piper, Cordials assorted, Italian, American Beef and Pork, Cassimeres, Brown and Bl'd Domestics, Prints, H'dkfs, Silk and Cotton, Clothing, Saddle Cloths, Shawls, Medicines, Shirts, Shoes, Together with a large variety of desirable articles. Finley Johnson & Co., San Francisco
  • January 11: Peruvian Brig Susanna. Peruvian. Master Girondeau. From Callao with cargo to Finley, Johnson & Co., and to the passengers.
  • January 11: Brigantine Matilda. Chilean. Master Jones. From Guayaquil with cargo to master.
  • January 11: Schooner Jackin. Chilean. Master G. Norman. From Acapulco with cargo and specie to Bawden & Co. Destination: Mazatlan.
  • January 14: Bark Minerva. American. Master Perry. 48 days from Valparaiso, with cargo to the master, Dickson & Hay, and others. Minerva's destination is Santa Cruz for lumber.
  • January 14: Russian bark Prince Menshinoff, Rudakoff master, 12 days from Sitka, general merchandise to Starkey, Janion & Co. Destination is the Columbia River.
  • January 17: In port and ready to sail: British bark Janet for the Columbia River American brig Eveline for Monterey and the Sandwich Islands bark Dolores with freight and passengers for Valparaiso.
  • January 18: Schooner Honolulu with Newell as master, sailed for Honolulu and China.
  • January 18, 1849 (Thursday): New Goods. Just arrived and now landing from the brigTepic, the following assortment of new goods, viz: Pink prints, striped ticks, bleached candle wick mousseline, delaine, black muttons, black velveteens, blue do, bro. do., col'd rib'd cantene, mens white merino pants, white and brown cotton shirts, woman's marble and gray hose, do fancy col'd hose, hand tapers, mill. sw, best style, nails, weighing machine, ponchos, chest and T hinges, cask, shoemakers ware, hammers, hand vices, coffee mills, flour, syrup, bread, tin spoons, shoes, bandas, brandy, port, assorted fruits, spun bandana hdkfs, lams, shawls, India rubber braces, reel and skein cotton, navy and two blue prints, chromo prints, green stripe prints, white quilting, printed sateens, India jeaus, vest shapes, men's brown cotton half hose, regatta shirts, white do. hoes, mill saws, scissors, butcher's and cook knives, pen and pocket do, sailor's and jack do, razors, pearl buttons, beer, S.I. sugar, beef, tin dippers, lamps, pipes, raisins, sherry, claret, preserved meats, for sale by

Chinese Immigrants and Gold Miners San Francisco, 1849

  • January 19: Brigantine Nuevo Hermanos. Master Garbe. 68 days form Guayaquil, with cargo to Finley, Johnson & Co.
  • January 24: Ship Ann McKim. Master Rubint. 51 days from Valparaiso, touched at Guayaquil, left that port December 24. Consigned to Cross, Hobson & Co. 58 passengers (another list indicates 60 passengers). Details of her sailing and arrival. Scheduled to sail from San Francisco to Canton in February 1849 On February 15, destination changed to Valparaiso.
  • January 24: Brig Thili. Master Druet. Left Valparaiso 29th Dec. Assorted cargo for consignee. 30 passengers.
  • January 24: Schooner Greyhound, Master Nye, sailed for San Pedro.
  • January 25: American schooner Swallow. Master Young. 15 days from Mazatlan. Assorted cargo to consignee on board. 15 passengers.
  • January 27: Ship Bingham. American. Master Scovel. 22 days from Honolulu with an assorted cargo to Mr. Ure, and others.
  • January 28: Schooner Catharine. American. Master Treadway. 31 days from Honolulu, to order.
  • January 28: Childen brig Correo de Pacifico, Schroder master. 54 days from Valparaiso, to order.
  • January 30: Schooner Atreviado. Master Wyer. 78 days from Tahiti. Consigned to R.A. Parker.
  • February 6: American ship Chile, Leach, master sailed from New York August 5th and Valparaiso Dec 14, with Gov't Stores.
  • February 7: Schooner Hope. From Santa Cruz with lumber to W. C. Parker & Co.
  • February 7: New Goods -- Now landing from the ship Ann McKim, just arrived from Valparaiso, a large assortment of New and seasonable Goods, as follows -- Wines, etc., sauterne, Rhine, Burgundy, sherry, Bordeaux, champagne absinthe san Vicente, Priorato anisette ale and porter. Mustard pickles Worcester sauce vinegar tin'd pots and covers sauce, stew and fry pans cutlery pewter plates hatchets a large and general assortment of tin ware broad head axes claw and narrow hatchets adze handles regatta and serge shirts bl'k levantine hdkfs horse rugs prints brass bedsteads mattresses and pillows blankets cot'n bedspreads and sheets blue flannel shirts woolen and silk hose assortment of clothing boots and shoes hats stocks shop cheese crackers kitts salmon patent carbines writing paper tubs shovels Am'n chairs, and other articles for sale by SHERMAN & RUCKLE.
    E. Mickle & Co. also advertised an extensive list of goods for the Ann McKim, including blankets and quilts gents' silk neck scarfs men's worsted stockings horse rugs linen drills linen towels sail twine childrens' woolen cloaks gilt, brass, and other buttons night lights gold watches looking glasses sperm candles revolver pistols powder horns spurs chocolate traveling bottles &c., &c. all offered for sale "on reasonable terms at the warehouse of Messrs. Sherman & Ruckle, corner of Clay and Montgomery sts."
  • February 8: U.S.S. Dule, commander Rudd. 22 days from Honolulu
  • February 9: Mexican schooner Paquete de la Paz, T. Duffard, master, from Mazatlan, to Supercargo on board.
  • February 10: Sloop Veloz, Coicoica master, from Mazatlan, to Supercargo on board.
  • February 12: American barque Olga, Bull, master, 8 days from San Pedro to Mellus, Howard & Co.
  • February 16: U.S.S. Ohio. Captain not listed. 29 days from Mazatlan.
  • February 16: Brig Laura Ann. British. Master Matthews. 25 days from San Blas, with cargo to Ross Benton & Co. 57 passengers.
  • February 16: Brig Maick Adhel. American. Hall master. 8 days from Hunts Mills, Columbia River, with lumber to N. Crosby, Jr.
  • February 16: Barque Callao. Peruvian. Stevens master. 30 days from San Blas with cargo to J. Miller, F. Probst and others.
  • February 16: Barque Eliza. Chilean. Master not listed. From Valparaiso via Mazatlan. Cargo to T. Parrot and Cross, Hobson & Co.
  • Alta California, February 19, 1849: THE CARGO OF THE BARQUE Eliza, now landing and for sale on moderate terms consisting of spanish brandy in barrels, aniseed in demijohns, ale in bottles, vinegar in casks, olive oil in jars, wines in casks and cases, viz: Claret, champagne, sherry, muscatel, malaga, chacoli, Spanish almonds in casks, filberts in bags, preserved meats, a superior quality in cases, biscay iron, milan steel, tin plates, Havana cigars, quinine, window glass, hollow glass ware, printed books, shoes, vicuna hats, Guayaquil hats, liston ribbons, sewing silk, embroidering silk, brittnias, platillas, letter paper, etc., Spanish florete, etc., colored shirts, etc., etc. CROSS HOBSON & CO
  • February 16: Brigantine Lonia Perry. Ellis master. From Monterey and Santa Cruz with potatoes to P. McConn.
  • February 18: Barque Stouth. French. 51 days from Valparaiso with cargo to Cross, Hobson & Co. and others.
  • February 18: Preuvian Barque Callao, Stevens master, 30 days from San Blas, with cargo to J. Miller, F. Probst and others.
  • February 18: Chile barque Eliza, Valparaiso, via Mazatlan, with cargo to T. Parrot, and Cross, Hobson & Co.
  • February 18: French barque Stouili, 51 days from Valparaiso, with cargo to Cross, Hobson & Co., and others
  • February 19: Barque Mary. American. Parker master. 30 days from Honolulu with cargo to Williams & Co., Starkey, Janion & Co., H. Lawrence, C.V. Gillespie and others. 46 passengers.
  • February 20: Ship Confederacion. Chilean. 53 days form Valparaiso. Cargo to M. Bauend.
  • February 20: Brig Trobador. 26 days from San Blas to Mellus, Howard & Co.
  • February 21: Schooner Ann, Tahiti via Honolulu 25 days from latter port. To Starkey, Janion & Co.
  • February 21: Mexican schooner Antonnita, from Mazatlan, to E. Gillespie, supercargo.
  • February 22: Danish ship Neptune, Wissing master, from Callao, to supercargo on board.
  • February 22: Per brig Mazeppa, Musica, master, from Callao to supercargo on board.
  • February 27: Haw. schooner Castota, John Turwich, master, from Mazatlan
  • February 28: American barque Tasso, Lindsey, master, from Valparaiso

Entrance to the Golden Gate, San Francisco Albert Bierstadt

  • March 2: Russian brig Klinkett, W. Fowloff master, Sitka. Lumber to order.
  • March 13: Danish bark Wilhelmina, Prohn master, 60 days from Canton. Assorted cargo to supercargo on board.
  • March 13: American bark John W. Cater, Hoyt, master. 144 days from New York with merchandise to supercargo on board.
    Alta California, March 20, 1849: NEW GOODS, Direct from New York. Now landing from the Barque John W. Cater, a general assortment of stable fancy Goods Superior Cavendish tobacco, superior Havana segars, crockery, in well assorted crates, glass ware, looking glasses, iron, american and english steel, sheet iron, nails, wrought & cut, russia hemp rope, cooking stoves with fixtures, (complete) Columbia camanche and natches saddles, ladies saddles, bridles, boots & shoes, glass 6-8 7-9 10-12 12-14, english linseed oil, grind stones, cap and letter paper, hardware (in ass'd cases), table and pocket cutlery, tin ware, shovels, spades, hoes, axes and handles, matches, ploughs and extra plough shares, a large assortment of clothing, shirts, drawers & under shirts, a great variety of prints, M. de laines, cashmeres, ginghams, french and english cloths, french & english cassimeres, french doeskins, sattinett, blea, & bro. sheeting and shirting, blankets, blea. & bro. drills, silk & cot. hdkfs., red, yellow, scarlet, green & white flannel, great variety of shawls, edgings, lace, cambrics, muslins, irish linen, ass'd taffeta ribbons, bonnet ribbons, cotton velvet, spool and lb. thread, hosiery, gloves, ladies fig. silk dress hdkfs., brooms, cultivators, harrows, fanning mills, linseys, shell combs, hooks & eyes, silk purses, hair brushes, playing cards, gold guard chains, beads, &c. The above cargo not being subject to duty, the subscribers feel confident that they can offer great inducements to purchasers. ROSS, BENTON & Co., San Francisco
  • March 25: American Schooner Louisa Perry. Ellis master. From Santa Cruz with lumber to P. McCoon.
  • March 26: Brig Mary & Ellen, built at Dorchester, Md., in 1848. When registered at Salem, Mass., on October 27, 1848, her owners of record were John H. Proctor and John H. Eagleston, the latter being the master of the brig. She was the first of nine reported vessels that sailed from an East Coast port for San Francisco in the early days of the Gold Rush. She sailed from Salem on October 28, 1848 for California and the Sandwich Islands, and reached San Francisco March 26, 1849, after a good passage around the Horn of 149 days. She was sold in California in 1849.
  • March 27: Schooner Hannah. Danish. From Mazatlan with 73 passengers.
  • March 27: Schooner Margaret. Hamburg. Rabe master. From Mansaniello (cq) with $376,000 in coin supercargo on board.
  • March 28: Chilean schooner Amelia, Lawrie master, from Callao. 36 passengers
  • March 30: Ham schooner Phoenix, Myer master, frmo Mansaniello, 36 passengers.
  • Per brig Bella Angelita, Accuna master, from Callao and Payta, 34 passengers.
  • March 31: Schooner Spy. American. Curtis master. From Honolulu in ballast.

