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Game of Thrones – Review SE02 EP10 – Valar Morghulis

Game of Thrones – Review SE02 EP10 – Valar Morghulis

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Review of the the season finale of Game of Thrones

“Look around you, we’re all liars here and everyone of us is better than you.” ~ Littlefinger

A season finale to end all season finales? No, unfortunately not so. This episode was not remotely equal to last week’s mind blowing attack on King’s Landing. This episode felt more like what should have been last week’s episode, the pre-season finale. That’s not to say that this was a bad one, but it basically ran through the roster of every single character to wrap up loose ends. It felt like the show was ticking off the boxes to make sure no one was missed.


“I’m a monster, as well of a dwarf, you should charge me double.” ~ Tyrion

Informed by Maester Pycelle that he is no longer the Hand of King, and replaced by his father Tywin, Tyrion realises he’s in a precarious situation. Shae begs Tyrion to run away with her to Pentos because his family will most likely kill him, but Tyrion refuses, saying that this is where he belongs. Tyrion knows politics well and even though he knows Shae is probably right, and he is in danger, he believes that he can still navigate the tricky political waters of King’s Landing.


Joffrey doles out lands and rewards to his loyal men after the battle. He is approached by Ser Loras Tyrell who asks that his sister Margery, formerly Renly’s Queen, marry Joffrey. Joffrey plays the pretense that he is loyal to his vow to marry Sansa but after consulting with his mother and council, Sansa is set aside as his betrothed and Joffrey is released of his vow to her. Sansa, now a nobody, looks happy and relieved. Littlefinger approaches Sansa in private and tells her that she should be happy because Joffrey would’ve cruelly mistreated her – this was a blessing in disguise. Littlefinger says this is her chance to go home and he will help her out of love for Cat. This is such a dangerous time for Sansa, it’s a break but now she needs to get home to Winterfell as soon as she can before the Lannisters remember the daughter of a traitor is in their midst and needs to be disposed of, like Ned.


Brienne of Tarth is still dragging a very mouthy Jamie Lannister They come across some hanged women. Brienne plans to bury them when they suddenly encounter three men, the same men who killed the women. They quickly figure out she’s transporting Jamie Lannister and attack her but Brienne quickly dispatches them. She’s a cool character. Much like Arya, she’s not a typical “lady-like” character. She’s strong, and even though she is the butt of people’s jokes, she never lets it get to her and she remains honourable and a force to be reckoned with; I can’t wait to see more of her in Season 3.


“The only parent I have has no right to call anyone reckless” ~ Rob

Rob gives his mother a piece of his mind and marries his love clandestinely. It was nice to see Rob stand up to Cat after her undermining him and releasing Jamie Lannister.


Stannis is upset with Melisandre because she claimed she saw his victory and he lost. He has lost his belief in the Lord of Light nearly strangles her to death. Snooze…Stannis remains epically boring and his story line with Melisandre is my least favourite of the show.


“I’ve done a lot haven’t I, things I haven’t imagined myself doing.” ~ Theon
“I’ve known you many years Theon Greyjoy, you’re not the man you pretend to be” ~ Maester Luwin

Theon is upset that his life is an utter disaster. He is a joke, he’s barely holding Winterfell, and everyone hates him…to add to his problems, he has over 200 Northmen outside the walls waiting to kill him. He only has twenty men and he can’t run because he would shame his family. He is advised by Maester Luwin to flee to the Wall. He tells him he will help him escape to the Wall to join the Night’s Watch so that he can have his sins forgiven, and he can have opportunities there. He can makes amends for what he’s done. As usual, Then ignores good advice and opts for a Braveheart-esque fight speech to rouse his men to fight the Northmen. They knock him out, laugh at his stupidity and drag him home. Theon will have to face the music in the Iron Islands now as a despised failure. Thankfully, Theon’s days as a leader are done.


Dany goes to the Houses of the Undying to get back her dragons. She’s magically tricked into believeing she is at the Wall, then meeting Khal Drogo and her dead son. Dany is smart to the illusion and leaves. Once she finds her dragons, the warlock tells her that their magic improved once the dragons were born and it grows strong when she is with them so she cannot leave and take their magic with her. It seems like Dany is bound to spend eternity in chains but one of her dragons attack and engulf the warlock him in flames. Once free, she finds Xaro Xhoan Daxos and her handmaiden in bed together. She finds his safe is empty, and his lies are exposed. Dany locks him and her cheating hand maiden in his safe for eternity. She takes everything in his home to sell and buy a ship. Dany remains a force to be reckoned with – she won’t be taken lightly and remains a strong, well liked leader. She will be interesting to watch in Season 3.


Arya runs into Jaqen H’ghar after her escape from Harrenhal. He tells her he is a Faceless man and to be one of the Faceless, she must leave with him to Braavos to train. She wants to go with him but she can’t, she has to find her family. He gives her a coin meant for getting him to return. She must give the coin to any man from Braavos and uttering “valar morghulis”. I don’t think this is the last we will see of Jaqen. Arya is profoundly intrigued by him and the idea of becoming one of the Faceless seems to appeal to her. It looks like the life of a lady is definitely not in the cards fro her next season.


They find Maester Luwin dying and he asks Osha to finish him off while Bran and Rickon are walking away. They are escaping Winterfell and heading into the wild.


Jon is attacked by one of his men. The Wildling men allow them to fight it out and he kills him and is taken to the Wildling camp to meet Mance Rayder.

Sam runs into “The Others” when a freak storm hits and his fellow Night’s Watchmen abandon him. It’s an entire army headed for the Wall! This was the last and possibly BEST scene of the entire episode. The Others look horribly creepy and fearsome. I can’t wait for season 3 to see what happens when they reach the Wall!

While this episode attempted to neatly wrap up everyone’s affairs, it really fell flat. It covered too many characters at once and it tried to jam everything in to tick a box saying “done!”. A season finale should have an “edge of your seat” impact; this felt like a laundry list of “What Ever Happened to?…”. Let’s hope this is a lesson learned for the finale of season 3. Join us next season for more exciting episodes of Game of Thrones.

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