Five new websites for medievalists

Five new websites for medievalists

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In the first of what will be an occasional series, here are five new websites on the Middle Ages…

Medieval Histories

An online magazine about Medieval History that includes news and features. Also has book reviews, information about exhibitions and more!

  • Mosaics in Siena
  • Historiale at Berlin

Mapping the Medieval Countryside: Places, People, and Properties in the Inquisitions Post Mortem

This website is creating an online publication of medieval English inquisitions post mortem. The project will publish a searchable English translation of the Inquisitions Post Mortem covering the periods 1236 to 1447 and 1485 to 1509. From 1399 to 1447 the text will be enhanced to enable sophisticated analysis and mapping of the inquisitions’ contents. The site includes a page describing these records and a featured account

  • CIPM XVIII.876 and the IPM process: the heir and his inheritance

Reflections of the Yorkist Realm

A beautiful website featuring photographs of places associated with the Yorkist period of English history, together with complementary text.

  • Warkworth Castle, Northumberland

The Black Death Network

Creating an interdisciplinary network sharing information on new research connecting students and experienced scholars from all disciplines about the plague that struck the medieval world in the fourteenth century

Archaeology and History of Medieval Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest is the most famous forest in history. As the home to the legendary outlaw and hero Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest is known throughout the world. The antics of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, their run-ins with the Sheriff of Nottingham, Guy of Gisborne, King John and King Richard the Lionheart have been told and re-told around fire sides and to children for hundreds of years and now are known all around the world. But what exactly was Sherwood Forest, where was it, and when and where did it stretch? This blog explores the historical and archaeological features of the medieval forest near Nottingham.

  • A Robbery in the Forest 1335
  • The Melee and Jousting: Tournaments in Medieval Sherwood Forest

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