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Full Metal Jousting – Review of SE01 EP07 – “A Killing Machine”

Full Metal Jousting – Review of SE01 EP07 – “A Killing Machine”

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“A Killing Machine” – SE01 EP07

“The only person that can beat me, is me.” ~ Josh Knowles

Tonight, viewers got a special treat on tonight’s episode of Full Metal Jousting – a double joust and a double unhorsing! The eighth and final preliminary joust and the first Quarter Final joust jam packed into one bone jarring episode.

The preliminary picks are made: James (red) and Joe McKinnley (black). Both are smaller guys but both are solid competitors. James initially selected Gulliver but Gulliver refused to run so they swapped him out for Superman, a difficult and finicky horse and the one he was riding when he got his concussion. In spite of these set backs, during practice we see James gets his groove back; he controls Superman and hits hard.

Joe picks Jefferson and has a bit of a crappy practice. This is Joe’s second chance to have a good joust and Joe and James are pretty evenly matched. The joust is fairly even and both are neck and neck but finally James comes out on top when he unhorses Joe with a final of 17-12!!!! What an end to a joust! James is moving into the last slot of the Quarter Finals.

Moving on to the quarter finals, there are five finalists from the red team and three from the black team with two members of the red team, Jake and James, having to go up against each other. The finalists are paired off and Paul Suda and Josh Knowles are the first to go head to head. Paul picks Jefferson and Josh takes Paladin. Both competitors are good friends outside of the show having met through the theatrical jousting circuit but both are committed to putting their friendship aside and going for the throat.

At red team practice, Paul stresses out; he just wants to go straight to the jousting because a lot of injuries happen during practice. To compound his stress, his practice doesn’t go well because he has some trouble controlling Jefferson.

The quarter final joust is the same idea as the preliminary jousts: eight passes, hitting the gridded gran guard, unhorsing and lance breaking. The first pass looked great for Josh because he unhorsed Paul but the impact happened outside of the strike zone so it wasn’t awarded points and had to be taken over. A major downer for Josh but he’s sure he’s at least gotten into his opponents head with such a strong start. The joust that started with a bang, moves on with a whimper after some lame, half hearted single hits. Finally, the pace picks up and they both unhorse each other! However, Josh comes in hard on the seventh pass and unhorses Paul for the third time moving him onto the semi-finals. There was no time for back story drama this episode, it was all jousting and fantastic to watch!

Tune in with us next Wednesday at 9:00pm, on The History Channel for more exciting Quarter Final action on Full Metal Jousting!

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