Medieval Castle and Village for Sale in Italy

Medieval Castle and Village for Sale in Italy

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Borgo Di Castelnuovo

Marche Region, Italy

If you are looking to restore a medieval village, an opportunity is beckoning from Italy. The village of Castelnuovo, located the the Marche region, is now for sale. The village comes with the remains of a castle, a church, a fountain and nearly fifty buildings.

Located in the Italian countryside close to the cities of Rimini and Pesaro, Castelnuovo is about 20 kilometres from the Adriatic Sea.

The history of Castelnuovo dates back to the eleventh century, and by the early thirteenth century, the area was under the control of the Bishop of Rimini. Throughout the Later Middle Ages the village changed hands to various lords, but prospered. By 1371 the community was home to 25 families.

While the village was home to about 600 residents in the 1950s, it has now become all but abandoned, with just a handful of people living there. The Castelnuovo Company now owns all the property in the village, with the exception of three units. They purchased this property in 2006 for $210,000 US, and have been seeking local government approval to restore the village.

The owners are now seeking to sell Castelnuovo to a party who wishes to carry out the restoration and preservation efforts. If the village is restored, it could become a tourist attraction, with the various houses to serve as a hotel.

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For more details, please visit the Castelnuovo website

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