  • April 1: Steamship Oregon. American. Captain Pearson. From Panama with 250 passengers.
  • April 2: Bark Ellen of Lancaster. English. Ladge master. From Sydney with 50 passengers.
  • April 2: Bark Asenath. English. Rooney master. From Liverpool via Honolulu. Sundries/Assorted cargo for Starkey, Janion & Co. 35 passengers. On board: "a first rate Brigade Fire Engine."
  • April 5: Alta California, April 5, 1849
    Now landing from bark Asenath, direct from Liverpool, expressly selected for the California markets, and for sale on reasonable terms, by the undersigned: Dry goods. 31 to 37 inches white sheetings, 7-8 and 9-8 two blue prints, cotton bed ticking, union plain and colored drills, Denims as'd plain and fig'd summer cloths 72 and 74 inch green billiard cloths, 9-8 col'd fancy prints, 7-8 cintz furniture, 9-8 col'd muslins, 9-8 plain turkey reds, 7-8 d'laine dresses, woolen cloths, plain and regatta shirts, slops, woolen caps, blankets, bayetas, mottled and fancy drills, fastings, cape do., princettas, imperial crapes, panos de costa, romales, grandrellis, imitation venitian blinds, blue pilots, green baizes, mixed cassinetts, carpetings, fancy union tweeds, a'd fustians, gloves, hosiery, cotton and union fringes, as'd laces, candlewick, silk velvets, silk handkerchiefs, check and book muslins, suspenders, as'd parasols and umbrellas, lute string and satin ribbons, sewing cotton, longcloths, fancy vestings, serges, Hollands, diaper, huckaback cloutings, linens, osnaburgs . . . the list included an extensive amount of hardware such as iron gates, ploughs, sash tools, planes, rules, hooks and hinges, glaziers diamonds, silver pencil cases, percussion caps . . . and Earthenware. Consisting of as'd soup and dinner plates, bowls, jugs, cups and saucers, ewers and basins, dishes, teapots, etc. And Naval stores, groceries, wines, etc. Paints, paint-oil, tar, refined sugar, currants, mustard, pickles, pepper, vinegar, sauces, Sherry and port wine, champagne, claret, Geneva, brandy, rum, ale, pipes, slates, bricks, coal, tobacco.
  • April 10: Per bark San Jose, Robbins, Master, 63 days from Payta. Assorted cargo to order.
  • April 10: Mex ship Victoria, Escutia master, 28 days from San Blas, Mexican cargo to Mellus, Howard & Co. 153 passengers.
  • April 10: Mex. brig Republicans - master, 32 days from Mazatlan, with merchandize to supercargo on board. 85 passengers.
  • April 12: American brig Euphemia, Newell master, 27 days from Mazatlan. Merchandise to Mellus Howard & Co. 92 passengers. Converted into a Storeship.
  • April 12: Ch brig Beatriz, Guzman master, 32 days from San Jose. Merchandize to M. Leado. 45 passengers.
  • April 12: Fr. brig Theresa, Pepin master, 53 days from Valparaiso. Merchandize to order. 28 passengers.
  • April 12: American barq Whiton, Gelston master, 141 days from New York, with merchandize to order. 14 passengers: Rev. Horace Lyman and lady, Missionaries to Oregon, Mrs. George Hyde and Son, Mrs. C. L. Ross, Messrs. J. L. Loring of Cincinnati - J. N. Innett of Illinios - C. O. Brewster of Boston - C. Edwd. Gray of Alabama - James Fisk, S. Huelat, H. C. Berkholm of New York - Walter and Benj. Nares of Philadelphia.
    Died: Mrs. Hans L. Berkhelm (or Barkhelm), a passenger died of consumption, 12th February, 88 days out, lat. 49 degrees 17' South, long 83 degrees 45 ' west, on board the American barque Whiton, Gelston master, from New York for San Francisco.
  • April 13: Chilean Brig Talea, Craig, Valparaiso, sundries.
  • April 16: Ship Chateaubriand. French. Eymonee master. 54 days from Valparaiso. Cargo to order. 215 passengers. Alta California, April 24, 1849: NEW GOODS. Per Barque Chateaubriand, from Valparaiso. The undersigned has received by this vessel, a complete assortment of dry goods and liquors consisting of bordeaux wine in cases, barrels and casks, french beer, cognac and rum in cases, barrels and demijohns, champagne, gin, preserves of all kinds, sherry, rhine, muscatel and spanish wines, arrack, sirups, sugar and flour in bags, nails in barrels, two billiard tables, pans, dutch cheese, coffee in bags, nuts, italian straw hats, rapes, slates and all kinds of fancy goods, by wholesale and retail, at moderate prices by A. HUGUES, PIOCHE & Co., Clay Street
  • April 16: Danish bark Androklos, Smith master. 50 days from Valparaiso. Merchandise to Cross, Hobson & Co. 1 passenger.
  • April 16: American ship Henry Nesmith, Almer master. 150 days from New York, with cargo to Mr. Robinson. 4 passengers.
  • April 17: Brig Paquete de Copiapo. Chilean. Servant master. 53 days from Valparaiso. 77 passengers.
  • April 18: Ship Silvie de Grasse. American. Rider master. 148 days from New York.
  • April 18: Swallow. Young master. 31 days from Mazatlan. 61 passengers.
  • April 18: Currency Lass, McLean master, 21 days from Oahu.
  • April 18: William Hill, McDonald master, 41 days form Sidney. 2 passengers.
  • April 19, 1849: Alta California, San Francisco, California

American steamship California and American ship Henry Nesmith Ch ships Julia and Victoria French ship Chateaubriand Danish ship Neptune Am barks Whiton, Tasso, Auckland, Undine and Hortensia English barks Asneath and Ellen of Lancaster French bark Staoueli Danish barks Wilhelmina and Androklos Per bark San Jose Amerian brigs Mary and Ellen, Euphenia and Henry: English brig Alert French brig Theresa Per brigs Volante, Bella Angelita and Eliza: Mexican brig Republicana Danish brig Emil Ch brigs Adelaide, Beatriz, Emelia, Matilda, Feliz Araucano, and Paquete de Copiapo American schr Sagadabock Hawaiian schr S. S Tahitian schooner Anne.

  • May 4: American ship Thomas, Master Payne, Callao, passengers and oil.
  • May 10: French ship Roland, Bajoux master, 55 days from Valparaiso, with cargo to order. 103 passengers.
  • May 11: Tahiti schr. Papeite, Bowls master, 33 days from Honolulu. Merchandise to Starkey, Janion & Co. 68 passengers.
  • May 13: Danish schooner Emmy, Gebhard master, from Hong Kong via Honolulu. 21 days from later place with merchandise to W.S. Neace.
  • May 13: American brig Cyuaga, Sevige master, 28 days from San Blas, with merchandise to A. Robinson. 150 passengers.
  • May 14: Danish ship Adellieid, Jorgenson master. 54 days from Valparaiso. Merchandise to order.
  • May 18: Brig Col. Fremont, 127 days from Baltimore.
  • May 18: Clipper Flying Cloud, 117 days from Philadelphia.

Below Decks on an Emigrant Ship, 1849

  • June 2: Bark Eliza, 240 tons, built at Salem in 1823 for Joseph and Stephen White (and with Michael Shepard, George and Benjamin A. West, A.S. Perkins, David Moore, Jr., A. and J. Ward. and John Bertram as registered owners in September 1846), sailed from Salem, Mass. for San Francisco, which was the second departure in 1848. She carried a load of gold hunters and their belongings on board and reached San Francisco after a Cape Horn passage of 161 days. Capt. A.S. Perkins, one of the owners, was in command. It is said that the Eliza was the first vessel to reach San Francisco from Salem. As most of the "good runs" from an East Coast port to San Francisco at the time, including departures during the first quarter of 1849, required 200 days or more and as the first nine fast passages averaged 156 days, the runs of the brig Mary & Ellen in 149 days and the old bark Eliza in161 days were evidently good performances at the time, especially for vessels of their small size.
  • June 3: Clipper Grey Eagle, 131 days from Baltimore.
  • June 3: Tahitian brig Anonyme, Raballand, master. 35 days from Honolulu. Cargo to Mr. Brander. 14 passengers.
  • June 3: Sp. brig Nuevo Bibbayno, Aguria, master. 93 days from Manila. Cargo to order. 2 passengers.
  • June 3: Hawaiian schooner Mary Ann, Fornander, Master. 38 days from Honolulu. Cargo to order. 12 passengers.
  • June 3: American ship Greyhound, Claypoole, master. 131 days from Baltimore via Valparaiso. With cargo to Finley, Johnson & Co.
  • June 3: Chile ship California Dorado. Corubut, master. 65 days from Valparaiso. Cargo to Ward & Smith. 94 passengers.
  • June 4, 1849, Chilean brig Catalina, 69 days from Valparaiso (8 passengers). Bricks, Chancaca, Cofee, Ale, Champagne, Flour, etc., etc. For sale by Cross, Hobson & Co.
  • June 14: Chilean Schooner Manuel de Ferrias, Master Spofford, Valparaiso
  • June 15: Mexican Brig Two Brothers, Edin Master, Mazatlan, Mexico.
  • June 18: English Ship Sophia Magaret, Barret master, N. Holland.
  • June 27: JUST ARRIVED - THE CORREO de COBIJA, direct from Hongkong - with cargo consisting of Superior Chinaware, hats and caps, assorted clothing, mats, large assortment of camphor wood and leather trunks writing desks, dressing cases, lacquiered and ivory ware silks in every variety, satin shoes, elegant satin and embroidered crape shawls choice ribbosn, lenshaws, pongees, bandas, silk and satin vests, velvet coats, oil and rice paper paintings pistold, stationery, cigar boxes, tea canddies, decanter and ink stands, chess boards, cigars, rattan chairs, Manila cordage, preserved fruits, sweet biscuit large quantity Tea, and other goods.

For sale by STARKEY, JANION & CO. June 27-26tf (from the Alta California, August 23, 1849)

August 23, 1849, Alta California

ROBERT WELLS & CO., at the Russian Store, have just received per ship Tarolinta, the following merhandise, viz: Pongee hdkfs, 30, 32 and 34 inch damask brocade hdkfs Indian bordered do damask crimson do Belvidere broche and silk shawls ladies' fancy cravats adn hdkfs bonnet, cap and taffeta ribbons embroidered Tarletons Florences, cherry, scarlet and blue super black gro de Rhines, 32 inch Veritas super gro de Rhine cravats, 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40 inch plaid silks, super quality barege for dresses buck gloves silk scarfs, neck ties, bags, figured silks super gros de Naples and gros de Suisse India robber cloth Turkey red prints. Also a superior assortment of Cigars, consisting of the "India Cazadora," "Antiquedads," "Patrones" and "Alabama" brands.

Diary Of a Voyage Around Cape Horn in 1849 to California
J. C. Tucker
Previously unpublished diary of Dr. J. C. Tucker, who traveled on the sailing ship Tarolinta from the east coast of the US in the early spring of 1849 around Cape Horn to San Francisco. At times harrowing, at times dangerous, at times drunken, it is an amusing and rare glimpse into what it took just to get to the California Gold Rush.

  • July 1: American Ship Tahmaroo, Richardson master, New York, assorted.
  • July 2: American Brig Isabel, Burgess master, New York, assorted goods.
  • July 4, Wednesday: Am. bark Mary, Parker, 26 days from Honolulu, cargo to Snow & Post 21 passengers.
  • July 4, American brig John Enders, Kingsbury, 149 days from New York. Cargo to order. 40 passengers. Died on board the John Enders of New York on the 5th inst., Captain E. Kingsbury, aged abut 55 years.
  • July 5: California Mining Company ship Leonore, 370 tons, built in 1835 in Newbury, Mass. Sailed February 4, 1849 from Boston, Mass., under command of H.H. Greene, with 158 passengers. Arrived 150 days later via Cape Horn and Valparaiso. Ultimately broken up in Australia.
  • July 6: Dutch ship South Pole, Meyers, 95 days from Talcahuano, cargo to Cross, Hobson & Co. 127 passengers.
  • July 6: American brig Forest, Varinna, 174 days from Boston. Cargo to order. 45 passengers.
  • July 6: American ship Tarolinta, Cave, 174 days from New York. Cargo to Cross, Hoson & Co. 125 passengers.
  • July 6: American brig Mary Stewart, Tucker, 160 days from New York, cargo to order. 26 passengers
  • July 6: American brig Attila, Baker, 174 days from Boston. Cargo to Plymouth Mining Co. 41 passengers
  • July 7, Saturday: Ship Albany, 468 tons, built in New York. Master W. Sherman sailed from New York on January 9, 1849 with 66 passengers and 20 crew. They went through the Strait of Magellan, stopped at Valparaiso, and arrived in San Francisco 179 days later.
  • July 13, Friday: Eng. bark Swallow, Seagrove, 68 days from Hong Kong. Cargo of Chinese goods to order. 3 passengers.
  • July 18: Bay State and California Mining Company Brig Almena, 175 tons, built 1835 in Scituate, Massachusetts. Sailed from Boston, January 26, 1849 under the command of Captain Lincoln with 35 passengers. She arrived 172 days later after a stop at Valparaiso. She began trading in the Sandwich Islands, and ultimately wrecked.
  • July 18: American bark Undine, Menzies, Colum river, lumber
    American schooner Joseph Hewitt, New York, assorted
    American brig Almena, Lincoln, Boston, assorted
  • July 20: Mining Company schooner Laura Virginia, 100 tons. Sailed from New York, New York, January 29(?), 1849, under command of Captain Howe, with 26 passengers. Arrived 178 days later via Straits of Magellan and Rio de Janeiro and Valparaiso. Ultimately wrecked on the coastal trade.
    American ship Capitol, Proctor, Boston, assorted
    American schooner Laura Virginia, Howe, New York, passengers
  • July 21: Danish bark Maria, Thulstrup, Hong Kong, merchandise
    American ship Jane Parker, Jordon, Baltimore, sundries
    American ship Daniel Webster, Pierce, New York, sundries
  • July 22, Sunday: Hamburg bark Steinwarder, Kramer, 71 days from Valparaiso. Cargo to Ward and Co. 4 passengers.
  • July 22: American bark Eliza, Clarck, 175 days from New York via Valparaiso. Cargo to Union Mining Co. 48 passengers.
  • July 22: American ship Sutton, Wardel, 203 days from New York via Valparaiso. Cargo to order. 53 passengers.
    American ship Sutton, Wardle, New York, assorted
  • July 23: Chilena brig, Admiral Blaco, Hausset, 76 days from Valparaiso. Cargo to order. 87 passsengers.
  • American bark Diamond, Raynard, 170 days from New Bedford via Talcahuana. Cargo to order. 57 passengers.
  • American ship Pharsalla, Allen, 175 days from Boston.Cargo to order. 135 passengers.
  • July 23, Monday: American brig Orbit, Best, 190 days from New York. Cargo to Hudson Co. 26 passengers.
  • American brig Cordelia, Barker, 174 days from New York via Valparaiso. Cargo to order. 61 passengers.
  • July 24: American brig Charlotte, Bartlett, Newburyport, assorted
  • July 24, Tuesday: American bark Victory, Ryan, 177 days from New York via Valparaiso. Cargo to order. 39 passengers.
  • American brig Charlotta, Bartlet, 180 days from New buryport. Cargo to order. 47 passengers.
    American bark Harriet Newell, Jessup, 195 days from New York. Cargo to R. M. Jessup. 24 passengers.

