Tears of the Fallen – short film examines the effects of war from medieval times

Tears of the Fallen – short film examines the effects of war from medieval times

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In an upcoming short film, the sad realities of war are examined in the Middle Ages. Tears of the Fallen is currently in production, and tells the story of a aftermath of a 15th century battle, a war ravaged soldier meets a peasant woman searching for her warrior son.

Directed by ‘Cruz’ and produced by David L. Anderson, the film is scheduled to be released this fall and will be shown at film festivals. They hope that the short-film will generate interest into making a full-length feature.

Anderson also wrote the screenplay. He says, “it was my own concept that I came up with. Having a love for the medieval culture and having worked on other medieval-style film projects, I came up with this story in where I wanted to express my creativity and deep personal faith.”

The film star, Timothy Duval, Debbie Tucker, and Simon Hamlin. Tucker, who has appeared in several television shows and movies, including Living Dolls and Dallas, explains that when she came in for the audition she was dressed in character with a wig. She says that playing the role of the mother “comes naturally as I left Hollywood for marriage and raising my own four with twins. The boy in trailer is from my twins’ school and was a perfect match to the older actor they cast to be my son.”

Photos from the production of the Tears of the Fallen have been posted to their Facebook page. Shot around the Seattle area, the filmmakers thank their cast, crew and wide number of supporters for their efforts so far, which Anderson says, “have helped bring this project into fruition in a way that I can’t even imagine.”

Anderson adds, “Aside from my love for the medieval, I wanted to show that, regardless of the time era, the effects of war on the soldier as well as the loved ones, especially mothers, who are left behind and the anguish that they experience.”

Plot Outline for Tears of the Fallen: After being knocked unconscious, a soldier arises to a sobering aftermath on a battlefield riddled with the fallen. He encounters a peasant woman on a desperate search for her deceased son. The pair unknowingly share a bond in the midst of their plights, that deals head-on with the consequences of war, a soldier’s honor, and a mother’s undying love. Can the battle-hardened soldier find the peace he unknowingly seeks? Will the peasant woman retain enough strength and resolve to search through the dead and finally put to rest her fallen son?

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