I’m the King of the Castle: Historvius launches social-travel game

I’m the King of the Castle: Historvius launches social-travel game

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Leading history travel website has launched a new social-travel game allowing people to truly become King of the Castle or even Emperor of the Colosseum. Users can rule historic sites they’ve visited, earn points, titles and badges, share with their friends and build their very own virtual empire while they travel.

From lovers of history to tourists and sightseers, we all flock to see historic attractions on our travels, but now visitors to these amazing historical places can build a virtual empire as they go., the online travel guide to the world’s historic sites, has unveiled a new social-travel game allowing people to genuinely become King of the Castle or even Emperor of the Colosseum. By uploading photos, tips and comments to Historvius, users earn points, titles and badges to gain dominion over individual historic places and build a mighty empire in their wake.

“Everyone likes the idea of ruling great castles and becoming emperor of a vast dominion and we’re bringing that possibility to life,” said Mike Lewis, Historvius CEO.

“When you visit historic sites on your travels you can share your tips and reviews with others and upload photos of your trip. Every time you share something you’ll earn points – the more points you have, the higher you get in the ruling dynasty, until eventually you can rule your own virtual empire.

“As you visit more historic sites across the globe you’ll earn a ‘History Explorer’ ranking, reflecting your travels and how widely you’ve explored the world’s historical places.”

Users can share their victories with their friends and connections across social networks and compare their empires with others as they explore. However, as with many rulers through the ages, complacency in power can be punished – users can have their crowns usurped by others and their kingdoms can be left defeated and forgotten.

The social game functionality comes alongside a range of new features on the historic travel platform. As well as a general re-design, users can now register with Historvius, save shortlisted sites to their profile, build personalised itineraries and create their own free guidebooks to download, print and take with them on their travels.

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