Rediscovering Medieval Ireland

Rediscovering Medieval Ireland

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Rediscovering Medieval Ireland

Lecture by Robin Frame

Given at Trinity College Dublin on May 10, 2012

Professor Robin Frame, formerly of Durham University delivered a public lecture entitled ‘Rediscovering Medieval Ireland’ to mark the launch of a major new internet resource: CIRCLE: A Calendar of Irish Chancery Letters, c.1244–1509, which can be found online at

The lecture was organized by the Medieval History Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin.

The speaker, Robin Frame is an Honorary Member of the Royal Irish Academy, Professor Emeritus of the University of Durham and a graduate of Trinity College Dublin. Professor Frame is widely credited with having helped transform our understanding of Ireland in the Middle Ages (c.1170–1500), and his research on the nations and identities of the medieval British Isles is internationally acclaimed. His publications include English lordship in Ireland, 1318–1361 (1982), The political development of the British Isles (1990), and Ireland and Britain 1170–1450 (1998). His popular textbook Colonial Ireland, 1169–1369, first published in 1981, has recently been re-published by Four Courts Press.

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