Bucks County Museum looking to acquire Lenborough Coin Hoard

Bucks County Museum looking to acquire Lenborough Coin Hoard

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Late last year, over 5200 silver coins was found by a metal detectorist in England. Now, the public will get a taste of this hoard, when 21 coins go on a special exhibit at at Bucks County Museum.

The Lenborough Coin Hoard was discovered by Paul Coleman during a a metal detectorist rally organised by the Weekend Wanderers Detecting Club at the village of Lenborough in Buckinghamshire. The late Anglo-Saxon silver coins, dating to the eleventh century, are believed to be worth as much as £1.3 million.

The Bucks County Museum was given special permission by the coroner in charge of determining the value of the treasure to display 21 coins until the official inquest is made. The reason for the exhibition is to create interest in the hoard as the museum prepares a fundraising drive so they can have the funds to purchase the coins once the valuation is made.

Brett Thorn, Keeper of Archaeology at the Bucks County Museum, said in a statement that they “would like to acquire the hoard, as they are a very important part of the County’s heritage. Although we will apply for grants to raise a lot of the money, the hoard will be very expensive (we don’t yet know how much, but it is likely to be a substantial amount). We will still need to raise a lot of money locally, and we would really appreciate any help that you can give, to help us keep this incredible find safe for the future.

“We are not asking for donations yet, but are asking people to pledge money to the campaign, and when we can start fundraising, later this year, we will get back in touch to ask for the donation.”

Those interested in making a pledge can get in contact with the museum

by email: [email protected]
by post or in person : County Museum, Church Street, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP20 2QP
by phone: 01296 6331441

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