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Game of Thrones Review: SE02 EP04: Garden of Bones

Game of Thrones Review: SE02 EP04: Garden of Bones

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Game of Thrones
Season 2 Episode 4: Garden of Bones

On this week’s episode of a Game of Thrones, it’s all about intrigue and plot building. While there wasn’t much in the way of warfare, there were plenty of revealing scenes to keep viewers glued to their screens.

Joff’s pretending to be King all the while managing to make the Mad King, Aerys Targaryen look like Mother Teresa. Joff, once again, is sporting a particularly cruel streak as he has Sansa soundly beaten by one of his guards for Rob’s attack on his men. He continues on his sociopathic bent by having prostitutes Tyrion hired for his pleasure beat each other for his sick amusement. Fortunately, Tyrion is busy undermining his sadistic nephew by plotting and placing spies around King’s Landing in a move that would make Varys and Littlefinger proud.

Meanwhile, it looks as if Dany is getting a reprieve when one of her riders returns from Qarth with good news: she will be received there as the Mother of Dragons. However, there is a bit of a stand off as Dany refuses to show the dragons before being granted entry into the city. When it looks as if she is stuck in a stalemate – one of the Thirteen agree to take her into the city as his responsibility. Things are looking better for the Khaleesi and her dragons. Dany is really standing her ground and holding her own. – she backs down from no one. Dehydrated, half starved and in rags, she makes a much more imposing and regal figure of a queen than Cersei ever could in all her finery and luxurious trappings. Dany is on the rise and Cersei, continues to fall.

Renly and Stannis butt heads in a childish spat over who should kneel to whom. Renly is having fun playing at King and Stannis is all doom and gloom, brooding and panicking about his claim to the throne. His consort, the Red Woman, Melisandre has Davos the “Onion Night” smuggle her to land where she gives birth to an evil mist, the purpose of which remains unexplained.The fight for the throne is really between Melisandre and Renly – Stannis is just a pawn doing whatever Melisandre advises. This makes him appear even more weak. He’s only got a viable claim because his men fear HER – not him.

Meanwhile, Littlefinger is out making the rounds and learning what he can about Renly’s camp, while offering to help his old love, Kat by protecting her daughters and returning Ned’s remains to her. Littlefinger tries to suss out the deal between Renly and his queen – I.e, why they aren’t sleeping in the same bed, but she quickly nips it in the bud leaving Littlefinger to conjecture and rumour.

Lastly, Arya and Gendry barely survive the cruel torture of Harrenhal. The scenes here were graphic and really made to drive the point home. Fortunately, they are saved when Tywin Lannister arrives and puts a stop to the sadistic acts of Gregor Clegane, “The Mountain”. He notices Arya’s disguise but doesn’t recognize her and takes her as his cupbearer. This should provide Arya with plenty of information from Tywin’s inner sanctum. The secrets she could learn here might help her escape and be useful to Rob.

Join us next Sunday, on HBO at 9pm for another exciting episode of a Game of Thrones.

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