The Evolution Of English

The Evolution Of English

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The Evolution Of English

Video lecture by Charlotte Bowen

The Friendly Polymath presents “The Evolution Of English,” a lecture on the origin and vagaries of the English language up to the 15th century. High adventure, ancient runes, roman conquests, invading barbarians, nit-picking monks, and the joys of cooking!

Topics include:

  • How Do We Know What Early English Sounded Like?
  • Proto-English (3rd-5th centuries)
  • Writing Systems, Old and New
  • Missing Letters!
  • Old English (5th-12th centuries)
  • Beowulf
  • The Battle of Brunanburh, 937 CE
  • Middle English (11-15th centuries)
  • Norman Influences on English
  • The Ormulum, 12th century
  • The Canterbury Tales, 14th century
  • Puddyng of Purpaysse (Porpoise Haggis, 15th c.)

You can find more information and resources related to this video at Charlotte’s blog The Friendly Polymath

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