Medieval Castle for Sale in France: Chateau d’Avezan

Medieval Castle for Sale in France: Chateau d’Avezan

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Chateau d’Avezan

Gers Department, France

Asking Price: 950 000 €

Located in southern France, this historical site dates back to the 13th century. Built by the Viscounts of Lomagne around the year 1230, Chateau d’Avezan guarded the small village of Azevan, which was once part of Gascony.

During the Middle Ages and early modern period Chateau d’Avezan changed hands between various French nobility. After the French Revolution the castle was abandoned and fell into ruins, but in 1972 it was purchased and restored by a private owner. It is now considered a national historic monument and a local tourist site.

The three-storey castle has over 20 rooms, including a 13th century chapel, and its restorations included discretely adding running water and electricity to every floor. The rooms are heated by fireplaces. The property comes with two fields that are 2.4 hectares in size, barns and smaller buildings.

The castle is being sold by the realtor Patrice Besse, who gives their thought on the landmark:

“The road leading up to the castle is steep such that the fortress cannot be seen straightaway. The austerity of the Gascony castle initially dominates the overall impression. Separated from the village by a long building, the castle appears isolated on the edge of two worlds. And therein lies its charm: its angular architecture holds a surprise in store, the discovery of what is almost a baroque scenography where the stage opens on to the surrounding countryside. Village castle, true, but not in its centre, exalted by this three hundred and sixty degree view over the undulating countryside. The inside of the house, however, gives a different impression: light is not only plentiful, but also highly controlled in its effects. The Age of Reason knew how to instil another vision of the world in this ancient building, without losing its character. There is nothing more astonishing than the way the shadow plays on the stairway or in the bend of a short communicating corridor between two rooms. The 18th century, in turn, donated its own character, one of grace. Our contemporaries now have the chance to continue the work that was started eight hundred years ago, vast conversion possibilities giving free rein to their imagination.”

You can learn more about the castle, including photos of the interior, by visiting the Patrice Besse website

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