Processus iudiciarius secundum stilum Pragensem:Its Manuscripts and Edition

Processus iudiciarius secundum stilum Pragensem:Its Manuscripts and Edition

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XIV: Fourteenth International Congress of Medieval Canon Law

August 5 – 11, 2012 (Toronto, Canada)

Processus iudiciarius secundum stilum Pragensem:Its Manuscripts and Edition

Budský, Dominik


The author of this study speaks on the topic canon procedural law in Prague at the turn of 14th and 15th century. There is treatise Processus iudiciarius secundum stilum Pragensem written by general vicar of Prague archbishop Nicolaus Puchnik in the second half of the 14th century. The main purpose of the article is a paleographical, codicological and content analysis of all preserved manuscripts (13 pieces) of Processus and make a filiation diagram. High concern is focused on the differences in personal and geographical names in manuscripts which are very important for providing origin and filiation analysis. All these names and dates are highlighted because the author considers them to be very important for provenance determination.Two filiation diagrams are presented. The contains a chart with the chronological order of all manuscripts.

This paper focused on a treatise written in late 14th c. Prague by Nicolaus Puchnik (Mikuláš Puchník d.1402) the Archbishop of Prague and discussed his manuscripts, and the biographical context of the work. Copies of the manuscripts were passed around for a more detailed examination while Budsky explained some of the details, writing, locations and dating of the works. For example, in the Wrocław manuscript, the text is structured into two columns with notes and glosses, and titles of charters. Manuscript 677 was the oldest text and was completed in Prague in 1390. There were a group of manuscripts from Poland. (1400, 1467, 1453) and Austria, and one from the Czech Republic.The Leipzig 922 manuscript – German, script is almost calligraphic. There is fragmentary dating of the manuscript. The Munich 152 is the second manuscript from Munich circa 1431/1432, and created by a Transylvanian scribe.

This may be of interest – Budský has also written an article in Czech which studies the careers of selected Metropolitan Chapter of canons of Prague and their relations to the courts of secular and ecclesiastical potentates. (For non-Czech speakers, it would have to be run through “Google Translate”) It is entitled: Metropolitan Chapter Prague Justice as a Small In Career and relationships in the environment chapter in the years 1378-1390.

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