  • August: Mining Company schooner Pomona, 76 tons, built 1819, New Bedford, Mass. Sailed from New Bedford, Mass on February 6, 1849 under command of H. Almy with 16 passengers. Arrived in August via the Straits of Magellan. Used in the inland river trade after arrival.
  • August 1, Wednesday: Hawaiian schooner Julian, Captain Moran, 31 days from Honolulu. Cargo to order. 1 passenger.
  • August 1: American bark Paoli, 369 tons. Sailed from Baltimore Maryland, January 13, 1849 under command of T. Litton, with 14 passengers and 14 crew. Arrived 200 days later via Cape Horn and Callao. She remained in the Panama trade until wrecked.
  • August 1: Mining Company American brig (also listed in Alta California as a schooner) Sarah McFarlan, 142 tons, built 1848 in Eldon, Maryland. Sailed from New York, January 30, 1849 under command of Captain Richardson with 41 passengers and 10 crew. Arrived 182 days later via Rio de Janeiro and Juan Fernandez. Used in Oregon trade after arrival.
  • August 3: English ship Antelope, 168 days from Liverpool
  • August 3: American schooner Mary Taylor, Hobron, 503 days from N. London
  • August 4: American schooner La Coledad, Vanhouton, 98 days from Panama
  • August 5: American ship Pacific, Tibbetts, 191 days from New York (Editor's Note: Captain Tibbetts was relieved of duty in Rio de Janeiro Captain George Estabrooks brought the Pacific into San Francisco.)
    Thursday, August 20, 1849, Alta California, San Francisco
    "Ladies' Bonnets. Just received per ship Pacific, a few cases silk and Straw Bonnets, from a Broadway fashionable millinery establishment, which will be opened for sale on Friday and Saturday next. Also, a few pieces India dress satins and bonnet ribbons.

Clark's Point, corner Broadway/Battery streets. 34 2 t

August 2, 1849, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

The Emigration

There have arrived by sea at this port, as appears by the records in the office of Edward A. King, Harbor Master, during the month of July, three thousand six hundred and fourteen persons, as follows:

From Males Females Total
Beverly 7 0 7
Boston 922 4 926
New York 961 9 976
Panama 812 20 832
Mazatlan 244 4 248
Valparaiso 207 3 210
Callao 29 1 30
Honolulu 29 4 33
Rio de Janeiro 15 2 17
Sag Harbor 4 0 4
New London 39 0 39
New Bedford 57 0 57
China 8 1 9
Newburyport 47 0 47
Oregon 14 1 15
Central America 36 0 36
Belfast (Maine) 50 0 50
Baltimore 78 0 78
Totals 3,565 49 3,614

About 3,000 of these arrivals are Americans.

  • September 1: Am bark Drummond, Pierce, 210 days from Boston
  • September 1: Am ship Audley Clark, Dennis, 198 days from Newport
  • September 26: American Bark Algoma, 293 tons, built 1845 in Thomaston, Maine. Sailed from Baltimore, Maryland, March 1, 1849 under the command of Captain Skatts with 56 passengers and 12 crew. Arrived 210 days later after stopping at Callao enroute. She was used in the Panama trade after arrival.
  • September 6: 98 ton American schooner A. Emery, built in Phippsburg, Maine in 1845. Master John Clay. Formed as a mining company, left New York on January 24, 1849. Sailed with 52 passengers via the Straits of Magellan, stopped enroute at Rio de Janeiro, St. Catherine's and Callao. She reached San Francisco in 220 days. She was used as an Inland River trader after arrival.
  • September 7: Am bark Touro, Low, 214 days from New Orleans
  • September 7: Am ship Mariposa, Sanders, 91 days from Hong Kong
  • September 10: Per bg La Union, Roussa, 70 days from Callao
  • September 12: Am schr J. B. Gager, Halsey, 208 days from New York
  • September 12: Am sp Clarissa Perkins, Goodrich, 216 days from New York
  • September 12: Am schr John Allyne, Brownell, 214 days from New York
  • September 12: Am bk Lenark, Woodbury, 212 days from Boston
  • September 12: Han schr Gesine, Harsloop, 164 days from Boston
  • September 13: Am br Isadora, Henry, 165 days from Boston
  • September 13: Ham br Burgomaster, Matthilsen, 42 days from Callao
  • September 13: Am brig Col Taylor, Lovett, 208 days from Boston
  • September 13: Am brig Rising Sun, Hooper, 165 days from New York
  • September 13: Eq schr Two Sisters, Gilman, 130 days from Panama
  • September 13: Am brig Henry Lee, Vail, 206 days from New York
  • September 13: Am brig Mallory, Borden, 189 days from New York
  • September 13: Am sp May Flower, Hicks, 163 days from New Bedford
  • September 14: Fr sp La Meuse, Captain Bruent, 173 days from Havre. This was the first French ship specially outfitted to take Frenchmen to California directly from France in 1849, following a year of political discord in France in 1848, when bloody street fights pitted republicans against royalists. Thousands of Frenchmen were ready to leave the seemingly endless chaos at home and sail for California's gold mines, among them a large contingent of literate, educated men, who had been robbed of their wealth and privilege.
  • September 16: Mining Company ship Henry Astor, 377 tons, built 1820 in New York, New York. Sailed from Nantucket, Mass, March 13, 1849 under command of G.F. Joy with 67 passengers. Arrived 188 days later via Cape Horn. She was used as a storeship after arrival and eventually broken up.
  • September 16: Mining Company ship Loo Choo, 639 tons, built 1840 in Medford, Mass. Sailed March 8, 1849 from New York, New York, under command of D. Cushman, with 139 passengers and 16 crew. Arrived 139 days later via Cape Horn and Valparaiso. The Loo Choo had been to San Francisco in the past. In March of 1849, she was a military transport, and had brought volunteers recruited to "conquer and colonize" the new territory of Yerba Buena, which expected a "large number of whalers in the Bay, and a large increase in population.
  • September 17: Mining Company schooner Ann Sophia, 54 tons, built 1826 in Guilford, Connecticut. Left New Suffolk, New York on December 27, stopped at other American ports, then sailed under command of Captain Tuthill with two passengers. Arrived 276 days later via St. Catherine's and other foreign ports. Went into the Oregon trade after arrival.
  • September 17: Mining Company bark Ann Welch, 381 tons, built 1843 in Stonington, Connecticut. Sailed from New York on February 6, 1849 under command of A.S. Rogers with 67 passengers and 12 crew. Arrived 190 days later via St. Catharine's and Valparaiso.
  • September 17: Mining Company Ship Obed Mitchell, 354 tons, built 1837 in Fairhaven, Mass. Sailed from New Bedford, Mass. April 1, 1849 under command of G.L. Cox with 54 passengers. Arrived San Francisco 167 days later via Cape Horn and Valparaiso. She was used in Central America trade after arriving in San Francisco.
  • September 18: Ship Apollo, 412 tons, built 1841 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Sailed from New York, New York on January 17, 1849 under command of Chas. Coffin with 66 passengers and 16 crew. Arrived 245 days later via Cape Horn, Rio de Janeiro, Juan Fernandez. She was used as a storeship after arrival, and turned into the Apollo Saloonat the City's edge.
  • September 18: French Bark Bonne Adela, 238 tons, built in 1843. Sailed from New York, New York February 4, under command of Captain Tezequel, with 72 passengers and 10 crew. Arrived 226 days later via Valparaiso.
  • September 20: Am sp James Munroe, Hamlin, 28 days from Honolulu, cargo to order, 50 passengers.
  • September 21: American sp Morrison, Spalding, 220 days from New York, cargo to order. 100 passengers.
  • September 21: American schr Paragon, Haley, 213 days from Cape Ann, cargo to order. 5 passengers.
  • September 22: Ch sp Ville de Bordeaux, Yates, 88 days from Valparaiso, cargo to Sanchez Brothers. 26 passengers.
  • September 22: Mining Company ship America, 464 tons, built in 1811 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Built 1848 in Baltimore, Maryland. Sailed from New Bedford, Massachusetts on April 1, 1849, under command of Captain Seabury with 75 passengers. After 160 days, and a passage via Cape Horn, with stops at St. Catherine's and Callao, she arrived in San Francisco.
  • September 22: Mining Company ship Andalusia, 772 tons. Sailed from Mystic, Connecticut and Baltimore, Maryland on April 19, 1849 under command of F.W. Wilson and with 106 passengers. She arrived 150 days later via Cape Horn and Valparaiso.
  • September 23: Mining Company Ship Areatus, 490 tons, built 1839. Sailed from Boston, Mass, April 6, 1849, under command of T. Knowles with 139 passengers and 21 crew via Cape Horn, Rio De Janeiro and Valparaiso. She arrived in San Francisco in 170 days.
  • September 23: Hawaiian schr Caroline, Cole, 28 days from Lahaina, cargo to Mukee, Anthon and Co.
  • American schooner Samuel Roberts, Anderson, 246 days from New York, cargo to order. 6 passengers.
  • September 24: Per bark Empress, Duncomb, 66 days from Callao, cargo to order. 128 passengers.
  • September 24: Ch bg Delfin, Mangot, 74 days from Valparaiso, cargo to order. 25 passengers.
  • September 24: Ship Alciope (or Alcope), 377 tons, built 1837 in Salisbury, Massachusetts. Under Master Emerson, she left Boston on April 8, 1849 with one passenger. She stopped at Callao enroute, and arrived in the City 169 days later. After arrival she was used as a storeship.
  • September 25: American bg R. W. Brown, Speed, 210 days from Baltimore, cargo to Shipley & Dix. 18 passengers.

  • October 4: British brig Two Friends, Wier, 165 dasy from Panama 165 passengers
  • October 4: British schooner Union, Barnes, 79 dys from Port Phillip 39 passengers
  • October 5: Schooner Swallow, Lasalle, 25 days from Mazatlan 5 passengers
  • October 10: Bk. Clarissa, Babbidge, 207 days from New York. 28 passengers.
  • October 10: Peruv. Bk. Johanna Ameiia, 110 days from Panama. 92 (or 32) passengers.
  • October 11: Am. Bk. Susan Jane, Prior. 183 days from Boston. 12 passengers
  • October 11, Weekly Alta California Ad

  • November 3: Schooner Alfred, 90 tons, built in 1825 in Chatham, Connecticut. Sailed March 11, 1849 from New London, Connecticut, under Master J.L. Harris and with 28 passengers, through the Strait of Magellan, arriving in the City in 210 days. She was used in the Oregon trade after arrival, and ultimately sold abroad.
  • November 3, 1849: English bark Vicar of Bray, Duggin, Valparaiso
  • Daily Alta California, March 11 1850: Cleared March 10, 1850 - English bark Vicar of Bray, Duggan, Valparaiso
  • Daily Alta California, February 27, 1854: IQUIQUE (Peru) and the Neighboring Inlets - At Dec. 31, Fr brqs Arequipa, Pisagua, ldg Stella, Mejilouses, do Br brqe Vicar of Bray, Iquique, discg Annette Gilbert, do do Pizarro do do . . .
  • November 4: Bark Ann Smith, 214 tons, built 1837 in Newcastle, Maine. Left New Haven, Connecticut on March 26, 1849 under command of W.H. Downs, with 23 passengers. Arrived 214 days later via Valparaiso. She was used in the Oregon trade after arrival.
  • November 13: Mining Company schooner Horace, 53 tons, built 1832 in Kingston, Mass. Sailed from New Bedford, Mass on March 10, 1849 under command of D. Randall, with 21 passengers and 6 crew. Arrived San Francisco 240 days later. She was used in the coastal trade after arrival.
  • November 22: Clipper Thomas Perkins, 124 days from New York.
  • November 22: Mining Company Bark Anna Reynolds, 197 tons, built in 1838 in Lewiston, Delaware. Left New Haven, Connecticut, on March 17, 1849 under command of J. Bottom with 67 passengers. Arrived in San Francisco 250 days later via Cape Horn, Talcahuano and other ports. Traded with the Sandwich Islands after arrival.
  • November 22: Mining Company brig Joseph Butler, 189 tons, built 1847, Craven County, No. Carolina. Sailed from Nantucket, Mass July 1, 1849 under command of F.F. Gardner with 19 passengers. Arrived 132 days later via Valparaiso. She traded with South American until condemned.
  • November 29: FRESH ARRIVALS. Now landing from ship Francis Ann, from Boston and Valparaiso, 800 bags fresh Chilean flour, in whole and half sacks 250 superior mattresses pillows, sheets, pillow-cases, etc., etc., 50 brls best London ale woolen gloves, children's dresses, etc. iron bedsteads, scales and weights, boilers, etc. paper hangings, blank books, beads, etc. 24 brls lime, brls potatoes, do fresh eggs, 1500 canteens, 20 large tents, etc., also 2 excellent frame homes complete, sizes 23x25, and 15x35 feet, for sale by S. MICKLE & Co., Clay Street Wharf. Alta California, November 29, 1849

  • December 1: Mining Company Brig Vesta, 155 tons, built 1826 in Barnstable, Mass. Sailed from Edgartown, Mass, April 10, 1849 under the command of C. Mayhew with 23 passengers. Arrived in 229 days. She was used in the coastal trade after arrival.
  • December 10: American bark Magdala, Mason, 228 days from New York via Callao. 43 passengers
  • December 10: English brig Frederick, Hunt, 81 days from Auckland. 11 passengers
  • December 10: Chilean bark Laura, Incle, 63 days from Talcahuana
  • December 10: Mexican brig Bilampijo, Faboucle, 35 days from Mazatlan. 20 passengers
  • December 10: American brig Thomas P. Hart, Bremayo, 186 days from New Orleans. 15 passengers
  • December 10: American ship Edward, Clark, from New Bedford
  • December 10: English schooner Angenoria, Martin, from Hobart town
  • December 10: American bark J.B. Colley, Smyth, from Norfolk
  • December 11: American ship Angelique, 420 tons, built 1833 in New York. Left New York, May 19, 1849, Captain Windsor (another report names the Captain as Wasson). 30 passengers Arrived 185 days via Cape Horn, St. Catherine's and Valparaiso. To R. Wells & Co.
  • December 11: American sp Probus, DeVerie, 178 days from New York. 32 Passengers. To Turner, Fish & Co.
  • December 11: Sw. brig Experiment, Carlson, 53 days from Valparaiso
  • December 11: Fr. ship Java, Devaulo, 48 days from Valparaiso. 33 passengers
  • December 14: Fr. sp. Ceres, Rey, 248 days from Havre, 98 passengers.
  • December 19: Mining Company barque (noted as "ship" in another source) Arkansas, 627 tons, built 1833, in New York, New York. Sailed from New York, June 26, 1849 under command of Captain Shepeard with 126 passengers and 19 crew. Sailed via Cape Horn, Rio de Janeiro and Talcahuano. Later used in Australia as a storeship.
  • December 29: Bark Ann Parry, 348 tons, built 1825 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Left Salem, Mass. June 21, 1849 (a second source cites date of departure as June 20, 1849), under command of William M. Harron with 20 crew. James C. Briggs and William H. Clark of Salem were passengers. Arrived in San Francisco 184 days later via Cape Horn and other cities not noted. She was on the coastal trade until wrecked in December 1860 off Appletree Pt., Washington.

