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Full Metal Jousting – Review of Episode 3

Full Metal Jousting – Review of Episode 3

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“The most dangerous sport in history has been reborn!”

Tonight, we watched the Black team’s Joe McKinley square off against the Red team’s Josh Avery. Joe, a “3 day event rider”, used to dressage and stadium jumping has bit of a rough start in practice but quickly gets the hang of it. Meanwhile, Josh seems confident that this joust is all his.

We learned some interesting jousting points this episode: you have to drop your reigns before making contact or you’re deducted points. You then re-grasp the reigns after the hit to stop your horse. We also learned about the “forgiveness pass” – a one time “get out of jail free” card to make sure the passes are safe.

Lastly, let’s not forget, this is still reality TV so a little drama was thrown into the mix between Mike and the red team. Mike is out of the competition yet, he’s still throwing his weight around and his team mates aren’t appreciating it one bit. This was a bit of a weird moment – I understand why it was inserted but it felt forced, like, ‘Well, we don’t have any drama so let’s grasp at straws and try to drum some up.’ Unnecessary. I like this show because it can stand on its own without the drama.

The joust: this one was my favourite jousts thus far. It was close and there was a double unhorsing! It just doesn’t get much cooler than that. Josh and Joe gave it their all but the Red team came out victorious once again. It wasn’t a crushing defeat by Josh so Joe has no reason to hang his head in shame – “A” for effort; he still did the Black team proud.

Tune is next week as the stakes are raised and Shane Adams shake things up on Full Metal Jousting, Wednesday at 9:00pm on History Television

Watch the video: Episode 3 - Tigermothballed - #TheJoust2020 (June 2022).


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