Saints Alive! Rediscovering Chant Manuscripts at McGill

Saints Alive! Rediscovering Chant Manuscripts at McGill

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Saints Alive! Rediscovering Chant Manuscripts at McGill

Lecture by Julie Cumming

Given at McGill University on February 21, 2019

Professor Julie Cumming and a group of McGill students, librarians and musicians brought a 15th-century Manuscript choirbook to life. Manuscript 73, an impressive book that is about 3 feet wide when open, originates in northern Italy. Since McGill acquired the volume in 1930 it has been used mainly in a book history context. This project is the first time that a group of musicians has brought portions of these chants to life. The choir sang from the manuscript, with the audience following along as the pages were projected overhead. Selections included excerpts from the Office and Mass of the Feast of Corpus Christi and the office of Vespers for St. Thomas Aquinas.

McGill Manuscript 73 – Digitization and Details

Greg Houston and Ann Marie Holland provide a behind the scenes look at Manuscript 73 in the digitization lab, and more details on the manuscript itself.

Watch the video: Research Alive @ Schulich: Hannah Darroch (June 2022).


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