Bird's Eye View of the Village of San Francisco

M & N Hanhart Chromo Lithograph Co

M. & N. Hanhart was a London lithographic publishing house founded by Michael Hanhart (1788 1865) and Nicholas Hanhart. The firm's heyday is considered to have been between 1839 and 1882. They published a wide range of material including book illustrations and lithographic sheet music covers. Their best work was in the field of large chromolithographs. Hanhart used a complex layering of tint stones, to produce work unique in colouration and tonal values.

Cruise Lines out of San Francisco

Seven cruise lines offer cruises out of San Francisco. They span the range from affordable to high luxury.

Carnival Cruise Line: the fun ships return to San Francisco in 2021.

Cunard Line: traditional luxury with British style. It has a cruise to Australia.

Norwegian Cruise Line: affordable casual "freestyle" ships. Offering a cruise through the Panama Canal.

Oceania: mid-size luxury ships. They make cruises around the world, to Alaska and through the Panama Canal.

P&O Cruises: the leading British cruise line offers voyages from San Francisco to Australia and China.

Princess Cruises: three ships that sail out of this port. They make round-trip cruises to Hawaii, Mexico, and Alaska. They also have one-way cruises to Australia and through the Panama Canal.

Regent Seven Seas: all-inclusive luxury line has an Alaska cruise and a cruise around the Pacific. They have all-suite ships.

Celebrity Cruises, Crystal Cruises and Holland America Line are not currently sailing from San Francisco.

Explore all the options for cruises from California. There are a wealth of opportunities to sail out of the state's ports.

From San Francisco to Australia - History

Passengers sailing between San Francisco & Sydney / and Sydney & San Francisco 1849-1851

extracted from The Shipping Gazette and Sydney general trade list from the digitised version of the Sydney Shipping Gazette found at the National Library of Australia website. These lists name each person or family group on board without distinguishing between cabin or steerage passengers. The lists below are just a sampling of what is available on the digitalized SSG.

Most lists don't name the children, however, the Una list appears to name all family members. Some of the lists are in quasi-alphabetical order, which makes them easier to search, but always read the lists to the end. Some passengers appear to travel both ways (business?) where others (eg. aboard Una 212 passengers) seems to show quite a large number of Irish and Scots. Did they arrive in Sydney, only to re-embark for San Francisco ?

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 8, Number 356 (11 Jan. 1851) p. 353— Passengers to California:—Difficulties have occasionally arisen in consequence of persons getting away to California without the knowledge of those with whom they have been connected in business—or, in other words, bolting. This could scarcely occur if the parties interested were to pay a visit to the Water Police Court, and look after the clearances. Information will readily be given by the Officers of the Court and no person can escape from temporary difficulties in this way without detection, if he is looked after. The list of passengers by the Emerald Isle can be seen at the Water Police Office. (ship Emerald Isle, 501 tons, Captain Holt, sailed from Sydney for San Francisco 18th January 1851 with above 100 passengers [no published list])

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 6, Number 271 (26 May 1849) p. 140

barque Volunteer , 250 tons, Captain Wingfield
from Sydney 24th May 1849, for Auckland and California

for California
Mr. Gwynne Mr.& Mrs. Morris & daughter Mr.& Mrs. Smyth, two children and servant
Mr. Panton Mr. S. Herring Mr.& Mrs. King & two children
Mr. W. Jacques Mr.& Mrs. Miller Mr. John Panthen
Mr.& Mrs. J. McEvoy & child Mr. John Hickson Mr. W.B. Boyce
Mr. J.A. Barber Mr. J.P. Davis Mrs.& Miss Davis
Mr. A. Salamon Miss Harris Mr. A. Gosney
Mr. J. Pilgrim Mr. James Knight Mr. T. Campbell
Mr. T. Hayes junior Mr. John Adam Mr. James Adam
Mr. W. Henderson Mr. Cosgrove Mr. T. Long
Mr. M. Farrelly Mr. Kettlewell Mr. Gabriel
Mrs. Myers & son Mr. T. Hart Mr. T. Smith
Mr. J. Jones Mr. E. Garland Mr. Woodward
Mr. James Knight (duplication?) Mr. Campbell (duplication?) Captain Humphreys
Mr. P. Griffin Mr. R. Murray
for Auckland
Miss Smithson Mrs. McCaul Mr. J. McLean
Mr.& Mrs. McSweeney & four children Mr. John Little Mr. Thompson and two children
Mr. Bank Mr. Hayes senior Mr. James Bradley
Mr.& Mrs. Elder & daughter

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 6, Number 271 (26 May 1849) p. 140

barque Louisa , 307 tons, Captain Mailler
from Sydney, cleared 23rd May sailed 26th May 1849, for California

Mr. Blackenberg Mr. Suttor Mr. Bertleson
Mr. J.S. Lloyd Mr. Freer Mr. Turner
Mr. R. Orr Mr. J. Etheridge Mr. H. Atkinson
Mr. P. Power Mr.& Mrs. Bradsley & child Mr.& Mrs. James Johnson
Mr.& Mrs. G. King Mr.& Mrs. J.G. Cashman & child Mr.& Mrs. Thomas McKey
Mr.& Mrs. James McCaffrey & three children Mr.& Mrs. James Wilcox Mr.& Mrs. R. Bruce
Mr.& Mrs. A. Wilkie Mr.& Mrs. W. McKenna & three children Mr.& Mrs. C. Beaver
Messrs. W. Bennett A. Walsh S. Whittaker
S. Brock J. Roulston J. Green
M. Fitzpatrick G. Thew W. Grant
W. Scott G. Wilson T. Nester
T. Hughes T. Holt G. Bardwell
J. Stephens H. James C. Forster
Isaac Male T. McGee D. McLean
J. Jebo T. Armstrong T. Weigall
Charles Cooper Samuel Cooper P. Joyce
H. McCaffrey R. Redman J.C. Miller
H. Lee H. Strong D. McRae
E. Felton A. Mayo R. Collins
C. Ruxton W. McKenna

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 6, Number 272 (2 June 1849) p. 148

brig Regia , 181 tons, Captain Johnson (see below)
from Sydney, cleared 1st June sailed 5th June 1849, for California

(additional passengers named, possibly boarded at Auckland or Honolulu)

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 7, Number 303 (5 Jan. 1850) p. 2

Brig Regia , Port San Francisco, August 29, 1849

Captain Johnson—Sir,—We, now at the termination of our voyage, which although we at one time considered protracted, has nevertheless been more speedy and successful than that of any other vessel which preceded us, beg to express our sincere thanks for the kindness you have shown us thoughout, and the attention you have in every case paid to our wants. Although perhaps we are exceeding our bounds in making any remark with respect to the navigation of the vessel, we cannot omit mentioning the able manner in which, notwithstanding the dense fog by which we have been surrounded, and the very defective chart which you had to guide you, you have brought us safely into port. We heartily congratulate you on your safe arrival, and our best wishes for your future welfare and happiness, we beg to subscribe ourselves.

Yours very truely,

H.N. Greenwell, W.H. Wyatt, Charles Stenart, Wm. Smith, Thomas Kington, C.J. Tibbey jun., John Fairweather, Richard Day, George Howell, George W. Graham, Charles Pasfield, Henry A. Miller, M.W. Appleton, Wm. Phillips, J. Anderson, G. Carlenary, James Greenwood, H.E. Rowland & family, Michael Farrelly, C.E. Jones, F. Burnell Jones, A. Anderson, J. Robinson, H.D. Brown, Wm. Munro, William Hughes, Wm. L. Johnson, James Smith, R. Mathason

To the Passengers on board the Regia

Gentlemen,—It was with much pleasure that I last night received an address expressive of your congratulation on the termination of our voyage, and conveying your thanks for my kindness and attention during the passage. I beg to answer you that I feel highly gratified to find that my endeavours to promote your comfort have been so appreciated as to elicit such an agreeable mark of your esteem, and cannot but remark on our arrival in this much wished for harbour, that during many periods of our voyage your steadiness and excellent behavious called forth my admiration, and will, I trust, in the new world we have now reached, command the success and properity which you so well deserve.

Mr. H.N. Greenwell Mr. W. Wyatt Mr.& Mrs. W.E. Rowland
Mr.& Mrs. R. Rowland & two Misses Rowland Messrs. C. Jones J. Anderson
M. Matthews W. Hughes A. Anderson
W. Anderson W. Munroe W. Phillips
C. Tibbey R. Day W. Anderson
J. Greenwood J. Johnson W. Smith
J. Smith J. Robinson G. Howell
F. Jones T. Kington [Mr.] Farrelly
[Mr.] Millar [Mr.] Mattheson [Mr.] Fairweather
[Mr.] Davidson

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 7, Number 306 (26 Jan. 1850) p. 26

schooner Esther , 54 tons, Captain Cooney
from Sydney 23rd January 1850, for San Francisco

Mr. J. Weir Mr. Thomas Fleming Mr. C. Furlong
Mr. Kennedy Mr. S.A. Bloomfield Mr. A. Elliott
Mr. J. Lloyd Mr. J. Bird Mr. John Pretty
Mr. Joseph Gardner Mr. P. Doyle Master Doyle
Mr. Matthew Kearne Mr. Henry McCade Mr. John White

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 7, Number 306 (26 Jan. 1850) p. 26

barque Orator , 443 tons, Captain Tayt
from Sydney 23rd January 1850, for San Francisco

Mr.& Mrs. McVitie Mr. Cowper Dr. Nuttall
Master Wilmington R.C. Lawrie J. Dixon
C.A. Etherington & wife W. Platte Mr. Jordan, wife & two daughters
M. Graham T. Murray P. Fitzpatrick
J. Parslowe, wife, daughter & son R. Hogan R. Snoke
M. Prindible P. Clark C. Callaghan
W. Porter & wife B. Sellers & wife J. Nalty
T. Scott J. Williams & wife L. McPherson
C.R. Baker W. Keeler Elizabeth Wheeler
W. Crispin Charles Beckett, wife, son & daughter J. Burgess
M. Ward, wife & three children L. Anderson James Roach & wife
C. James, wife & daughter J. Elsley J. McMahon
H.R. and J. McRobert G.T. Harrex J. Richardson & wife
Catherine Farley Sarah Clark O. Carney
W. Connelly J. Reynolds G. and W. Mann
W. Clay W. Brain A. Tham & wife
T. Prince S. Shaw, wife & two children G. Shaw
J. Mitchell, wife, two daughters & three sons John Gorman, wife , daughter & son G. Bowler
M. O'Neill T. Munn W. Tighe
S. Wellham R. Moore H. Crane
W. Morgan W. Howitt J. Johnson
J. Conway George Hall J. Wakelin, wife & two children
J. McWalters, wife & daughter J. McDonald & wife J. Hall, wife, daughter & son
P. Speerin M. Devlin J. O'Boyle, wife & daughter
H. Rubey S. Brown J. Rook
P. Ford J. Heron & wife C. Joynte
H. Macky Miss Palmby T. Holmes, wife, three sons & one daughter
E. Cresswell J.J. Shea W.S. Manez
D. McMillan Bridget Green M. Russell & wife
T. Fox J. Lynch W. Green
J. Hurley & wife Catherine Tighe J. and Mary Boyne
P. Regan Catherine McCarty & two children M. O'Dea
Stephen Butts Charles Butts G. Pettit
G. Palmer C. Derragh A. Moreau
P. Sullivan H. Higgins A. Higgins & wife
J. Harrington S. Thompson & wife

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 7, Number 308 (09 Feb. 1850) p. 38

barque Reaper , 423 tons, Captain Rose
from Sydney 4th February 1850, for Auckland and California

Mr. G.C. Forbes Mr. J. Browne Mr. W. Moreton
Mrs. Jane Little Mr. J. Swindells Mr. H. Ewen
Mr. A. McGee Mr. J. How Mr. George Murray
Henry Lewis Paul Caruthers Joseph Rutter
William Chambers & wife & son Thomas Lewis Charles Harrison
Valentine Innes J.S. Sullivan Charles Smith
T.S. Farnell Bernard Thompson John Tallant
James Tallant John Innes Manuel Jose Sylva
Thomas Mackie George Allen Andrew Weir
Jmaes Weir Samuel Blott & wife Mrs. Pearson
Mrs. Phillips & child J. Raphael (Bowden ?) Joseph Bowden
Andrew Bowden James Bowden Eliza Marshall
J.C. Rutter W. Marshall 4 aborginal natives

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 7, Number 308 (09 Feb. 1850) pp. 38-39

ship Harmony , 520 tons, Captain Papps
from Sydney 7th February 1850, for San Francisco

