Castle for Sale: Ballymaquiff Castle, Ireland

Castle for Sale: Ballymaquiff Castle, Ireland

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Ballymaquiff Castle
Ardrahan, County Galway
€ 145,000

This historic Irish Castle was probably built by the De Burgo family in the late 14th/ early 15th century. This fortified tower house comes with four acres of land, is situated next to the old Sligo/ Limerick railway line.

It now stand at a height of about 40 feet and is about 30ft x 25ft length and breath respectively.

The ground apartment has a pointed vaulting and to the right of the 5ft square hallway a pointed door leads tot e circular stone stair. The doorway (pointed) on the left of the hallway opens to a small apartment over which there is a similar on which is entered from the stair by a pointed doorway. The second storey is also vaulted and the stair continues to the top of this vaulting which is now the op of the castle. The second floor hosts a fireplace.

The stair is lighted by several narrow slits. Each wall has a headed light 6” wide. They give light to the second storey. There is a narrow round-headed cut-stone opening near the top of the N.Wall. It has a chamfered moulding. The entrance doorway is pointed.

Ballymaquiff lies less than a mile away from Drumharsna Castle, and both keeps have similar hallways, windows and vaultings. Both castles were owned by the French family in the seventeenth century.

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