The Crusades

The Crusades

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Articles about the Crusades

Background to the Crusades

The Genesis of the Crusades: The Springs of Western Ideas of Holy War, by H.E.J. Cowdrey

The Christians of Jerusalem, the Holy Sepulchre and the Origins of the First Crusade, by Andrew Jotischky

First Crusade

A Greek Source on the Origin of the First Crusade, by Peter Charanis

Pagan Peverel: An Anglo-Norman Crusader, by Susan Edgington

Franks’ Effect on Islamic Spirit, Religious and Cultural Characters in Medieval Syria, by Hatim Mahamid

The Holy Lance of Antioch: A Study on the Impact of a Perceived Relic During the First Crusade, by Marius Kjørmo

The Crusading Motivation of the Italian City Republics in the Latin East, c. 1096-1104, by Christopher J. Marshall

“Mehabevin et ha-tsarot” : Crusade Memories and Modern Jewish Martyrologies, By David N. Myers

Forming the first crusade : the role of the Kingdom of Hungary in Western crusading discourse, by James Kingsley Plumtree

The Liturgy of the Liberation Jerusalem, by Bernard Sabella

Second Crusade

Looking Back on the Second Crusade: Some Late Twelfth-Century English Perspectives, by Peter Edbury

The Origin of the Second Crusade, by George Ferzoco

Conrad III and the Second Crusade in the Byzantine Empire and Anatolia, 1147, by Jason T. Roche

Third Crusade

New Information about Cogs and Medieval Naval Logistics from an Eyewitness Crusade Chronicle, De intinere navali, by Dana Cushing

The Impact of the Third Crusade upon Trade with the Levant, by Gerald W. Day

Richard I and the Science of Warfare, by John Gillingham

Richard I: Securing an Inheritance and Preparing a Crusade, 1189-1191, by Edward M. Humpert

Germanic Poetry Surrounding the Third Crusade: The Role of Lyric in Portraying Crusade Attitude, by Ellie Kane

The Battle of Hattin Revisited, by Benjamin Z. Kedar

The Importance of the Siege of Acre during the Third Crusade, 1189-1192, by Susan Woodson

Fourth Crusade

Eyewitnesses of the Fourth Crusade – the War against Alexius III, by Peter S. Noble

Fifth Crusade

Oliver of Paderborn and his siege engine at Damietta, by Dominic Francis

Later Crusades to the Middle East

Writing and Imagining the Crusade in Fifteenth-Century Burgundy: The Case of the Expedition Narrative in Jean de Wavrin’sAnciennes Chroniques d’Angleterre, by Robert Byron Joseph Desjardins

Conversion and St Louis’s Last Crusade, by Michael Lower

Theory, practice and chivalric identity : the French contribution to the later crusades, by Irina Savinetskaya

The Alexandrian Crusade (1365) and the Mamluk Sources: Reassessment of the kitab al-ilmam of an-Nuwayri al-Iskandarani, by Jo Van Steenbergen

The Crusader States

Frontier Warfare in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem: The Campaign of Jacob’s Ford, 1178-79, by Malcolm Barber

Genoese Trade with Syria in the Twelfth Century, by Eugene H Byrne

Rotting Ships and Razed Harbors: The Naval Policy of the Mamluks, by Albrecht Fuess

New insights on Maritime Akko revealed by Underwater and Coastal Archaeological Research, by E Galili et al.

Ayyubids, Mamluks, and the Latin East in the Thirteenth Century, by R. Stephen Humphreys

Armenian Architecture in Twelfth-Century Crusader Jerusalem, by Nurith Kenaan-Kedar

Prosopographical Research on the Crusader States, by Alan V. Murray

In the Shadow of Zengi: Diplomatic Relations between Damascus and the Crusader States during the Reign of King Fulk of Jerusalem, by Basit Hammad Qureshi

Albigensian Crusades

The Albigensian Crusade:A Historiographical Essay, by Eric O. Rummel

Baltic and Northern Crusades

Communicating Crusade: Livonian Mission and the Cistercian Network in the Thirteenth Century, by Marek Tamm

The Prussian-Lithuanian Frontier of 1242, by William Urban

More Articles

Forgetting Osama bin Munqidh, Remembering Osama bin Laden: The Crusades in Modern Muslim Memory, by Umej Bhatia

The Image of the Crusade Woman through Islamic Writings Contemporary with the Crusades, by Brahim EL Kadiri Boutchich

Holy War and the Medieval Lawyers, by James W. Brundage

Crusade Image in Eighteenth-century British Histories, by Zeynep K. Çecen

St. Thomas Aquinas on Satisfaction, Indulgences, and Crusades, by Romanus Cessario

The Historiography of the Crusades, by Giles Constable

Early Crusade Songs, by Richard L. Crocker

Peacemaking Principles Drawn from Opposition to the Crusades, 1095-1276, by John Derksen

British historiography on the Crusades and Military Orders: from Barker and Smail to contemporary historians, by Peter W. Edbury

The Crusades and the Development of Islamic Art, by Oleg Grabar

How One Fourteenth-Century Venetian Remembered the Crusades: The Maps and Memories of Marino Sanuto, by Julia Harte

The Crusades and Islam, by Norman Housley

From “Saracen scourge” to “terrible Turk”: medieval, renaissance, and enlightenment images of the “Other” in the narrative construction of “Europe”, by Paul T. Levine

The Idea of the Jihad in Islam before the Crusades, by Roy Parviz Mottahedeh and Ridwan al-Sayyid

Pilgrims and Crusaders in Western Latin Sources, by Jonathan Riley-Smith

Simon de Montfort : lay piety and crusading ideology in Thirteenth-Century England, by Kiana M. Scott

Muslim Martyrdom and Quest for Martyrdom in the Crusading Period, by Daniella Talmon-Heller

Vengeance and the Crusades, 1095-1216, by Susanna A. Throop

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