Mr. S. McWalters Mr. F. Mitchell Mr. F. Watkins
Dr. Wilson Mr. W. Osborne Mr. W. Sinclair
Alexander Gillan Miss Courtenay Mr. J. Jennings
Mrs. Jennings & three children Mr. J.I. Kettle Miss Sullivan
Mrs. Jamieson & three children Mrs. Papps & four children John Goodyer & wife & two daughters & son
Edward Hymes William Benson & wife Joseph Froggart
Thomas Hunter William Hunter Michael Wallace
Robert Power & wife & son Mary Jane Lewis Joseph Hebbson
Paul McDonough William Haslett William Williamson (1st)
Jeremiah Newnan & wife (Newman?) George Stacy John Prosper
James Stewart & wife & son John Davis & wife & child Jeremiah O'Neil & wife & two daughters & son
James Bennet Frances McDonough Charles Falconer
D.W.T. Galliott James Nagle Jeremiah Harnett
William Piper Thomas Lloyd J.P. Wolmersley (Womersley)
Martin Gleeson William Williamson (2nd) W.M.J. Ryan
John Kennedy James David McCorbett James Davis
Patrick Kelly William Monroe & wife & child John Fox
Thomas Railly & wife (Reilly?) Hugh White John Freeman
Thomas Keegan & wife & son Thomas Donohoe Thomas Hanley
Cormick Smith John Lucas Alfred Shean & wife & two children
Daniel Sullivan William Williamson (3rd) Alexander Davidson
James Meadowcroft Frederick Britcher Thomas Rice
Robert White & wife John Yard Simeon Napper
Henry Stirling James Stirling Alexander Stirling
John Houringan & wife & son & daughter Ezekiel Scott William Halley
Robert Speaight Thomas G. Jerrod Daniel Jackson
James Cotter John Drain Matthew Coleman
Michael Carroll Thomas Newman John McMaster
Nathan Hollingworth Joseph Dorman Pierce Butler
Thomas Aaron Peter Taylor Thomas Farrier & wife
Lambert Wood John Wilson Creesy Broderick
William Broderick Robert Anderson Robert Swaithwaite & wife & son
Henry Brown Isaac Raphael John Henry Daniel Lenehan
Peter McLaughlin David Grear John Stoker
John Stoker George Blakey John Broom
George B. Peate Edward Smith John Lamber
Thomas Baird Alexander Morrison & wife John Mooney
John Maddon Alexander White William Anderson & wife
William Taylor James Suffraea D.D. McBride & wife & daughter
John Kaine Thomas Corthress William Allarton
Albert Doeg Peter Magin H.S. Hayes & wife & seven sons & three daughters
Edward Short Timothy Quinlan John Robinson
Dennis Hayes Thomas Hall Lawrence Nowlan & wife & three sons
James Brown Joseph Smart Henry Trickett
John Robinson Thomas Jones Edwin Froome
George Rhodes George Odgers John McNichol & wife & two children
Richard Beecher John Beecher John Bagster & wife & child
William Welsh John Neale John Mullen & wife & daughter
Edward Mora & wife John Cornelius Thompson John Cockerel
Mary Hunter Margaret Hardnett Emma Womersley (Wolmersley)

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 7, Number 310 (23 Feb. 1850)

barque Ralph Bernal , 315 tons, Captain McLaren
from Sydney 17th February 1850, for San Francisco

Mrs. McLaren Mr. James Cameron Mr. J.M. Neibel
Captain John Broomfield Mr. John Young Mr. S. Cutler
Captain Bunker Mrs. Fuchs Mr. Nyle
Mr. T. Crispp Mr. W. Crispp Mr. W. Thomas
John Temple J.L. McCalie John Fox
Fergus McMahon James Wilson John Montgomery & wife
Edward Murphy & wife Patrick Doughty John Byrnes
Joseph Nicholson W. Clarke Henry Smith
Kenneth McLean, wife & three children John, Ronald, Flora and Mary McDonald Michael Cox
William Whittenburg & wife David Warnock & wife Mary Bolan
William Cotton Josiah Gray John Herring
Samuel Johnson James Davies Thomas Carlan & son
Matthew Whitby William Palmer T.C. Waddle
A. McLean John Hutchinson Patrick Barrow & wife
James Field John and William O'Neil Thomas Burns
Peter Grant James and Patrick Kerioni [?] Martin Knaresborough
Patrick King John Hogan Herbert Tromer
James O'Hard James Earingey John Fell
Thomas Culbert & wife Thomas Abdey James Brown
Peter Hoffman George Goodwin Mrs. Cook
Henry Wissman John Styles John Lowe
Samuel James Joseph Bennett Timothy Murphy
John Burn John Bradley John McManus & wife
Samuel Ridgeway Arthur Edwards, wife & child Ralph Davies & wife
Charles Armis & wife Nicholas Smith & wife John Hood
James Mayter Thomas Taylor Vincent Milatovitch
James Rusten Edward Terry Wilson Henry Axon, wife & child
Edward Dockril & wife William Hunt Ellen M. Ireland
Patrick McManus John Arthur Joseph Davis
William Winstanley

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 7, Number 311 (2 March 1850) p. 62

barque William and Mary , 536 tons, Captain Peters
from Sydney 27th February 1850, for San Francisco

Mr.& Mrs. Israel Solomon & seven children Mr. Henry Jacob Mr. Richard Larrett
Mr.& Mrs. John Hulle & three children Mr. J. Clarey Mrs. Knox & child
Miss Dickenson Thomas Atkinson M. Archibald
John Adams John Anderson, wife & six children John Atkinson
William Brogda William Browne, wife & three children Patrick and James Breen & two children
Nicholas Brady, wife & six children Patrick Barnes, wife & three children George Butler & wife
John Bourke, wife & three children Jacob Basin Charles Brown
John Donald Beatson & wife Thomas Boxhall & wife John James Barton, wife & child
Robert Baker John and Charles Beatson Benjamin Bryant & wife
Joseph Brown Samuel Baxter Johanna Croagh
Thomas Connolly William Carter & wife Isaac Cooper
Alexander Corbett James Currie Henry Coyne
Timothy Connor & wife Thomas Carew Michael Cooney
Eliza Jane Macdonald Mr. Davies & wife Stephen Davies
Laurence Davidson Michael Dunn & child Alexander Douglas
John and Joseph Dunbar * John and Michael Dunn & child John Dodds
James Doyle George Elliott John Henry Fedden & wife
James Foster Joseph Francis Alexander Forbes
John Freeman Alexander Fury Michael and Patrick Galvin
Thomas Gilroy Thomas George William Grace
Sarah Harris Thomas Hughes John Hennessy
John Hennessy junior & child Bartholomew Hatier James Harris
Richard Hicks & wife Richard Henden Edmund Hickey
Michael Hayes William Jenkins Joseph James
Joseph Jager & wife Christopher James Francis Henry Jermain
John Jackson Miss Eliza Jackson & two children Joseph Somers
[Mr.] Jager George Keane & wife John and Ellen Keane & child
Martin Keefe Mrs. Keller & three children William Kent
James Kellien Henry Keek / Keck / Keok junior James Keighan
George Lees John Lynam, wife & two children John McConnell
Thomas Meals * David Maloney Patrick Sheady Macnamara
Mathew Maloney John Macpherson Mrs. Frances McLeod & child
Mrs. Jane McCarthy & five children two Mrs. Mitchell & three children James Macnamara & wife
William Manning Charles Cornelius Mowbray John McCatley
George Mulnice Thomas McGrohy John Macdonald
Thomas McKale, wife & child John and James Mackell James McKale & wife
James McClemand Richard Maher & wife Mrs. Jane Maloney
John Melville Richard Nagle John Pointer
Richard Plunkett Thomas Pendergrast & wife Thomas Plunkett, wife & five children
James Quin Terence Rilley Michael Ryan
Henry Reid Cornelius Ryan, wife & three children Laurence Roache
James Rocks & wife * James Russell Thomas Ryan & wife
Richard Roebuck John Stewart Samuel Schofield
John Sellings Maurice Scanlan & wife Michael Scanlan
Edwin Stace James Salt & wife Mrs. Sarah Swan
John Stapleton Thomas Skinner George Sowerby
James Toole Samuel Taylor James Tansley
J. Turner William P. Wall, wife & six children John Woddington
John Williamson & wife Michael Walsh John Wood
Joseph Wassin John Woodcock William Williamson
Mathew McEweny Henry Wait

*John and Joseph Dunbar, James Rocks & wife and Thomas Meal(s) (with wife) may have returned to Sydney on the Henry Harbeck on 9th January 1851 (see below)

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 7, Number 316 (6 April 1850)

ship Una , 793 tons, Captain Causzar
from Sydney, cleared 3rd April sailed 7th April 1850, for San Francisco

Mr. William Tredwen, surgeon Alfred Hearn Thomas Armstrong
James Henry Olliff John Morris Mrs. Maria J. Morris
Miss Margaret Morris Miss Maria Morris Miss Theresa Morris
Mrs. Shaw Mrs. Elizabeth Bunnacle Mr. Augustus Olbrecht
Mrs. Charlotte Olbrecht Master Augustus Olbrecht Miss Grace Olbrecht
Mr. James Harrison Mrs. Harrison Mr. James Thompson
Miss Harrison Captain Robert Hosking Mr. H.C. Fretz
Mrs. Fretz Miss E.T. Fretz Miss Ann Fretz
Mr. Johnson Mrs. Cooper John Boyd
William Burgiss Thomas Bennett Ann Brown
Robert Brand W.G. Burgiss Tristram Bowd
Edward P. Bedwell Thirza Bedwell Hugh Bannan
Martin Bateman William Bridges Tristram Baxter
Michael Cunningham Martha Clist James R. Carter
Thomas Cunningham Hugh Cameron Patrick Casey
William Clay Margaret Clay John Canty
Patrick Corcoran Daniel Doyle Jane Dynan
Ann Daly Francis R. de Ligny John Downing
Patrick Doyle Mary Doyle Esther Doyle
Mary Ann Doyle Peter Doyle Ann Doyle
John Dyer Michael Doherty Patrick Floyd
Thomas Filmer Patrick Foley Patrick Gilligan
Maria Gilligan John Griffin Edward Hamlin
Jane Heckenberg Theodore Heckenberg Bartholomew Hoare
James Hewston James Holmes William Harley
Edmund Hayes Catherine Horn John Kinsley
Edmund Kinsley Michael Kett John Loveday
John Love Mary Lancaster Alfred Lakeman
John Levitt John Lockhart John Lindsay
Cornelius Leahy Ellen Leahy Ellen Leahy junior
James Mulhare Patrick Mullen William Moulder
William McGrogan James McCue Patrick Mulligan
Robert Mulligan Thomas Meligan Elizabeth Mooney
John McKinnon Thomas Michael Thomas McCage
James McGuire Thomas Nance Michael Mulcahy
Johanna Mulcahy James McKinnon Jeremiah Murphy
Michael McMahon Esther McHinnon (McKinnon ?) William Pattison
John Price William Pemberton Hannah Pemberton
Richard Pemberton Ellen Pemberton William Pemberton
John Quigley Edward Rawlins William Reid
John Roache Hutchinson Reeson James Raven
Mary Raven George Scott Elizabeth Scott
Robert Spencer Michael Shelby Margaret Shelby
Henry Snell Timothy Sullivan Benjamin Sullivan
William Snodgrass Mary Ann Savory Mary Ann Savory
William Stewart Anthony Thorply John Taylor
Henry Terry Thomas Varney William Wood
James C. Warden William Williams James Wright
Bridget Wright Margaret Wright Roger Wright
Thomas Wright Joseph Windred Mary Windred
Abraham Watson Charles Frederick Wright Alexander Bond
Henry Burton Thomas Callaghan Henry T. Holbrook
Martha Holbrook Margaret Holbrook Margaret Dunn
Laurence Dunn William Dunn Cornelius Dunn
John Dunn Esther Dunn Michael Dunn
John McGowan Mary McGowan John P. Malveny
Ellen O'Melveny James Watts Henry Horn
David Bow Michael O'Brien John Ross
Lydiatt Ashley Catherine Ashley Edward Lewell
Thomas McCauley Henry Hughes William Handcock
Eliza Handcock Thomas Handcock Elizabeth Handcock
William Handcock Richard Handcock William McDowell
George Bateman Michael Murphy James Robinson
Thomas Woods James Potter Jerald Cullen
George Hall Agnes Hall Ann Leary
Emanuel Wolfe Jacob Myers Charles Munro
Michael Lynch Andrew McMann Angus Kennedy
Walter Renwick Donald McDonald Samuel Renwick
Angus McGillivray Michael Connor Elizabeth Barry
James Doran Ellen Doran Mary Doran
Catherine Doran John Doran

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 8, Number 356 (11 Jan. 1851) pp. 350, 355

barque Emma , 295 tons, Captain Devlin
from San Francisco 23rd November 1850, arrived Sydney 7th January 1851

The Emma:— Captain Devlin has kindly favoured us with the following interesting account of this vessel's passage:— The above vessel sailed from the anchorage on the 23rd November, 1850, and has made the passage over in forty-five days, and from land to land in thirty-seven days, having been beating off a lee shore the first seven days after leaving the port, with gales veering between south-west and west-south-west, and a mountainous sea from the westward. She ran from the land to the Line in sixteen days, which she crossed in 156'50 west, carrying strong winds the whole time between north-east and east, passed seventy miles to the eastward of the Navigator group, and within one mile of the island of Vavau sighted Turtle Island, and carried moderate winds between north-east and east-north-east to the extreme of the Southern Tropic, when I experienced a series of moderate gales between west-north-west and north-west, accompanied with much thunder, lightning and rain. Barometer receded to 29'40 and stood so for six days in continuance. Sighted Lord Howe's Island on the 1st January, and experienced light south-west winds and fine weather for several days. On the 4th had a strong southerly gale, which lasted eighteen hours, when the wind became light at south-east to east, with fine weather, until I made land yesterday of Newcastle. Made the run for the meridian of Sandwich Islands to Sydney Heads in twenty-seven days.

