Call for Papers: Naturally divided: History and autonomy of ancient alpine communities

Call for Papers: Naturally divided: History and autonomy of ancient alpine communities

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Saturday, September 29, 2012
Brescia, Italy

The meetings of I.S.T.A. (Incontri per lo Studio delle Tradizioni Alpine – Meetings for the alpine traditions study) have the aim to stimulate dialogues on common themes among the alpine valleys with the intent to give visibility to local heritage and to contribute to the advancement of the research through the comparison among the different areas.

The 2012 topic is: «Naturally separated» History and autonomy of the ancient alpine communities.

The ancient alpine communities, which developed in the medieval and early modern age, were territorial authorities in intermediate position between local communes and higher powers (eg. Community of Valle Camonica, Magnific Patria della Riviera, Magnific Commmunity of Fiemme, League of Ten Jurisdictions…).

Specifically the historical, social, economic and political aspects of the ancient communities will be illustrated in order to understand the natures and the capabilities which allowed them to gain privileged autonomies in comparison with the surrounding territories.

The meeting is also open to scholars, researchers and those interested in the topic who want produce their own paper.

All those interested in the topic are invited to participate by submitting an abstract to the email address [email protected] until the 15th of June 2012.

For more information see this Flyer or visit the website:

Watch the video: Call for Papers - ICMScE 2019 u0026 ICoSEd 2019 (June 2022).


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