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The Borgias – Review SE02 EP09 – World of Wonders

The Borgias – Review SE02 EP09 – World of Wonders

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“Don’t let envy rule your heart.” ~ Rodrigo

On this week’s second to last episode of The Borgias, Lucrezia loses both her suitors, Juan falls deeper into opium addiction while the three amigos, Machiavelli, Cesare and Micheletto bring Savonarola to justice in Rome. This episode pulled no punches and had all the excitement of a season finale.

“For you must resign yourself Cesare, for you will end your life in a clerical skirt.” ~ Juan

Juan’s spiral into opium oblivion moves very quickly in this episode. He becomes surly, excessively cruel and extremely dangerous. This is especially evident when he dangles Lucrezia’s son over the balcony during the baptism reception. Cesare witnesses the entire scene and it seems to be the last straw. Lucrezia wishes Juan dead and Cesare obliges with Micheletto’s help. This was a shocker – not in the sense that Cesare wouldn’t have killed Juan eventually, (either out of anger or to remove him and take his place at the head of the papal army) but it wasn’t expected this soon. Particularly after Rodrigo begs him to help his brother and refrain from violence. Cesare is going to have some serious explaining to do!

“We separate him from the society of all Christians…we declare him excommunicated and anathematized…we deliver him to Satan. ” ~ Rodrigo

Cesare has Savonarola walk through fire to prove his holiness but he catches fire and is disgraced in front of a large crowd in Florence. Cesare manages to successfully drag him back to Rome to face the wrath of his father. When Cesare threatens him with torture, Savonarola takes it in stride with a “bring it on!” attitude. This sets up the next episode for Savonarola’s eventual demise. Savonarola, played brilliantly by Steven Berkoff, will be missed for his eccentricity and fervor. He’s a great character, has some of the best lines on the show and no scene with him is ever dull or boring.

Meanwhile, Lucrezia loses both her suitors when the first born son steps back and tries to present the second son as the true suitor for Lucrezia because they have feelings for each other. Rodrigo is incensed because the second son doesn’t come with as much wealth as the first and he casts both off. Lucrezia is quite pleased with herself and has taken Vanozza’s advice to heart about getting in touch with her Borgia side. Lucrezia has grown up very quickly during this second season and her transformation from naive little girl to a sly, cunning woman has been very enjoyable to watch.

Lastly, Della Rovere’s ‘taster of death’ is loose in the Vatican. The show plays up a few scenes where you believe he’s about to poison Rodrigo but they all prove to be false alarms. Nothing happens this episode but it’s another scene set up for a potential poisoning for the season finale.

Next week, tune in with us Sunday at 10:00pm on Bravo for the exciting final episode of season 2 of The Borgias!

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