Mr. E.H. Hargraves Mr. Frederick Lockyer Mr. Frederick Shrove
Mr. J. Walford Master Anderson Mr. Sloman
Mr.& Mrs. Leaner Mr.& Mrs. Simmons Miss Simmons
Mr.& Mrs. Ridgley & son Mr. Mullair Mr. O'Neil
Mr. Slatterie Mr. Quark Mr. Moore
Mr. Carr Mr. Nowlan Mr. Thompson
Mr. McMichael Mr.& Mrs. Otto Mr.& Mrs. Williamson
Mr. Goaney Mr. White Mr. Brown
Mr. Jamieson Mr. Cunningham Mr. Cowper
Mr. Simpson Mr. McCullory Mr. Munn
Master Munn Mr. Osmend Mr. Glenwright
Mr. Sullivan Mr. Ritchie Mr.& Mrs. Sells
Mr. Wilkinson Mr. Nairn Mr. Devine
Mr. Moreton Mr. Paton Master Paton
Mr. McCabe Mr. McPherson Mr. Bird
George Latimor George Dent Levey van den Brey
George Rawson James Phillipson Thomas Lead
William Kinchels Philip Lorrison Malek Adel
Owen Pearson John Tysson James Tye
William Smith James Hogan Stephen King
James Byrnes Adolphus McMichan

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 8, Number 356 (11 Jan. 1851) pp. 350, 355

ship Harmony , 529 tons, Captain Papps
from San Francisco 13th October, Honolulu 18th November 1850, arrived Sydney 9th January 1851

The Harmony met with very bad weather during the whole passage she is out fifty-two days from Honolulu.

Mr. J. G. Petit Mr. C. Tonnor Mr. William Russell
Mr. Thomas Jaffrey Thomas Capper William Dogherty & son
James Tansley Henry Tackett Joseph Burton
John Ledingham Thomas Gray Thomas Williams
Henry Miller B. Hickson A. Richardson
Thomas Madagan John Brennan William Merritt
Colin Munro Mr.& Mrs. Hazlett & four children John Fox
James Ryan

Sydney Shipping Gazette, Volume 8, Number 356 (11 Jan. 1851) p. 350

US barque Henry Harbeck , 398 tons, Captain Merwin
from San Francisco 20th November 1850, arrived Sydney 9th January 1851

Mr. James Clinton Mr. Parkinson Mr. A. White
Mr. J. Berry Mr. John Millar Mr. George Gardnor
James Harris Thomas King S. Graham
W.L. Brooks & wife John Hickson M. Comerford
B. Hayer David Pollock John Murry
Edward Gundy Mathew Kerns Frederick Lawson
Joseph Wasson John Dunbar Alexander Funny
Alexander Forbes Joseph Dunbar Timothy Forsett
Andrew Anderson James Pasco C. Shea & wife
John Shehan, wife & child Thomas Paterson & wife George McAlpin
David McGregor William McGregor David Etherington
William Thornton Henry Palmer James Shea
Michael Madegan John N. Henry Charles Hopper
George Bradley Richard Gray James Koogan / Keegan / Kocgan
Peter McLaughlin James Rocks & wife Thomas Meal & wife
William Green & wife Henry Walsh Michael Kett
William Taylor James Long Patrick Sullivan
William Fannington James Breen B. Breen
Catherine Breen

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Qantas' Brisbane-San Francisco flights to launch February 9, 2020

Receive up to 200,000 bonus Amplify Points when you apply, are approved and spend $12k on eligible purchases each year for two years. Convert your points into Virgin Australia Velocity Points, and more. New Amplify Signature cards only. Offer ends 28th September 2021.

Qantas will begin non-stop Boeing 787 flights between Brisbane San Francisco on February 9, 2020, complementing the airline's current Sydney and Melbourne services to the City by the Bay.

Tickets for the new route are expected to go on sale around 10am today, with plenty of forward availability of points-based reward bookings for Qantas Frequent Flyer members.

Qantas flight QF59 will depart Brisbane at 8.35pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for a 3.15pm arrival into San Francisco &ndash perfectly timed to head to the city, check into your hotel and freshen up before pre-dinner drinks.

The QF60 return leg will depart San Francisco at 10.15pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, reaching Brisbane at 6am two days later.

Until now, Brisbane-based business travellers headed for San Fran and Silicon Valley have typically been forced to fly a domestic Qantas leg to Sydney or head straight to Los Angeles to pick up a local connection and all the LAX transit bother that comes with it. The time-saving direct flights between Brisbane and San Francisco will take close to 13 hours.

Although San Francisco is generally considered a 'stop and drop' destination for most Qantas passengers, the airport hosts connecting flights to over 30 North American cities with Qantas&rsquo airline partners.

The Brisbane-San Francisco flights will launch alongside the new Brisbane-Chicago route, which will run four days a week &ndash on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday &ndash beginning Monday April 20, 2020.

If you're looking to book a Brisbane-San Francisco trip with Qantas Points, a business class return ticket will come in at 192,000 points, with premium economy return at 144,000 points and economy return at 83,800 points.

Eager to jump-start your Qantas Points balance? Check out our pick of Australia's best Qantas Frequent Flyer credit cards.

This marks the Qantas&rsquo third SF route, alongside the Boeing 787s which fly from Sydney (while a Boeing 747 at the time of writing, this is being upgraded to a Dreamliner as of 4 December 2019) and Melbourne.

To accommodate the new San Francisco route Qantas will trim its current schedule of ten flights per week between Brisbane and Los Angeles back to a daily service, dropping the Monday-Wednesday-Saturday QF55/QF56 flight so that its aircraft can be redirected to SF.

Qantas says it hopes to increase the Brisbane-San Francisco flights to a daily frequency based on demand.

Original story by Chris Chamberlin udpates by David Flynn

Chris Chamberlin

Chris Chamberlin is the Associate Editor of Executive Traveller, and lives by the motto that a journey of a thousand miles begins not just with a single step, but also a strong latte, a theatre ticket, and later in the day, a good gin and tonic.

Top 5 airlines serving San Francisco to Brisbane

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Pros: "Crew were very gracious and kind."
Cons: "Food not as good as before"

Pros: "I liked that on the longest leg of my trip - I had an entire row to myself to stretch out. Im old, things like that are important. along with compression socks. haha!"
Cons: "I think the food - I dont know exactly what, because we're on a plane - but I think it could be a bit more appealing? More greens, colors? Not sure, but it was okay."

Pros: "Crew, food, time all great."
Cons: "WiFi did not work. Flight data unavailable."

Pros: "Excellent crew and very well dressed and always smiling"
Cons: "The lights were switched off for a very long time. That can be avoided"

Pros: "Crew was polite."
Cons: "For such a long journey, the plane could have been nicer."

Pros: "Friendly crew and spacious."
Cons: "Food could be better"

Pros: "Handset to control screen didn’t work. Airline reimbursed me with $75 voucher for inflight duty-free shop."

Pros: "The plane was new. The in flight entertainment system was good, although I never got to experience it fully because the Flight attendant kept switching it off, as I had paid extra (an arm and a leg) for a “bulkhead seat”"
Cons: "The service was beyond awful! The Flight Attendants had a “could care less” attitude. I had special ordered a meal, and they gave me the wrong one. I did not want to make a big deal, so I just ate it. Then they did not offer any beverages when the meal came! I literally had to beg them to make me their famous “Singapore sling”. Shocking really. When I had my coffee, my request for cream and sugar went ignored THREE times. Finally they grudgingly gave me only cream, rendering my coffee undrinkable. . And the list goes on. Never ever will I travel on this horrid airline again!"

Cons: "Excellent flight service no"

Pros: "Satisfied and feel good on Singapore airlines, definitely will consider next trip"

Pros: "Basics are covered. TV screen is big but otherwise nothing special."
Cons: "It is so annoying they want you to pay an extra $20 to pre book any seat. If you need the extra $20 that much, charge me in the original fare! Don't nickel and dime me. At check in they couldn't even get my child seated beside me although a change was made last minute at the gate. Every other airline I've flown recently was better. Sri Lankan and Emirates FAR better service."

Pros: "Love the promptness of services, always with a smile!"

Cons: "In spite of ordering vegetarian food, was offered a non-vegetarian option and was told that is Asian vegetarian. Food quality was bad too."

Pros: "The cabin crew was great."
Cons: "1. Flight seats are too congested on flight.. 2. Not too many indian movie choices 3. Some reason, while booking the flight, the KAYAK site had not asked for food choice. And the airline does not carry any extra vegetarian food. This had caused some inconvenience."

Pros: "The seats seem to have more leg room, food was actually good, and the staff was delightful."
Cons: "It was a 17 hour flight, but they made it bearable."

Pros: "food. schedule was on time"

Pros: "The service crew served us well. They are friendly and helpful"
Cons: "Too many Indian movies"

Pros: "Non stop to HK"
Cons: "Staff wake you up very aggressively when meal time. Other airlines leave stickers. This is a long flight, be respectful. Will avoid for future."

Cons: "Foods serving were too slow for economy class. Not enough selections for entertainment."

Pros: "Entertainment even in economy class was excellent -- tons of movies, games, etc. Cabin crew were friendly. Bathroom was very large."
Cons: "In economy, seating was incredibly tight (very little legroom) and at least in my seat, very little reclining. For a 14 hour flight through the night, it made it very difficult to actually get any rest. Food was OK."

Cons: "In flight crew manager in greenish dress was rude! Seemed like there weren’t enough restrooms on flight."

Pros: "Crews are truly nice and patient"
Cons: "Crews are very nice, food are not really good"

Pros: "Helpful staff and a comfortable trip. A plus all the way around"

Pros: "The hot towels twice during the flight was great"
Cons: "Really just the food"

Pros: "Crew was super nice. Amazed at collection of Chinese movies and music. Great alcoholic beverage selection."
Cons: "Hope that there were more time to order and enjoy beverages."

Pros: "Overall service, good leg space."
Cons: "We were seated in the same section with four babies."

Cons: "They reschudle my flight beaucase I have anxiety. It's my birthday today. I'm suppose to be in China celebrating me and my grandma's birthday right now. Apparently anxiety is something that Singapore airline are very concerned about me, that needs a doctor note to prove that I'm okey to fly. poor coummcation skill and power play"

Pros: "Such incredible staff. Always Willing to go above and beyond! I flew 17 hours with them and they made the flight a breeze. Great airline, will be flying with Singapore again"
Cons: "Really nothing. I loved flying with them."

Pros: "Crew, plane, punctuality"

Pros: "Overall treatment of boarding & crew staff was courteous, friendly & helpful. Movies selections were great but I was too tired to watch."
Cons: "Food can be improved. Couldn't eat pork or shrimps, so wished they served either vegetarian or chicken noodles instead of pork or stuff with shrimps. Fish, chicken, beef, or vegetarian options are better options."

Pros: "Entertainment was awesome. Boarding was fast."
Cons: "Not enough food served (only two meals on a sixteen hour flight) and tasted okay. Crew was not all friendly."

Cons: "cramped uncomfortable seats freezing cold in the plane"

Pros: "great service. new plane. excellent video system."
Cons: "not much to complain about."

Pros: "Singapore Airlines is my new airline, forget about any other airlines. They have very beautiful service and entertainment. Their staff and one of the best crews ever. I really love it."

Pros: "Aircraft was OK."
Cons: "Cabin crew service can definitely be better. Should offer more snacks for long flights."

Cons: "Breakfast was pathetic. Not fresh. For 16 hours flight only two meals were served and no snacks were provided"

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "I have no complaint"

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Cabin too hot"

Pros: "I loved the movie selection and the food options."
Cons: "The woman behind me kept insisting that I keep my chair in the upright position. With two crying babies on the plane, I was trying to relax and sleep as much as possible on the 12.5 hr flight. What bothered me even more is that when the woman asked the flight attendant to tell me to put my seat up, the flight attendant complied instead of telling the woman it was my seat to do as I wished. Why make the seats recline if they are going to bother the people behind? Why tell me to put my seat up if it was not a requirement for all (ie during take off or landing)? I did not appreciate this and it made my flight extremely uncomfortable."

Pros: "Just as previous reviews mentioned, this is a top notch airline even when flying coach. The staff was courteous and attentive, the food was good and the flight overall was comfortable. I'd fly with Singapore again in a heartbeat."

Pros: "crew and service and food was excellent MJ from local staff went above and beyond to assist when i missed my connection she was kind, compassionate and efficient A+++++++"
Cons: "missed connection in Seoul. announcements should be louder, was in rest room opp the gate and did not hear any announcements for boarding text message should be sent if passenger missing."

Cons: "delay for 2 hours without notice"

Pros: "The flight took off 10 minutes earlier and landed about 30 minutes earlier. I ordered seafood meals and the food was delicious and the service was excellent. The movies and flight info on the screen were very easy to operate."

Cons: "I did not fly out that night due to the covid testing needed. We bought the ticket November 11 it did not say we needed to get tested before flying When we went to check in there was a long line because a lot of people that was flying out did not know also about getting tested before flying Eva employees said that this protocol started December 1st if that’s the case why didn’t they email travelers that bought tickets before December 1st And let them know that covid19 test needed. Also at check in we were inline for 2 hours just to let us know we couldn’t fly out they should have a Monitor saying “ ATTENTION PASSENGERS IF YOU DON’T HAVE COVID-19 TEST RESULTS IN HAND YOU CANNOT A BOARD.” So that people didn’t half to stay in line for so long."

Pros: "I used my miles to upgrade to Laurel so the experience was great! EVA is always a good airline so not really many complains"
Cons: "What could be better would be even more improvements to the cabin. The layout and decor feels a bit dated and the seat orientation and layout can also use some modernizing."

Cons: "Seats in economy are very tight and I'm thin. The movies were not as current as advertised. The crew was not very friendly."

Pros: "On time departure and arrival"
Cons: "The food"

Cons: "Better movie selection"

Pros: "The food was pretty good and the crew was very attentive. Checking was easy."
Cons: "Nothing really."

Pros: "Reusable utensils and great food. Love Eva air!"

Pros: "Bigger space for legs room"
Cons: "The food"

Cons: "Space between seats - boarding time - food quality"

Cons: "The flight departed over one hour late from SFO and caused a mis-connection at Taipei,"

Pros: "Crew was very friendly. Very clean toilets."
Cons: "Maybe add more movies."

Pros: "Stewardesses were very pleasant and helpful."
Cons: "All was ok"

Pros: "Special meal options: I enjoyed seafood meal."
Cons: "Departure was delayed and arrival at Taipei was also delayed"

Cons: "Food was little disappointing this trip. "

Pros: "They have a good number of movie and music selections. I got plenty of rest throughout the flight and barely felt the travel time. The seats were comfortable."

Pros: "Clean, efficient and friendly."

Pros: "Boarding was orderly, restroom is clean & tidy, good legroom beteeen seats, landing was smooth"
Cons: "Orderly boarding"

Pros: "Crew was very accommodating!"
Cons: "Just being in the plane in general. Sitting for 12 hours is really uncomfortable"

Pros: "Everything including the attendance supper service"

Pros: "Service was great and plates of food were delicious."

Pros: "I like the staff, they were helpful and kind."
Cons: "I having to wait to use bathroom."

Pros: "Everything- from customer service to comfort"
Cons: "None"

Pros: "Pleasant looking"
Cons: "Very rude to customers Not friendly Shouts at passengers Overall, not passenger friendly with no customer care skill set"

Cons: "Food could be better. Might consider to add ice cream as desserts. Cakes for desserts were tasteless. Need to provide bottled water instead of pouring water half full. ANA beats EVA in these little extra details."

Cons: "the boarding was a mess because there are two very close schedules in 12am"

Pros: "All good except. "
Cons: "The seat reservation made on line was not honored upon check in. Had reserved an aisle seat and got stuck in the middle"

Pros: "A bit spacious seat in economic class"
Cons: "Too crowded due to 4 airlines come together"

Pros: "Flight was on time. Plane was clean and facilities were kept in good order. MUCH better than flying on United."

Pros: "Overall I was flying from SFO to Bali. So my first flight was about 14 hours. This whole trip all together was about 24 hours, and considering the length it was great. I was expecting to get restless and annoyed while on the plane, but it was easy to love around. The seats were comfortable, and the food was good. The airline staff was very nice and accomadating. So, because of there actions, I will most likely fly with them again."
Cons: "It was just long but it’s understandable because of the distance"

Cons: "Salad dressing tasted weird."

Pros: "Clean and efficient. Catered to our needs. Definitely would travel them again."

Pros: "I was able to request a special meal, vegetarian, before my flight, food was served hot and very tasty"
Cons: "For me, they always leave the lights on way too long. But did find a nice blindfold in the bathroom to block out the light."

Pros: "We lucked out on a sparsely filled flight so nearly everyone had a row to themselves, even in Economy class. Food was tasty, and the crew provided many opportunities for drinks. Crew was friendly and even volunteered some drawing packs for our 19-month old!"
Cons: "Snacks available limited to dry crackers and cookies primarily. Entertainment options - easy to use though limited selection (for US-based films at least)."

Pros: "Staffs are all very polite and well mannered"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Was given emergency exit seating. .. More leg room. .."
Cons: "Could not recline. ..Could not sleep in upright seating. .. Passenger behind me had no leg room. . "

Cons: "We nearly dehydrated during the trip. We're EXTREMELY skimpy on drinks. Had to ask 3x before I'd get something"

Pros: "Friendliness and courtesy of crew, modern plane and good food. Well definitively fly EVA more!"
Cons: "In my Emergency seat position, whenever someone opened the washroom door, the washroom light would wake me as the light would shine in my eyes. Maybe offering eye cover for extended seat position would help."

Pros: "terrible boarding crew"

Pros: "cheap airfare that includes check-in baggage, clean restrooms"
Cons: "Some brusque attendants at the counter and on the plane, cabin smells like pee (but only while boarding), standard legroom (72 cm), average food (Turkish Airlines is waaaay better)"

Pros: "The seats were large and comfortable, and the food options were stellar."
Cons: "Because I was checked in so late (they were reviewing my documents for over an hour) I think they forgot to place a tag on my suitcase. This is turn resulted in my suitcase being left in Taiwan where I had a 4 hour layover. I am now currently waiting for my bag to be delivered to my place of work (hopefully in one piece)."

Pros: "The boarding was easy and the planes were on time"
Cons: "The movie/TV selection was not very good and the weight limit for an international flight was very low."

Pros: "I loved all the ammenities like slippers, blankets, and also the bathroom ones like toothbrush and sanitary pads. This proved your airline has great attetion to detail. Also the food selection was delicious."
Cons: "The tomato juice was super watery and tasteless. I was expecting a thick and savory tomato juice like the V8 or Calamaro brands, which most airlines cary. Also the head sets provided weren't the best they didn't fit well and were cheap quality."

Pros: "Efficient boarding of the plane"
Cons: "seat was too narrow & there were no upgrades available."

Pros: "The food we were served was of excellent quality which is so unusual when it comes to airline meals, crew and service was great as well. Obviously Air NewZealand have a far better understanding of what there customer base require compared to their competitors"
Cons: "Could not fault anything"

Cons: "Great that they served two warm meals without extra charge? But the meals were quite bland, with little imagination."

Pros: "I really enjoyed the food as always and overall, I felt very comfortable"
Cons: "I enjoyed my experience overall."

Pros: "Great entertainment"
Cons: "Overall great"

Cons: "It was the shortest flight of my itinerary. My last flight home. We sat on the plane for nearly 45 minutes before take off and it was late getting home. Totally ridiculous. Every flight in and out of Eugene is ridiculous like that"

Pros: "Crew were very helpful"
Cons: "First time travelling with the airline and wasn't aware of having to book things like food and entertainment. These things come standard with all other airlines I have flow with so was very surprised when finding out about it mid flight. Can't say I was very pleased but must say crew were very good"

Pros: "Staff friendly and helpful"
Cons: "My seat 57E could not be adjusted but half way through the flight was given another seat and managed to get some sleep. In our experience Air New Zealand is tops."

Pros: "Wonderful crew, excellent food, very comfortable!"

Pros: "Best flight I’ve been on"

Pros: "Upgrading to Skycoach giving extra leg room was well worth it."

Cons: "Very Slow meal service, had to ring for sparkling water when we had asked the attendant during the meal service. Took 20 minutes."

Pros: "crew was nice, seating was fine."
Cons: "food was not great"

Pros: "The seat was spacious and the crew was very nice!"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Late start of check in"

Pros: "Crew did a very good job"
Cons: "Trip was the roughest I have ever been on for virtually the entire time. Could not sleep. Business class cabin was also had the most noise of any front of airplane experience I have had."

Pros: "entertainment"
Cons: "economy has NO room, couldnt bend down to get anything out of my bag below the seat unless my face was in the lap of the person next to me"

Pros: "Service and biz check in"

Cons: "One of the flight personnel I felt was very rude"

Cons: "i was a little disappointed in seating . felt like a Sardine . unlike my flight from Brisbane to Auckland on my way to LA. which surprised me,"

Pros: "I love the entertainment system. The airline attendants uniforms are very colourful."

Cons: "The check in at premier lounge wasn’t as good as before for bussiness elite !"

Cons: "Please check your visa requirements is your flight is just a stopover in NZ to AUS (or elsewhere) as I could not return due to unfair transit visa issues in NZ. Have to book another one way flight and pay. completely nuts. I was not warned anywhere till I reached the airport."

Pros: "It was a very pleasant surprise to receive an upgrade at the boarding gate to a Skycouch. While I was too tall to make use of it my wife was able to use two thirds of it and get a good sleep. The flight attendants were excellent, friendly, warm attentive presenting the very best of Kiwi hospitality."
Cons: "Nothing - everything was a shining example as to why Air New Zealand continues to be rated so highly."

Cons: "That is didn’t happen until the next day"

Cons: "I added Luggage 16.5kg and they charge $130 AUS.The weak point is they are not showing luggage when we booked."

Pros: "Food vegan was good on all sectors"
Cons: "The aisles are very narrow especially in economy hard for a older person to negotiate"

Pros: "The flight attendants were great and the flight was on time"
Cons: "The seats were uncomfortable. I had a metal piece sticking on my hip from the seat or seatbelt, not sure."

Pros: "Friendly, courteous crew"
Cons: "Seat dimensions seem to have shrunk noticeably. Very little leg room"

Pros: "a) My vegetarian meal the I specially requested. b) The customer service on the phone, before my trip in California and the customer service of the flight attendants on the two flights of my trip. c) The blanket and pillow every passenger was offered on the long-haul flight from San Francisco to Auckland. d) The pilot or pilots handled the small amount turbulence we on the plane felt well so I did not feel uneasy at those times."
Cons: "For an economy class series of trips, I have nothing bad to report."

Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "Awful service, they put me waiting for more than an hour to say that I was in the overbook list so they would need to include me in a flight 3 hours later in another airline. Outrageous!"

Pros: "It was a short flight :)"
Cons: "- seat space is tiny, and I'm 6'2" - plane was full to the brim - in-seat TV was annoying: either you paid for something, or it kept turning on and showing advertising - engine noise was terrible. I needed to use noise-cancelling headphones just to hear myself think. - sat on the tarmac in SFO for 1/2 hour before takeoff"

Pros: "seat crew food entertainment"
Cons: "no wifi"

Pros: "Everything, space seat"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Purchased an exit row aisle seat - all the leg room I could ask for. Close to toilets - no odor issues. Good meals. Staff basically courteous (though not unfailingly - occasionally a tad blunt and titchy - a common experience for me on Air NZ)."
Cons: "Air NZ website states exit row seating purchase comes with priority boarding. When I asked about this at the gate counter I was told I would be seated by row number. Seems like this is a common issue with Air NZ - see e.g., skytrax website reviews. The website advertising is inaccurate if not false."

Pros: "Everything. Loads of leg room."
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Crew helpful, congenial."
Cons: "Anticipated more legroom based on seat chart diagram."

Pros: "Not very much"
Cons: "Cramped and squeezed in for a miserable flight."

Pros: "I love air new zealand. Watched dr strange and had yummy breakfast. Crew very friendly"
Cons: "All good"

Pros: "Very Innovative. Love the Premium Economy seats. And unlike many other airlines that do Premium Economy the food is not just economy food. It is far better and as good as anything you get in Business."

Pros: "Always friendly and attentive crew. Food was very nice. The help getting from one flight to another at the stopover was wonderful."

Pros: "Great seats in Premium Economy, although not all the functions seemed to be working! Crew were very helpful but the one in my area was very slow with the main meal - had to wait 90mins after we took off before I got my food Breakfast was very nice"
Cons: "Great seats in Premium Economy, although not all the functions seemed to be working! Crew were very helpful but the one in my area was very slow with the main meal - had to wait 90mins after we took off before I got my food"

Pros: "seats were large, comfortable. layed back nicely"

Pros: "10/10 best flight I've been on, 13.5 hr flight flew by"

Pros: "Extremely pleasant cabin crew"

Pros: "Good house of entertainment and food was good for a short flight!"
Cons: "Nothing that stood out overall a good flight but I've had better."

Pros: "I fly this route quite often and can't imagine using another airline. Always professional, always comfortable, always fun. Staff, food and entertainment are top notch. I literally trust the pilots with my life. Keep up the good work :)"
Cons: "I left my awesome brand new Nalgene at the terminal in SF. Never to be seen again. Could be worse, I suppose."

Pros: "The crew was super friendly and accommodating. They found solutions for any questions or difficulties we had. They checked any excess luggage before you boarded. Boarding the plane was done back to front which was nice in loading bags and passenger without waiting for people in front of the plane. Meal service was promptly served so complimentary alcohol. Both meals were appreciated on such a long flight."
Cons: "Only suggestion would be bottles of water that you can keep refilling."

Cons: "Seats were very uncomfortable. Food taste is ok. One of our checked bags was not loaded."

Pros: "I was unable to board the flight so there is nothing to talk about."
Cons: "Provide options for accommodation, refund or alternate flights after announcing a 24-hour delay. I had to repurchase my flight from HKG to SFO after finding out that a return ticket is treated as abandoned if one does not fly one way. Not the level of service expected from an international airline."

Pros: "Crew were very hospitable and helpful."
Cons: "More leg room on long international flights."

Pros: "Crew was courteous."
Cons: "Seat needs to be much roomier. Entertainment and Food should be good and more options."

Cons: "The food service could have been better . Quality is poor ! There was one lunch service, breakfast service and one snack service through 19.5 hours of nonstop flight. We were hungry through out as the quantities were so little and barely there . The toilets were bad and didn’t even carry tissues"

Pros: "Seats are ok, not super comfortable. Legroom are kinda limited but the monitor screens are great and user friendly."

Pros: "Very professional and attentive"

Pros: "The seats were comfortable with enough leg room even in Economy class. I was late to go through security check-in, but the flight waited for me to board the flight. The on-flight entertainment was excellent."
Cons: "I didn't like the food offered that much. Also, it seemed that the crew were not that good in coordinating among themselves and helping out passengers. There was not much option on drinks."

Cons: "Worst international trip I have taken in my 51 years. Was so cramped in my seat i literally could not move or reach for my things under my seat. Never again taking Cathay Pacific."

Pros: "Loved the crew, very helpful and attentive."
Cons: "Food could be better. No goodies like toothbrush or paste or sleep mask, but this is minor. Website is really bad and hard to check-in online. They could really simplify the website and allow folks to add their favorite miles in there. just so complicated to do anything on the website."

Pros: "Overall good experience"
Cons: "Food can be improved a lot"

Pros: "Pleased that the flight departed on time and arrived 50 minutes early. Sad that waiting for my luggage frittered away the time we gained by arriving early."
Cons: "Having your bags tagged as “priority “ really doesn’t mean anything. Watched nearly two flights’ luggage go by on the carousel before mine came out. This is becoming the norm over the past several months for most airlines and airports. I don’t mind waiting for my bags. I do mind waiting with a false expectation of priority service."

Pros: "Food for economy was great. Entertainment system great."
Cons: "Left half hour late."

Pros: "Food was fine. Everything was run efficiently. I have no complaints."

Pros: "Great food, service, and timeliness."
Cons: "I wish the seats were more comfortable for such a long flight."

Cons: "Indian vegetarian meal was not great"

Cons: "There was no toiletries and slippers. Snacks should be given timely. It should not ask for it."

Pros: "very accommodating, I don,t know that hand carry bags changed to smaller size now, they helped me checked it in for free. I travel to the Phillippines every year ,I will fly w/ Cathay Pacific from now on. THANK YOU"

Pros: "The flight staff was very curteous and helpful, that made a difference with the trip."
Cons: "The touch screen technology on the onflight entertainment was pretty bad. The movies played fine with no issue but navigating through the entertainment console was a pain since the touch screen responsiveness was so bad."

Pros: "The plane was late for no reason. Missed my connection in Hong Kong. Cathay pacific gave me a voucher for 9usd, it was insulting and ill not fly with them again"
Cons: "The plane was late for no reason. Missed my connection in Hong Kong. Cathay pacific gave me a voucher for 9usd, it was insulting and ill not fly with them again."

Pros: "The food was really good. Warm and the bread/pastries always tasted really fresh. Good inflight service."
Cons: "Ran out of snacks during the flight"

Pros: "Most of the stuff was regular flights"
Cons: "Even after explicitly asking them for Hindu vegetarian food they gave me chicken with the wrong label. I realized it after eating a bite. They should not have done this mistake."

Pros: "attentive and courteous crew members Landed more than an hour early extremely smooth landing toilets were clean till the end though it was a 15 hr flight"
Cons: "smaller flights"

Pros: "The smile that never ends on all the crews. Sespite their hard work, they never cease to smile and so gracious"
Cons: "None"

Pros: "Although we booked the fight online, we were able to call the airline directly and got seat assignments for all the flights. Very pleased to speak to a person than navigate on computer."

Pros: "They are very Harsh, There was no service at all."
Cons: "Airhostess response is very poor."

Pros: "Offering excellent services to handicapped passengers proactively"
Cons: "After landing in Hong Kong the local airport services to the disabled need better organisation/communication. They claimed that the SFO Cathay Pacific check-in staff had not included me in the list of wheel-chair requesters while I knew that the opposite was true"

Pros: "What you'd expect from a Cathay flight. The abundant entertainment options was a pleasant surprise."
Cons: "There was quite a delay, which was a shame."

Pros: "Overall was Ok"
Cons: "I did ordered tea cup from flight attendants several Times but they did not remember until I went the kitchen they were eating. I had to ask them again. When one of them brought me a tea cup, she did not say anything. Is it a good service. I was seating at seat 42 G, flight numbe CX767. Thank you."

Pros: "Service at every step and level."
Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "professional cabin staff & food selection"
Cons: "middle seat because could not book in advance"

Cons: "Being an experienced traveller, I am for the first tine encounter a female flight attendant who was not only impolite to passengers, and kicked toilet doors!"

Cons: "Quality of the veg food.requires improvement."

Pros: "Crew behaviour"
Cons: "Food was bad..more snacks needed. movie list was not updated . should be more Bollywood movie"

Pros: "Hospitality was good. PRO was excellent."
Cons: "Jain Vegetarian Food was not satisfactory. It requires improvement."

Pros: "Seat was good."
Cons: "Lounge in Chicago terrible. lounge near gate in HK was disgusting. The nice lounge closed too early. The food was passable The flight crew was mixed. a few nice ones, but most were unfriendly Ala American or BA Bathrooms on plane not in great condition"

Pros: "The crew members treated me well."
Cons: "The entertainment system in my seat didn't work. The screen froze. I requested the hostess to reset. The entertainment screen didn't recover even after reset and was still frozen until the end of the trip. For 12 hours, I sat in my seat without an entertainment system which was very boring."

Cons: "Hindi movies not that many choices."

Pros: "Entertainment system"
Cons: "The seats are not comfortable. My head kept rolling forward when sleeping because there was not enough recline. Couldn't sleep my entire 14 hour flight."

Pros: "Excellent crew service, comfortable seats."
Cons: "A little difficult to understand the announcement in English."

Pros: "Better hindu veg meal"
Cons: "Leg room"

Pros: "The crew and staff were generally friendly and the food was fine."
Cons: "For the first time in thirteen years traveling with my guitar, I was forced to check in my guitar, potentially in violation of the US Department of Transportation's rule on musical instruments. While my guitar thankfully arrived in good condition, this caused an unnecessary amount of stress in my 24 total hours of travel. I'd highly advise Cathay Pacific to revise their inflexible stance towards musical instruments, as many passengers brought carry-on bags which were much larger than my guitar in its case."

Pros: "Everything- I had 3 seats to relax and sleep. The food was excellent for the vegetarian option."
Cons: "n/a"

Pros: "Nothing really"
Cons: "Food sitting position checking in"

Pros: "It was good"
Cons: "I didn't got my Indian vegetarian food"

Cons: "Seats not comfortable Not great selection of western movies"

Pros: "The flight itself was fine, the plane wasn't great but wasn't terrible either. Some of the crew was friendly and the food was decent. The agents in the airports were all very, very friendly however."
Cons: "The main reason for my poor rating of this flight was because when we booked these flights, they were listed as having WiFi available on the flights. The two longer flights are 14+ hours each and happen during the workday for us. This is a total of 28 hours (times 3 people) that we were not able to have in-flight WiFi. Almost all of our work is done online and thus, we could do zero work whatsoever during this flight. We basically lost the equivalent of two whole workweeks because of this oversight about the WiFi, which is very, very upsetting and cost us a ton of money. One of us ended up having to book a separate flight home in order to not lose WiFi for the entire way back, which added another $900+ to our travel costs. Additionally, the crew was fairly unfriendly when we asked about this and seemed to not care at all about why we were upset. We understand that the in-flight crew cannot install Wi-Fi on the plane in the middle of the flight, but some understanding and apologetic behavior goes a long way with an upset customer. Additionally, they were rude whenever we called for service and asked them for anything, always seeming to be so bothered to leave their discussions in the back of the plane. Finally, I've flown many flights across the world and I have to be honest that this was the least comfortable and nice plane I've been on for such a long flight. You think upgraded planes with WiFi would be used for these extremely long flights. We're all very upset about our experience on this flight and would really like to be contacted about this flight and spoken with. We would like for something to be done for us to make up for this HUGE oversight and bad experience. We don't want to have to call the bank and try to get our charges reversed for the flights, but we definitely feel that we were sold something that was not what we experienced. I'm requesting that someone reach out to me directly as soon as possible to work with me on this. My direct number is 1 (480) 225-6034 and my email is [email protected] Thank you, David Zimmerman"

Pros: "Crews were wonderful. Seat space could be better."
Cons: "Leaving on time could be better."

Pros: "The crew had a good attitude for the flight."
Cons: "Felt like this being a 8 hour flight there would be some entertainment on the plane , just radio. Also there was no food options from what I saw available either."

Pros: "Coach seats reasonably comfortable. Coach bar service outstanding."
Cons: "Coach food quality, in-flight entertainment, and between meal snack service are average."

Pros: "Fantastic service from check in until arrival."
Cons: "More up to date movies"

Pros: "Polite"
Cons: "More selections for movies . Fresh veggies or fruit in meals."

Pros: "Amazing service on Fiji Airways"

Cons: "Flight was 4 hours late with no explanation"

Pros: "The crew was amazing! The seats in a business class were very uncomfortable."
Cons: "It’s hard to compare after my recent flight on Emirates which was superb."

Pros: "Very welcoming crew, kept us informed of any changes"
Cons: "The seats are old, no entertainment, really not the quality I expected for an international flight"

Pros: "Good price but not too good services"
Cons: "Better service management to avoid delay flight. Invest in better quality seats for passengers plus better entertainment value to increase more passenger"

Pros: "Pillow and blanket provided!"
Cons: "Flight attendants spoke very loudly during times when most passengers were sleeping, waking everyone around. A personal water bottle would have been nice."

Pros: "Crew were very good"
Cons: "More movie selections"

Pros: "Very nice crew and stylish pillows"
Cons: "Food was bland"

Pros: "was good service and food was nice"

Pros: "I love that the planes are loaded from back to front. I wish airlines in the states will follow suit. It seems that this makes the most sense."

Pros: "Company in the plane Stewards were indeed what saved the whole ordeal with Fiji Airways for me."
Cons: "Not leaving at the advertised time both from SFO and NAD Not having enough overhead space in the NAD to TBU flight."

Cons: "Small and bland food. Very limited entertainment. TV didnt work but they gave me an ipad."

Pros: "The crew was nice."
Cons: "Audio for in flight entertainment did not work midway through the movie. Video was unclear. Food was terrible."

Pros: "well refer below"
Cons: "plane seats were dirty had crumbs on it seats had chewing gum stick on it movie how can u expect everyone to watch same movie there are children wlderly no respect to what they like"

Pros: "Superb customer service It was my first time using Fiji Airways along with my children. We usually fly AirNZ or Emirates because they have everything I need. Now we have added a third airline to our list. My kids are also fussy with the airlines we use. But they really enjoyed their flight with Fiji airways."
Cons: "Food was average and I could not put my seat back slightly."

Pros: "Food was very tasty. In-flight movies were up to date and very good."
Cons: "Seat was hard as a rock. No way to get comfortable on a 10 hour + flight. Seat in front practically is in your face when they recline. I'm not fond of the A330 layout. Give me a 777 any day."

Cons: "We did not get any notice as we were in the flight from figi! When we arrived we were just told flight has been cancelled and we should make our own hotel arrangement as next available flight is tomorrow"

Cons: "your poor crew, i think you could have one more crew member on that Sunday flight as it was full and so many people where ringing tor crew for more drinks,I was so sorry for them."

Pros: "Boarded on time. Good flight. The curry chicken was spicy, but good. Concerns on weight totals for luggage for checked (50 lbs) and carry-on bag (15 lbs). Never weighed either bag. Was prepared though just in case they did weigh, as we’d read about $150 overweight surcharge."

Pros: "Flights were on time. Service was great. I cannot complain about any of my flights on this trip through Fiji Airlines."

Pros: "Staff were very helpful and attentive"
Cons: "Seat not comfortable, and needed repair. Entertainment very limited Limited checked baggage (one piece only)"

Pros: "Fiji Airways is among the top airlines for the long haul routes. New aircraft, clean cabins, fine entertainment and the friendliest crew you can find. They are consistently great."

Pros: "4 seats to myself"
Cons: "Being woken up 2 hrs before landing"

Pros: "Foods"
Cons: "Poor communications between crews and passengers"

Pros: "Everything was perfect - from the crew, to the plane itself, to the entertainment and blankets and seats -- delightful and easy flight!"

Pros: "Airline stays rooted in its culture. The interior, uniforms, and ambience all give way to the Fiji island culture. They also give a small pillow and blanket in every seat."
Cons: "I wish the seats were a bit wider and had more legroom. But overall the airline is on average for space and I have flown in more uncomfortable seats."

Cons: "They lost our luggage and did not compensate us enough to replace what we needed"

Pros: "Comfort of "quiet zone" seating which was an extra $149 per person."
Cons: "Check in clerk and Manager were not very helpful. Check in was a nightmare with no organization for preferred flyers. Boarding was also disorganized and chaotic."

Pros: "Got to Fiji safe."
Cons: "1. Checked in was very slow. When we got done, we have to run to the gate cuz they are already boarding. 2. Seats were very small, too tight even for people with short legs. 3. Not much movies to choose from, it was an 11 hour flight, at least give us more movies to choose from. 4. Just saw crew once, when they were passing out meals and collecting them."

Pros: "No surprises. Left on time. Food better than average"
Cons: "Took longer than thought given distance covered"

Pros: "Fiji airways food it horrible. cant even eat it.. management should eat the slop they give us,, the service is horrible. we are treated like cattle unfortunately i must fly Fiji airways as they have a concession Fiji from LAX"

Pros: "Service provided was nothing less than desirable! They were great!"
Cons: "Boarding but that was due to the passengers. They don't listen"

Cons: "Missed the flight! I find it ridiculous you do not get a "Check In Online" email from Fiji Airways if you do not book directly through them. That, to me, is insane. All Fiji Airways passengers, whether they booked directly or not, should get that email."

Pros: "Good food, good service, efficient boarding. B737-800 in economy can be cramped but thats a given on any airline. Full service flight, will fly again"

Cons: "I was not given a meal for dinner. When I asked they sheepishly looked away from me and told me that there would be a voucher when we landed. We did not get any voucher,nor did they make an announcement that they ran out of food and would not be able to feed half of the plane. I am extremely disappointed in how this was handled, as people next to me were given first class meals and I was given one piece of cheese and one cracker. In the morning for breakfast my meal almost didn't come, I had to ask for it. And when it was given to me it was already opened and messed with."

Pros: "The flight was relatively smooth, Fiji air had great food and complimentary wine with dinner. The airport terminal is top notch with traveller comfort of utmost importance. Very nice."
Cons: "The seats were a little cramped and the baggage policy is a bit too strict. My carry-on was overweight so i had to pay $320 pa'anga to check it. that was irritating."

From Honolulu, Hawaii

Cruises to Australia departing from Honolulu comprise Celebrity's 18-night Tahitian Treasures, Royal Caribbean's 19-night Transpacific Cruise and Holland America's 18-day South Pacific Crossing. All three end in Sydney. Celebrity's and Royal Caribbean's itineraries are somewhat similar, both calling at Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea, but the Celebrity cruise starts with a visit to Maui and in New Zealand visits Auckland and Bay of Islands. Royal Caribbean's New Zealand destinations are Wellington and Picton. The Holland America cruise follows a different course from Honolulu to Sydney, stopping first in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, then hitting three islands in Fiji (Viti Levu, Dravuni Island and Lautoka) and two in New Caledonia (Lifou and Mare).

Watch the video: San Francisco History in 5 Minutes - Animated (June 2022).


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